The Beginning

the-beginningMore then 30 years ago, something happened to me that will forever change my life and the way that I look at everything.  So deep and profound was the energy that flowed through me that I can never deny such events.
There are many on this planet that profess many things, many beliefs and some of those beliefs come from their own imaginings, outside opinions or plain insanity.  This set of experiences are placed here before you to accept or reject…  It matters not how you perceive them according to the truth they hold but I admonish you to remain in an open minded state and allow yourself to delve deep into your spiritual memories, allow the essence of what you take in here to peacefully inspire your mind to seek out if this is indeed truth and you will find it difficult to disagree.
I will let you imagine for a while and you might want to return here as I will continue this information in full detail on “The Beginning”.
If you want to know how this information came about, you can read how it all came about on the following pages… 

If you are an Atheist and you want to remain that way, now is the time to click away from this site as this information will cause you discomfort in your professed belief.  I was an atheist at the time I thought heavily on this concept and yet through an experience most impossible to put into words, I was given an answer direct from the one who was involved in the beginning.  If you are Atheist and are considering the validity of such a decision or you have thought processes beyond the lack of belief in a greater power, then read on.
The origin of this information is explained in the links above so I will not elaborate on the history of this.  Suffice it to say, I asked for this information and I received an amazing answer from the only one qualified to answer me.  This is how my answer began.  Though the answer came in a more sophisticated and yet simple way with a communication I had never before experienced, I can only give a lacking facsimile with words which don’t even come close to how the answer unfolded.  Here is my feeble attempt to convey it to you:
I will simply explain in detail what is…  simply, what is…
Let’s look into the Universe as we understand it at the present in the particular dimension we exist in.  There are many other aspects of dimensions available for existence to spill into but for now we will focus on what is familiar in dimensional existing.
We are going to paint a picture in our minds for starters.  I have always worked best with visualizations and I know you too can take such a journey of color and imagining to better understand the concepts that can be spread on the table of comprehension.
Let’s start with what I would call the magic eraser just for a place to begin our comprehensive journey.  We will keep it simple instead of scientific for easier understanding.
As you are at this present moment in time able to observe the world around you, you are in a position of time where existence itself has reached a level of maturity which it becomes slightly more difficult to imagine the beginning.  We will try to regress visually in our minds to a state of being where we can reach a point that an actual beginning before this Universe exists as we know it.  Let’s exercise a visual journey in which we can create an image of existence before the beginning of what we now know and see.
Let’s start by taking our magic eraser and erasing everything you see before you including your visible self, all objects which reflect light and all that do not…  Basically everything you can now see, hear, taste, smell and touch until you are left with nothing but empty dark space.  Remember we are still only going to focus on this dimension we are all familiar with…  We are not going to venture outside the known Universe to different dimensions as that is by far beyond the scope of simply understanding the beginning of this Universe which we are now concerned.
So here we sit after using our magic eraser, sitting in the dark disembodied, no where to go and no one to speak to…  Basically we are sitting in the middle of what we would call nothing, yet there is no such thing as nothing so be assured, though you erased everything, you have not erased what the deep core of who you are is as that cannot be erased, destroyed or for that matter created.
So here we sit in space which of course cannot be erased , destroyed or created as well.  Think of it as the largest warehouse ever known without a floor, ceiling or walls and its immensity goes in all directions forever.  Wow! just that concept, “Forever” can be mind boggling if we look at things as having containment or time restraints.  Here we try and understand this forever thing from a physical cognitive mind encased in, as you might say a box or a limited container, the brain and skull.  But…  It is time to simply think in reverse of that limited concept.
Now this thought may be rather difficult for you to comprehend because as an embodied entity, your thought process is tied to the understanding of a limited existence…  Meaning…  Your own body is only so big, only extends so far until there is something else…  Air…  Your brain is housed in a skull which does no extend forever as your skull is only so thick and has a limit to how large it is in order to house your brain…  So, therefore, everything you are familiar with has limits… Either physical presence or time but all that you are actively engaged in has limitations and therefore you consider this your foundation to all things…  Meaning…  If you had a birth or a beginning, you must in the same thought have an end.  If time started at some point then it must also come to a conclusion at some future date.  If space presents itself now to you as a geographical understanding of distance and you perceive yourself at what you might consider the  beginning of this space or at least you consider your location, your personal starting point of space then it must stand to reason that there eventually is an end to space if you were able to travel fast and far enough to reach the end…
But…  This is limited thinking and though you as a limited individual equate limited thinking as your foundation to all things, you must be able to make the paradigm shift and cross the line to find true foundations.
True foundations are not limited but just the opposite…  True foundations are limitless.  Let that simmer in your mind until you can make that shift and begin to see all existence as limitless…  There is no end to space…  There is no end to time, even though time is a creation handed down from a dimension where time is irrelevant.  You must grasp the concept of limitlessness before you can progress any further in this thought process.
For now I will proceed having the thought that you have made such a paradigm shift and are ready to proceed in this journey of knowledge.
Before we get started, let me plant in your mind a paradoxical thought to let you dwell on until you can no longer resolve this concept.
