The Tiger and The Wolves

The-Tiger-and-the-WolvesOnce upon a time…  There was a jungle…  in that jungle lived many different kinds of animals.  There were Eagles that could fly the highest…  There were young monkeys that, though timid loved to frolic and play.  There were Wolves.  There were Panthers.  There were snakes, Hippos, Giraffes, Elephants and a Tiger.
The Tiger though he had been known in the past to be rather vicious,  had gotten a little older than his vicious youth and had gained more wisdom and tolerance.  Though some of the animals used to fear the Tiger, they now loved it when the Tiger came around…  You see the Tiger was fun…  especially for the monkeys…  for when the Tiger came around, the monkeys scampered to play games and listen to Tiger war stories. Monkeys The monkeys would even make up their own stories and have lots of fun pretending.Sometimes the Tiger would play with the other animals and have fun pawing at them as they barked, hissed, growled, bayed and laughed.  Even the wolves sometimes enjoyed wrestling a little with the Tiger.
The Tiger however in the past had eaten a few animals of the jungle in his younger days but most of the animals of the jungle had never known that fact or had forgotten it all together.  You see to the animals of the jungle, the Tiger seemed harmless and quite fun at times.
One day as the Tiger was playing and jumping around with the monkeys, the wolves took note of the activity.
Quietly behind the scenes, the wolves took council among themselves and they agreed that the law of the jungle was being broken, for Tigers were not meant to mingle with monkeys at least not the way the law of the pack had been written.
The wolves as they bantered around with what to do sought out the Elephant for he was large and smart and knew the law better than most of the other animals, in fact he could enforce the law if needed and would make a great ally to the wolves.
The wolves stated their case before the great Elephant and in disbelief they heard the Elephant exclaim!  “Is it better to keep the law of the jungle?, the law of the pack?  or is it better to keep peace in the jungle and…”  He stated  “There is no law that a Tiger cannot mingle with other animals and especially the monkeys.”
“Objection!”  cried one of the Wolves.  The law states that no animal may dominate another animal unless there is an order to the interaction such as the need for food and the warning cry given just before the hunt!”
“I do not see your point?” replied the Elephant…  “The Tiger announced himself before entering the monkey and animal hill.”  “The Tiger also was asked by the monkeys to visit and the Tiger respected the monkeys by allowing them to contribute to the fun.”  The Elephant continued…  “Where in has the Tiger broken the law?”
“We do not agree with you!” gestured one of the Wolves.  “If you say he has broken no law and yet we know he has, we will take matters into our own hands and see that the law is fulfilled!”
As time ticked on, the wolves watched and growled among themselves…  They sought to entrap the Tiger by nipping at his heals and growling behind his back.  Many of the wolves we not so comfortable approaching the Tiger face to face and so they continued to seek his forced balance.  One thing the Wolves did not like was a Tiger among them that appeared to be a trusted creature and a fun one at that.  They knew he was not to be trusted and they were going to prove it to the pack and the jungle animals.
They silently planned to trap the Tiger by proving he was not to be trusted.  If they could upset him and get him to strike they might succeed in their proof.
The Tiger had been through many many battles and understood the way the Wolves thought.  The Tiger was tired of the hunt and the attack and sincerely enjoyed peace, fun and interacting with the other creatures.
There was one thing the Tiger knew that the Wolves did not really think about…  Still-A-TigerHe was still a Tiger and he was still, though peaceful now, a mighty hunter capable of killing a Wolf with one mighty blow…  In fact he could bring down and entire pack and do it according to the law of the jungle, for he knew the law of the jungle very well and thinking to himself began to remember what Wolf actually tasted like.
Oh he was hard to provoke and he enjoyed the animals and their interaction but still…  He was a Tiger and the memory of Wolf meat would become so much more clear the more the Wolves danced around and let off their familiar smell almost the same smell as a Coyote…  The same smell that put many Wolves and Coyotes into the jaws of the Tiger.
The jungle was safe for now and the animals so gladly welcomed the humor, fun and adventure that the Tiger now brought but only time would tell how peaceful the jungle would remain…  and it all depended on how the Wolves remained in their natural dignified state as Wolves or if they would drop their guard and begin dancing and howling and smelling like coyotes…  for the Tiger had never once stopped eating coyotes, for they filled his belly continually for that is why the jungle had become so peaceful.
Story © Copyright 2016 A Book Of dreams LLC.
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