I write this because, as in life we all lose someone as they pass from this life.  The passing of someone we love often sparks dormant thoughts that are quietly awaiting to be woken from the silent sleep they are in within the corners of our hearts and minds.  As my dear friend took his last breath of mortality, my thoughts of death stirred and became a conscious forefront subject again.

Something special happens when someone we love graduates to the next level of life.  We become focused on trying to understand what lies beyond the closed door, the one that we all will someday pass through.  Often we seem to cling to what we know… and fear that which we do not know.

Our experience here on Earth however has been a beautiful lesson in understanding how the unknown can become something we cherish and love forever.

One thing that death brings to my mind, is the question…  “Where is your Heart?”

We really are on this temporal mortal experience for a very short period of time.  Many of us spend much of our time just worrying about and trying to keep bread on the table.  For those of us who might become wealthy, that worry is sometimes replaced with what can we acquire to enhance our life.  There are so many temporary distractions that keep us from a focus of what really matters.

What really matters is the most simple of terms.  It is “Love”.  We don’t always learn what that word truly entails but we often try to understand it in the midst of our other distractions.>

>Our Savior Jesus Christ did live and he did come to provide an example of what love really means.  He even gave his life that we might have the chance to learn love throughout eternity.  He is the very definition of Mercy.

Mercy means… “Especially Active Compassion”.

When someone we love and especially who has loved us dies, it is a short break from our distractions to contemplate what living is really all about.  We observe the example of others and in that observation, we try and conceive of the ideas of what to be like and what not to be like.  Each of us carries light and darkness and that isn’t always a bad thing, in fact it is the lesson book of life.

There were things about my dear friend and as I say it, my second father, Gerald, I did not want to have as a part of my life and there were things about Gerald that I did want as a part of my life.  I know Jesus probably didn’t say anything too offensive to others intentionally.  I have been known to utter dramatic phrases that I wish I hadn’t.  I am sure Gerald has done the same.  I have tried to serve people when they needed help and thirsted for someone who cared.  Gerald did that as well.  It is all a part of this life experience, learning what we want and don’t want through our own actions and watching the actions of others.>

The joy of a loved one passing is a fact that we get to experience deep sorrow and sadness and that is the catalyst to enhance the understanding of real joy when we meet again and continue our experience endlessly together as a people of one purpose.

So back to the question…  “Where is your Heart?”  It is almost impossible to stay focused on the similitude of Christ and continually think of him and try to be like him but that is the goal in the long run.

Truly a simple goal as time ticks away and we are able to put our passions and desires in check.  As we are able to mature in this candy chop of life and realize after a time that we can get our feel of sugar and soon desire greater substance out of life.

That greater substance is found in the example of Christ.  We have been given the chance to embrace the worldly things through the patience of God as he gently watches us grow into a people that finally understand what charity and forgiveness and love for others is all about.  The true treasure that is lasting by far more than gold… is Mercy.

Mercy … Especially Active Compassion.

It is said that Christ was the perfect example to desire.

We however have not personally walked with Christ while here on Earth.  We have however walked among each other and as we glean the traits we wish to possess from the good of others, in a away, we have walked with Christ.

My dear Gerald understood Mercy, Compassion and Love.  I know because I was the recipient of his goodness.

A person may inspire different descriptions from different people.  As we express our description of a person, Some may use colorful adjectives such as Egotistical, Arrogant, Selfish, Dramatic, and of the same person, some may use descriptive words such as Loving, Forgiving, Compassionate, Caring and Kind.

Each of us is a world of descriptions and we are capable of living in darkness as well as light.  This world is a playground of free choice and because of that we are given the gift of self discovery through experience.  We can choose to be rude and uncaring or we can choose to be forgiving and kind.  The miracles is that we get to choose.

The wisdom that comes from a God that patiently waits for us to discover who we really are is Mercy personified.

Life is not so short that we can embrace judgment on others but it is short enough that we sometimes barely have enough time to understand and perfect love and mercy towards others.

My friend Gerald treated me as an equal.  He was there to rescue me when I fell.  He was there to forgive me of any wrongdoing.  He was there to teach me from his deep pool of wisdom.  He was there to partner with me and believe in me.  He never judged me.  He loved me.  He loved me as though I was his own son.

I have learned from him treasured values of how to live and care for others and so much more.  My life has been enhanced greatly because of him.  While he was with us, I learned to give back.  Not only to pay it forward and care for someone else in the future but to care for those immediately around me in the now.

“Where is My Heart?”

Though I am still capable of darkness, I desire to be bathed in light until I no longer understand darkness.  My heart has learned to embrace the good that Gerald showed to me and others.  My heart desires to embrace Kindness, Compassion, Charity, Mercy and all things good.

“My Heart is with Christ”