Become The Jedi

How powerful is “Thought “


I just spent over an hour with a person on the phone who has an amazing idea that could change the way people do things.  I could see the advantages of bringing this concept to fruition.  As we engaged in this conversation, my mind became flooded with my inner memories and teachings that I have acquired over the years.  Though I could see the vision of a future success in the subject at hand, there was a pause within my heart…  An energy of imbalance was in the air.  It wasn’t long before I found myself drifting in the sea of self centering.  Success as the forecasting dream of the conversation, attempted to paint and expand of a future of amazement, caution, became the choice of words with which to describe this moment.

I have throughout my life, faced a conflict, an inner struggle, a foe which has in the most cunning way attempted to dismantle the power with which I am created from.  This enemy from within, has had no name, no image with which to identify with, no essence that would allow a clear discernment of it’s presence and yet it lives most hardily among the the jungle of my mind.

If you will, let me clarify how the conflict embeds itself among the innocent vines of my own spiritual and mental energy.  A separation, a mental image, a picture if you will, I shall create, to help you see and invisibly feel the contrast of the battle and the war that rages not only within myself but within every deep thinking being.

Though words are not an essential part of the flow of communication, their meaning comes through loud and clear and just as powerful as if they were uttered aloud.

Two divisions and only two, are there always, that determine the polarized energy every individual becomes attracted to.  It is rather quite simple…  The light side of the Force and the Dark side of the Force…  Good and Evil.  But that is a statement far too suffocating to maneuver in and chart a navigational course which in the end will bring peace, freedom and power.

 Consider this expanded view of what might be considered a war or a conflict that can in time reach a perfect balance capable of creating an even flow of life changing energies.

Logic and Creativity… both harbor living quarters within every sentient mind.  How we furnish their rooms is the secret to finding better control of our own destiny.

Those living in the Logical neighborhood of our mind, often come together as polished businessmen dressed in fine suit coats, intently carrying on the utmost of important meetings at the large conference table of mental stability, all comfortably self assured in their lush conference room.  They have all the answers and they will not hesitate to keep you well informed of this wonderful talent they posses.

On the other hand, there are those who also inhabit the neighborhood of your mind but they are considerably less organized and in fact rather cluttered and often considered the inherent problem of the neighborhood in the scoffing minds eye of the Logical landlords.  “Oh those Creatives, if only they could generate a clear thought, clean up a bit and stop being such day dreamers, this entire “Mind Planet” might just get along better!”

You see, it is actually the job of the “Logics” to keep the “Creatives” in their place.  That well known fact is constantly “Point Driven Home” with anyone who chances to listen to a Logic who engages in their self important regular speeches.

“Oh if only everyone would just stop for a moment and think logically, all of the problems ever faced by anyone could be solved in an instant!”

Such a common phrase all too often uttered by the Logical neighborhood watch.

Here, in truth, is where all the problems actually begin and sometimes without even contemplating, also end.  Why, if the Logics are so amazingly perfect, do we even have the Creatives?  Why not just do away with them and solve all of the worlds problems?  Uh Huh! Sure…..  Really smart huh?…  Maybe for the Logics only but not for the true balance of the internal Universe!

I used to wake early in the morning and lay there in bed making the very best attempts to solidify and rectify what I would consider the perfect productive day before beginning that day.  I am not excited to report that for years my efforts to attain that perfect balance became the struggle of my life.  As the Creative side inside of my head made it’s careful attempts to paint the goals, dreams and aspirations of the day, it wouldn’t take long and the Logical committee was alerted of the meeting taking place without Logical authorization.  The meeting would be abruptly called to order by one of the top executives of the Logical committee and soon the battle would begin.  The entire Logical committee would waltz right into the Creative conference room and begin putting up flip charts, graphs, movie projectors, audio players, loud speakers, posters and sometimes even go to the great lengths of arming every Logical committee member with Creative Tasers.  According to the head Logic executive…  Reality and order must be maintained at all cost!

