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Quite some time ago, after becoming an atheist and not appreciating that black hole of intelligence, I became intellectually desperate to force the issue of there being no God.  I needed, at that time to have a complete resolution to the hokey religions and concepts of some all mighty entity running the whole Universe show.
I knew that in the scriptures, was a passage that stated “if any man lacked wisdom he could ask God with real intent having faith and the truth would be revealed to him.”
This was exactly what could seal the deal on my firm standing on being an atheist.  I knew I had the ability to completely lock myself mentally into what I knew was pure faith.  Yes that sounds a little funny right?  Someone who didn’t believe in God yet had complete faith?
Well I am more of a science minded individual and though I knew the word was misused, to me it meant the complete strength of thought, you know the kind that in time if you worked and practiced would raise the energy of the brain and everything that we are made of to allow for what seemed magic yet was mind power, like levitating an object given time and practice.
I knew I could achieve this so called perfect faith because I knew how my mind worked, I can be extremely focused without internal distractions to an intense level so…  I knew that going through the senseless ritual of speaking aloud to the air as if some God were listening would render the perfect and final evidence that there was no God because silence is certainly an answer.
I had the perfect moment…  No one around for a long time and finding I had the chance to be alone and uninterrupted, I prepared myself and proceeded to speak to the air knowing that no God of any kind would reply.  I even went as far as to kneel.  My aloud air offerings went on for the longest time, it seemed more than and hour.  I gave it everything I had in the most sincere way I could find from the depths of my soul.
My answer came…  remember I said silence would certainly be an answer…
Silence however was not what I received.
I cannot even begin to explain the kind of answer I received because I have never experienced the form of communication that encircled me and passed through everything that makes me who I am.  It was as if words had been turned into Quantum energy, as if emotion and feeling became a tangible energy.  To this day I am still overwhelmed as to how and what this form of communication is…  It was as if some super intelligence took words, feelings, touch and all other senses and hijacked them and ran the communication through all of my senses at once.  Very difficult to explain but I am the kind of person who can become OCD on such things that seem to venture into the arena of physics…  It was like the wires were all connected to one big stream of information…  as in see with your ears, hear with your eyes, taste through touch, smell through taste.  I am still at a loss as to how to explain this overwhelming amount of information.
My heart area, the center of where I consider my center, was so filled with energy, I could barely stand it.  I had been communicated with and yet since I am using words to express what happened, I simply just have to convey the meaning of what was given to me using only words.
Though the communication held so much more information, I can only attempt a translation into words.  So, here it goes:
“I am your Father…  I have always loved you…  I will always love you…  You have always been…  I have never left you…  I will never leave you…  I have always been…  I will always be…  I am…  You are…  This life is my gift…  This gift brings you light…  You will become…  Time is not…  love is the center…  To know is the power…  You will know…  You will know what is one…  All are one and yet many…  There is no end…  There was no beginning and yet the beginning is not as the now…  You are safe and all is safe…  I am and there is no greater…  I am love…  There is no nothing…  All things have always been and yet creation is mine…  Alone is to learn…  Together is power…  There are only two laws… Destruction or Unification…  Only love can unify…  Only love can create…  Nature cannot allow otherwise…  You are one with all and yet unknowing…  Patience brings perfection…
Wow … It just kept coming and coming and it went beyond my original understanding and beyond the words I am trying to use to express the experience.  I was in tears for the overwhelming emotional information.  I have never felt such an overload of all of my senses and feelings.  Every bit of information such as my feeble attempt to write words down for your benefit, all came at once.  I was given this and so much more, all at once…  not in a stream of words but everything each word stands for, came as though wrapped in super warm energy and transferred into my being instantaneously.  Beyond description.
I had my answer and not the one I knew I would get.  Though I stepped into the event with complete faith I knew it could go either way.  I had a hunch silence would be my answer but in achieving pure faith or mental stable thought, I had wiped out all opinions and rested only in a neutral state of mind when this event pierced into my space.
I could no longer remain an atheist, for I now knew there was indeed a massive power attached to an extremely calm, peaceful and amazingly loving entity who knew me personally and from all I gathered, knew me a very long time.
After the loving storm of information seemed to find pause, the direction of the communication turned into an invitation for me to ask any question or questions I may have had.  My excitement was unstoppable…  Here I was in direct communication with the master of all life and I was given the chance to ask any question and receive an answer.  Oh! if anyone knows me personally, you know how I would have been at that moment…  and so it was…  5 major question I have always had and always wanted an answer to.  I humbly presented my questions and my immediate answer was…  “You shall receive when you are ready and the time is right and you will fully know you have been answered.”
Impatient me at this moment was completely capable of patience as this was something so un-describable, that the atmosphere was completely different and so calm and peaceful and reassuring.  I knew that waiting was the right energy to embrace.
In time, every question I had asked, had been answered and each answer is covered in other writings but the answer of Love that pertains to this writing is that which I will describe as to how the answer came.
Funny how all of the answers came…  Completely, when I least expected them and with such powerful force in the message, again with that overwhelming “All Senses Together” connection, I could not deny the answers.
The question I had asked concerning “Love” was this:  “How can you love everyone and I mean E V E R Y O N E !”  A pretty simple question…  Right?
It was more than a month before that answer came in it’s full force style.  My my… God is an interesting individual who really knows how to do things up right.
The answer came:  I was in a large hall filled with over 100 people.  They were all involved in one thing or another…  One little group over here and another over there but all for the same general event.  As I stood off at a bit of a distance from any one group, a calm neutral moment swept across my mind and within an instant, like an intense beam of light from a focused mirror reflecting the Sun, I was instantly encircled with this familiar communication method.  This method leaves no room for questions whatsoever…  it is complete and powerful.
I burst into tears unexpectedly and was glad I was at a distance and no one was watching me.  At that very moment, I felt a love so powerful and so concentrated on every last individual in that hall.  It was a love I have never felt before, as though I had been privileged to see each person’s life story from beginning to end, to know their joys and heartaches, to be personally invited into their very thoughts.  I knew for that brief moment every last persons emotions they had experienced throughout their life and the energy of knowing this, was more than I could withstand and that is what brought on such powerful tears.
I had a deep and lasting love for every person their, though I did not in this surface life even know their names.
I had to turn and face the wall out of embarrassment for the emotional expressions I could not contain.
I felt it, I knew it…  I had been privileged to taste for one brief moment, the love God has for each and everyone of us.
I could have never on my own, ever have felt such energy from love as I did at that moment…  A gift given to me…  An answer from the one who is love, who is the meaning of love itself.
I personally know I am not yet capable of that kind of love but I am so grateful that there is someone who is.   I am so grateful that someone gave the momentary gift to me…  The gift to feel what God feels about each and every one of us.  I have felt pure love…  It is the greatest power of all powers.