Imagine a cosmic ocean of the type where the fabric of a different dimensional space housed a cosmic ocean and within that ocean existed large bubbles which were self contained and separate from all other bubbles floating in this huge eternal ocean.  These bubbles would be considered different Universes unto themselves, each one possibly holding different laws of there own physics.
A supreme creator will not be removed from this equation to simply satisfy the need of science to generate a beginning from an unexplained starting energy and progressing through time with an evolutionary energy until an orderly and organized Universe is achieved.
This thought is only placed here before you as an element to entertain your imagination and is not part of this discussion as a whole but imagine this scenario and take it one step further and see the finger of a supreme being piercing one of the bubbles in this cosmic ocean and injecting the code of life and energy and existence itself as we define it presently into this bubble in one instantaneous moment of a release of power and thus we as observers from the future will come to define such an event as what is now considered the Big Bang Theory.
Now with that thought injected into your thinking as a distraction to the main focus here, let us proceed with the painting of the picture of the beginning of our existence.
The first thing we need to do is to define that which is created and define that which is not created but is eternal in nature, limitless in nature.  So let’s begin with the limitless side of the equation.  Now remember you have to have already made the paradigm shift from thinking life is limited to the limitless and eternal nature of existing energy.
So on to limitless definitions of such things that constitute that which has always existed, has not been created nor can be destroyed.
There are three things that fit into this category and all others spawn from these eternal existing foundations.
First is the simple and yes, first element of existence…  It is simply limitless space.  This is a foundational concept which has no creator to it’s origin.  Your paradigm shift must be able to conclude on these three limitless things that they “Just Are”…  Never were created nor can ever be destroyed for they are the foundation of existence otherwise if they were not the center of the foundation, there would be no existence and therefore since you are reading this and you are reasoning with thoughts pertaining to this discussion, there is indeed an existence and there is no refuting that to exist is a reality and an obvious one at that.
Space is the warehouse in which all things are housed.  Space is limitless.  It is not some box holding all that we believe exists sitting on someones table in some cosmic city on some cosmic planet in some cosmic Universe which itself is a box sitting on some table in an even larger city on some even larger planet in some even larger Universe which once again is a box and so on.  This is what we call a loop back thinking processes which never leads to any conclusion of reality.  Step away from this false energy which leads to nowhere.
Grasp a firm understanding that space is real and has no limits and has enough room for expansion in all direction eternally no matter the speed of expansion.
So we have Space as the number one element of existence.
Next we venture into a little more substantial zone of existence.  Two more things to take into consideration.  Let’s play a visualizing game once again just as we did with the magic eraser.
Keep your ability to see outwardly across the Universe and maintain an ability to make a logical observance of what you perceive.
I call this moment, the discovery of Fireflies.  Though fireflies are an entity and result of a creation, we will use this visualization for the sake of having a reference to comprehend the journey of understanding.
From a distance if one were to view a field in the evening filled with the excitement of Fireflies and if one would only be able to see the Fireflies and no other objects, you would be the observer of a spectacular dance of twinkling energy where each light of it’s own free will and choice charted a path, a course through the sky as the vibration of energy powering wings would lift each creature to the height of their perceived joy of flight.
In reality and applying this visualization to the truth on the second foundation, we need only change the name and structure of such an event.  The Fireflies in this case are known as Intelligences or in other words, self contained thinking and reasoning entities of energy which at this point in existence were neither created nor can be destroyed.  The hierarchical energy of each differing one from another so as to situate the power and energy of each one in a different level similar to people as you may know…  Some being or seeming more intelligent than others.  Some appearing to posses great powers of genius while others barely survive this life with a very limited ability with which to conduct themselves.  So is the hierarchical of Intelligences…  Always one above the other.  The thought of there always being one greater than another does not sit well with those entrenched in an equal rights movement but the simple fact remains even in this life, all people are at different levels in their abilities and thinking processes, so it is with the core nature of what and who we are.  There is always some above and some below our station and life itself is naturally expressed this way.  Herein lies the requirement to respect all life for the differences in our stations is nothing to boast about or belittle others because they do not posses what we do.
For now let us move on to the third element of existence…  Energy in it’s raw state.  The static frequency vibration of various elements of energy.  Just as you perceive the brilliant colors of the rainbow, it is created of varying degrees of light frequency, thus the variety of color.  Again we see a simple fact of one being greater or lesser than another.  Is red any more of a special color than blue?  Red or Blue, there is no quantifying the value of either being better than one or another for they are either greater in their frequency of vibration or less and yet they contribute to the variety of existence.  Without their differences there would be no color at all.
So it is with the energy of Intelligences and at the same time it is also in the same similitude almost an exact mirror of Energy itself.  Energy comes in varying degrees of frequencies and there is always one greater than another.
If you are at all familiar with Einstein’s equation, E = mc 2
Then with the understanding of this equation, you will clearly see that energy once attaining a high enough vibration or a speed will manifest itself as energy and energy at the right frequency is detectable light yet there is so much more beyond the visible spectrum and yet it is fun to think of it as light though not visible to the human eye and of course there is a reason for that which we will not get into at this moment.