In no time I watched as the Creative executives were slumping in their chairs and even some with tears streaming down their cheeks as they watched and listened to the carnival of Logical energy being spewed about the room.  In fact it had a rather devastating effect on anyone who was sitting it that room.  For example: some of the posters and charts hanging in the room had bold print on them stating in the Logics opinion, the “Obvious” in direct correlation to the capability of the Creatives.  Words and Phrases like:

“Don’t forget who you are”  “Stay Grounded”  “Don’t make waves”  “Remember there is always someone smarter than you”  “You don’t have the resources”  “Nobody has ever done that and you probably shouldn’t even try”  “Has anyone ever told you the truth…  You are a loser but just to dumb to know it”  “Why try to change the world, someone is just going to come along and show how stupid your idea was”  “You really don’t belong here…  You are the Alien”  “Imagine…  What if you had never been born?  No loss?  Right?”

This kind of meeting can go on everyday for days on end if it remains unchecked.  The sad part of this whole meeting is it has more of an impact on any one person than they can possibly imagine if they don’t understand what is at stake here.

What is at stake here anyway?

E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! ! !

Your entire life, the lives of others around you, the future, not just the future but the entire future of mankind.  So much is at stake as you try to make sense of this series of committee meetings that take place inside of your mind.  Sure I can hear you now…  “Oh…  I’m not that important…  The entire future of mankind?  Right???”

Well just for a minute…  Think with me…  Edison, Einstein, Gandhi, Tesla, Columbus, Washington, Bach, Beethoven,  Sister Theresa, Pasture, Christ and this list goes on and on…  What do you think life would have been like if any of these people ceased believing in hope and the possibility of making even the smallest impact on just even one other person.  Sure this is a big place we live in…  or is it?  Earth is quite a small place when one takes on the bigger picture of this vast and enormous Universe.  Though Earth is so very small in comparison to the gigantic space out there, most people on Earth have some form of reverence and respect for the above mentioned names, for each of them has indeed made a significant contribution large or small.

What is the defining difference between you and the richest person on this planet…  between you and the smartest person…  between you and the most talented person…  between you and the most loved…  between you and the most generous…  between you and the strongest…  between you and the wisest?

These are simple titles and titles are what allows a society to catalog and place value upon people places and things…  but…  is it really a title that generates greatness or happiness or balance?  What is real value?  What does it mean to be important, loved, acknowledged, honored?  Are those titles as well?

Where do we find value and meaning?  Is it important to win the race or at least be know for something wonderful?

A breath is taken…  A heart beats… of the senses you posses, do you find that being able to detect the world around you brings some form of satisfaction?  If you were the only life form on this planet, how would you attend to your emotional welfare?  Where would your self esteem come from?  How could you bring about a significance change that could impact the planet?  Is the world so large that no matter what you do, your efforts would go unnoticed? Does it even matter if anything you do is noticed?

I have spent many years watching the mind committee and how they work and how they, without supervision, try to derail any possibility for myself reaching unbelievable goals and dreams.  That committee is a program that runs constantly in the electrical impulses of your mind with every heart beat you are energized with.  Because it is a program running at the very core of your thought process, it has immense power on the rest of who you are.

Look around you and take note of how many people go about each day with some form of technology in their possession.  The particular forms of technology that the human so often becomes attached to, is the kind that calculates with precision and engenders a sort of artificial intelligence with which to amuse the human mind so eager and continually craving mental stimulation.  These devices are mere reflections created by the very brilliance of the human mind…  a sad representation, copy, clone, similarity to what you as the most amazing creation of all time is.  Each of them are endeared with qualities and capabilities given to them by a mind that cannot be recreate by man alone.  A program if you will that foretells what they can do and what they can become.  Without the programming, they stand as a model of uselessness.

