Virl and Tom Osmond – Brotherly Love

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This is a special edition video of the two oldest Osmond brothers, Virl Osmond and Tom Osmond. We are presenting An Afternoon of Brotherly Love here because these two dear brothers exemplify after so many years, how a beautiful relationship can be through the years.

It was such a joyful pleasure to be in the same room while these two brothers expressed their love for one another, their playfulness and respect for each other. They are both deaf and yet through technology and sign language are able to express their wisdom and wit and love for life for us to enjoy and pattern our own relationships after.

It has been such an uplifting experience for us to witness such humanity in a relationship.

There is a deep love and bond with the siblings of the Osmond family. We hope this approximate hour will inspire how you nurture your relationships. Brush up on your sign language to enjoy this video fully.

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