When energy is lowered in frequency it eventually will manifest itself as matter so you see that matter and energy are one in the same only existing at different frequencies or speeds.
Let’s do a mind experiment and visualize a situation with candles in a dark room.  First let me tell you of an experience I once observed where a creative individual created a device in which allowed fire to escape from a series of holes in a long tube.  On one end of the tube he placed a magnetic audio driver which pushed and pulled the air through the tube filled with flammable gas and all small gas hole outlets had fire burning on the outside of this long pipe similar to the effect of a gas stove top.  By simply applying an audio frequency to the magnetic driver he was able to get the file to dance in unison to the beat of a musical tune.  He was in fact modulation fire and controlling it’s behavior.
Energy is very similar to fire, in fact of course it is energy but at this moment we are not really interested in a chemical energy so much as we are in raw energy but for the sake of understanding a concept let’s do the candle experiment which is chemical reactive energy.
If I place a candle in the middle of a darkly lit room, I can watch it’s flame dance around according to outside influences on that flame, If however the air within the room is still there will be little motion applied against the flame.  Our little experiment is to show that fire begets fire or in other words birds of a feather flock together.
If I observer this singular flame in the center of the room, I also observe that it can be discerned as an individual flame but when I introduce 100 other candles into the room and light each one of them and place them randomly throughout the room I will observe a greater luminescence to the once dimly lit room and will see a much greater abundance of light, however, each of the individual flames will remain independent and obviously react to the varying degrees of air flow throughout the room differently.
The power of light is that it can coalesce and become greater than it’s singular representation.  By bringing each of the hundred candles flames near one another until they blend into a larger singular flame we can observe that the once singular flame of the individual candles themselves, now become one flame and though the one flame is fed by different wicks, the result is a flame of much greater energy than a separate individual flame from only one candle and now that much larger flame interacts as one in unison instead of 100 different independent flames.
So is energy in its raw form…  So willing to coalesce into a much larger and greater force.
There is one main difference between raw energy and an Intelligence.  Both are energy, both can come in varying frequencies and yet only one of them is capable of independent thinking and reasoning which in turn can have an effect on it’s own speed of frequency.  If thought could be mapped in the visible spectrum we would see varying sparkles of dancing light changing colors ever so quickly according to the thoughts being produced.
Consider the experiment I discussed earlier of the man who could make fire dance when modulated with sound.  Now overlay this thought and change only two key features.  Replace the gas flames with raw energy and replace the magnetic driver with a singular Intelligence and then allow the Intelligence to modulate the energy as the audio driver modulated the flames.  The Intelligence however will modulate raw energy with thought.  The core of an Intelligence is the beautiful ability to think and reason and this thought energy radiates in all directions through the light of that Intelligence and that Intelligence when coalescing with raw energy has simply expanded the reach of it’s influence.
When an Intelligence is able to expand it’s influence through coalescing with energy, it then only has to change the directed thought frequency in controlling energy to slow it down enough to manifest that same energy into mass or matter.
Here are the simple building blocks of existence with Space to house all expansion and an Intelligence at the center of energy with the ability to control frequency shift with thought.  Consider this principle deeply and you will see that whatever Intelligence lies at the center of a massive coalesced amount of energy, has the power and ability to manipulate all energy and matter at will.
One last thing to bring into this visualization is the word “Truth”.  Truth stands for the stability at which energy frequency vibrates or exists in speed.  There can be no creating or organizing of matter unless precise frequency is controlled.  If you are a scientist, then you know that all matter on a spectograph has a distinct signature otherwise there is no stability in controlled order and elements would not remain true if their frequencies were to continually shift.
Herein is the truth of life as we know it right now to this present moment.  There are only two true laws of this Universe and all other laws rest upon these two.
There is the law of Destruction and the law of Unity.  One will keep frequencies in discord while the other will keep order.  One is responsible for creation and the other is responsible for destruction.  In other words to visually represent both…
Light or Dark, Good or Evil, Creation Or Destruction, Love or Hate.  The comparison can go on and on but the core truth is found in the foundational element of existence.  The rest is simple looking in different corners to find the same representation either physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and so on …  It is all the same just the variety of life allows it to be expressed in many different ways.
There is a God and that God is the founder of existence as you know it today.  That God did not create you or in other words did not create your Intelligence but did indeed invite you into this amazing organized level of frequency patterns that make up life itself and the goal is to offer every Intelligence the opportunity to polarize themselves according the the amount of light and truth they naturally desire to gravitate towards.
The concepts of Yin and Yang are deep concepts that help one see the need for divergence and separation of energies of negative and positive and without the full spectrum of energy there could be no life.
To explore science on a quantum level, one may find that the very act of trying to measure quantum level things is also the same act that will cause quantum level things to change.  In a simpler approach, thought itself can act as a force to change an environment.
This existence that we are now a part of is the result of a very hi level Intelligence capable of manipulating it’s environment.  Truth is required to keep the manipulation stable and love, although an abstract concept is the energy which gives all existence a unifying progression, a worth, a value, meaning.
This will continue but for now this should get your mind thinking.
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