Though we are considerably different from these amazing little pieces of technology, we are also, Oh so similar.  If you understand even on the most elementary level, what an artificial intelligence is, you come to realize that they can actually never become more than what their programming has allowed them to become.  We are no different…

Everyone of us has a programming committee and they live inside of our head and heart.  Though we think the committee only has access to our thinking process and we may think we can override any negative thought they attempt to perpetrate upon us, we must come to realize they have control of the entire essence of who and what we are.

I look over at my closet full of clothes and allow the image of what it is to envelope me.  I see the clothes that I wear and I imagine myself in them and the overwhelming feeling of gratitude, happiness, admiration, satisfaction and joy is spilled over me and into my heart.  It isn’t the clothes that bring these feelings but instead a special power I have nurtured over a great length of time.

This power is the capability to stand at the head of the Creative committee and control all of the meeting that the entire team may instigate.  The Logical committee is invited to attend as often as they want but they have been instructed that they are under the supervision of the Creative committee and are allowed to speak and present their ideas only under the close watch of anyone from the Creative committee.  Their actual job is to check and verify what the facts are but they are only told what the facts are by the Creative committee.  Oh sure they are allowed to observe outside conditions but if they have been informed of a reality and they do not see or cannot confirm it, their main task is not to report that their is a discrepancy but instead to work behind the scenes to make the reality they see become synchronized with the reality they are told.

How does this work in the world you are more familiar with?  A very simple answer to that question.  Lie!…  and …  Lie some more!

This thing that we call “You” is so powerful that it can become and do anything it believes it already is.  Do you think that this existence you are living in came about because of “Only” a “BIG BANG?”  We share the similarities with the first Intelligence that is responsible for causing energy to slow down and become tangible elements.  It had never been exposed to any other entity informing it that things could not be done or that it was incapable of achieving anything.  Do you really think we are different than the first creator?  The only difference is that we were invited into this playground to learn that which has already been learned.

This school is a kind, slow and patient one where learning takes on time and time becomes endless and all things will become possible even for the very least of us.

As to the “Lie”  It is vital for your future and what you consider success, to learn to “Lie” to yourself.  What this really means is to place strong suggestive information into your mind that contradicts any flow of negative energy or belief.  How does that look and sound?  Well on the simple level it begins with looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how amazing and how wonderful you are.  How wise and intelligent you are.  How capable of achieving anything are are.

Do you already feel the resistance inside of you?  Can you feel deep inside of your thought process, the Logical committee telling you how stupid this will be to even think of doing such a thing?

This is what will happen when you first embark on reorganizing the internal committee, firing the executives of the Logical committee and replacing them with the executives of the Creative committee.  They, the Logics will fight you all the way… but remember it is imperative that you continue to follow through on this new behavior if you ever want to see the light of day and to become in complete control of all of “You.”  As you continue to follow through and become aware of the negative attacks the Logics bombard you with and as you counter strike with nothing less than pure positive light energy, in time you will start to see how powerful this restructuring is, of your most inner self.

Search yourself, you know this is all true.  Physical disease often times manifests itself from the constant stream of thoughts and stress we choose to entertain.  If we seek to do more than to avoid stress thinking which leads to disease and realize that this same process can be used to accomplish anything your dreams can imagine, then it is only a matter of time and continuous effort toward change, that reality begins to change right before your eyes.

This is the simple view of something that is so much more… that, it is enough to ponder upon this simple reality.  Once the simple realities are perfected, the next frontier is to realize that the same energy that holds the entire Universe together is the same energy your own inner mind and essence can synchronize with.  In time you will achieve the ability to control all elements within and without.

I return to the phone call with which this brief moment of enlightenment was triggered…  It was a simple deduction…  There could be no success to the dream which could change so many lives, if the life which had germinated the dream could not believe in that dream.  As an old friend once said in response to the uttered phrase…  “I don’t Believe it!”…  The reply…  “That is why you fail.”


Remember…  Anything Is Possible.