Finding Happiness

The Story of Two Sons

Joseph lived 8000 miles from me.
Leo lived 80 steps from me.
One was stolen from his family.
One stole from his family.
One served people.
One hurt people.
One ran from seducing women.
One ran to seduce women.
One was unjustly imprisoned.
One unjustly abused prisoners.
One became the ruler of a nation.
One broke rules of a nation.
One saved thousands of people from death.
One ended his own life in suicidal death.

Their secret to happiness?

Joseph of Egypt served selflessly.
Leo served himself selfishly.

We can discover our own secret.

We can truly Love life… We are so rich.
We are not in the vacuum of space.
We have water.
we have sunlight.
we have people around us.
we can interact and choose to love.
we have bodies.
Go out one day and look closely at grass with dew drops, honey bees, jumping spiders, doves flying in the morning, butterflies, mountain meadows, waterfalls, children playing.
Listen to the songs of birds, crickets chirping in August, rain during a spring shower, wind dancing with Aspen leaves.
electricity, and so much more.
How nice that we don’t live in a snake infested jungle with many dangerous creatures.
How nice it is not to have angry enemies at our back door.
We still have some form of freedom and above all we have road maps of ancient records bringing forgotten truths.
We have a real live living father, creator who cares about our future, our improvement and our happiness.
He has not . . . nor ever will forget us.
Broken expectations are the stumbling blocks of true happiness.
There is a creator with a perfect plan that leads to real happiness.
How many people had broken expectations when right before their eyes Jesus didn’t rescue them all from the tyranny of the Romans. One might think Jesus was a failure when living in that era. One might think life too depressing to enjoy after the death of the savior.
Though we can not at the present see the larger picture God has painted, True faith in his plan will lead to true trust that he is ever present in the mission of our lives.
Our responsibility is to learn as much of him as possible. Once we know him we will know true happiness and where to find it, how to love others and how to make each day a day we can find a reason to love life come what may.
Make a change in your daily ritual.
Take time to listen and converse with an elderly person about what they want to talk about.
Feed a beggar and leave him with a book filled with wisdom.
Give fruit to a neighbor child caught steeling from your garden and say loving words.
Take time to hug others, to smile, to sing a lullaby to someone at bedtime, call an old friend just to say “you were on my mind.”
The real test of Earth life is not how many commandments we break or keep but how we interact with and treat humanity.
Once we discover true charity we will truly be able to love life for what it really is.
By aligning our values away from the persuit of money, things and status, by turning our hearts toward the overlooked simple things of life we will truly be prepared for “Come what may and love it.”
Actually I have learned a secret to loving others… If you play on the positive tight rope and even make comments that seem ego driven but actually are based on self love and appreciation for who you are… The rest of yourself will begin to believe how wonderful you are and that in turn becomes energy that spills over and allows you to love others so much better.
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