A note to add here:  After having live what I could consider a longer than average life, there sometimes come moments when what we have experienced in the past, no matter how significant or powerful it may have been, we fall into clouds of doubt.  We may ask ourselves…  “Did this really happen the way I remember it?  Was it possibly something I just powerfully imagined?”

If we seek for clarification and even sometimes passively find ourselves in a situation where active seeking is not occurring, we may find that a greater power who understands all of our thoughts and feelings, once again bestows a gift upon us.  The gift of re-assurance.  Recently this gift came my way as I had been living with my own personal thought voice inside my head.  That voice was embracing what I would consider a non truth.  In simple words, this is what it was.  “Sure God loves everybody.  Why not, he is the creator.  However in this mortal proving ground life, and among the billion if not trillions of souls God has created, some go off the deep end and become evil embracers.  It is those that God must form enough of a hardened heart to allow them to be lost without it tearing his heart apart.”  This is like saying…  “Look out at that beautiful beach made up of countless grains of sand.  To lose millions of grains will still not impact the beach for it will continue without almost even a notice of the loss.”  This is the energy that has crept into my heart over the years.  The God of all creation being so aware of me, sent a gift of re-assurance of his love through not only another person’s experience but a verification from the spirit so strong that all I could do was to let it fill my entire soul as the tears freely streamed down my cheeks.  It was a simple phrase uttered but it came at a time when the creator knew I needed to receive the gift not only from the words but from the spirit that followed and filled my heart.

The simple phrase was: “Not only does God love you but he is madly in love with you.”  I knew it was true with every fiber of my being.  Not only did I hear the words but I felt the full love of God at that very moment fill every part of me.

Here is the message that I had watched when this gift was given to me:

[whohit]Love All[/whohit]

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