Killing The Mouse

Killing The Mouse.
There was a day of interesting circumstances that I became involved in during the simple act of cleaning out a shelf which had some cans of fruit on it.  As I looked closely, I could see that some of the cans had mouse droppings on the top of the cans.  Hmm, I thought to myself, there must be a mouse or two lurking about.  I truly believe in being kind to all creatures but there is that occasion where the violation of my personal territory merits the actions of war no matter what the consequences.
As I proceeded to move the cans to clean them off, I was met with a surprise…  Behind the cans were two mice staring at me as if to say…  “Ah Oh!  um…  Hi!…  um… how are you?  Oh uh ya about this..  er um we were just um…  trying to be of assistance and we noticed some awful mouse droppings on your cans and …  well… we…  uh…  RUN! RUN! RUN!”  as one mouse looked at another and then they both froze in such a way that they seemed to think they had just magically become invisible.
Needles to say, I was in no mood to invite these two uninvited guests to a permanent food raiding party!  No! just the opposite!  It was WAR!
I quietly stepped away and in a rush found an old in the closet dusty BB gun.  Yes I know this sounds so cruel but in times of war, drastic measures must be taken.
With a loaded BB gun and quietly appeared again before the two lingering enemies who by now had the chance to escape but to my surprise they were still holding their ground and to top it off chewing on some of my food.  Yes I know what you are thinking…  “What happened to charity and giving to the poor?”  Yes yes I know but WAR does funny things to the mind.
I took aim at mouse number one and squeezed the trigger…  As the song goes “One down one to go!  Another town! One more show!”
With still yet another mouse left standing and that is exactly what he was doing…  Standing there on his hind legs and viciously staring me down as if to say…  “I dare you!’
This sparked in me another possibility of warfare.  No gun this time…  no…  I was going to let this one escape, run away, vamooses, RUN!
No chance…  This mouse was dead set on staring me down and not taking the opportunity to simply L E A V E.
That was it I exclaimed in my mind to myself!  No more physical warfare with mouse bullets…  No, instead, the new tactic…  Physiological warfare!
As the mouse on the grey coats side and me on the blue coats side stared at one another, I made my tactical move………….
I made a scary face, took a deep breath and roared loudly like a lion at the rebellious grey coat mouse!

What happened next took me completely by surprise.

The mouse gave me a diminished look of complete surprise and fear that I would resort to such tactics and he fell over dead right there before my eyes.

What had I done?  I didn’t even touch him?  He hadn’t been physically hurt from the first shot fired and stood resistively strong before me and yet he was now dead?
Was it his agreement within his own psych or did I send some form of invisible power which completely took him by surprise and overcame his ability to continue on living???

Just exactly what kind of energy does our voice contain?, Our Words?, Our body language?, Our Tone?
There must be something to the energy we exude and not just that which we hear and see or feel.  There must be more or is it entangled withing all of the above and exponentially driven by more than what we see.  Sometimes this specific reality that we all walk through, places various distractions on the stage of our reality.  These distractions serve to render a sort of soothing state of mind such as the device addict who continually stares with wonder and the various non essential forms of media fill up useful time converting that time into wasteful thinking processes.
If for a moment you can go beyond the obvious and ask the simple yet possibly complicated question…  What actually am I made of?  What kind of energy is at the very core and how is it that my consciousness can have such control over the immediate vicinity of my essence, body, breath, movement and more.  Yet…  what is actually occurring when I project my energy outwards.  A yell, a slap, a puff of air from my lungs, a nod at a stranger and so on…  What is really happening when I project my energy?
Is it possible to levitate myself or even a mountain?  Is the fact at least in my mind that it is impossible, the reason I cannot do such a thing?  What are the steps to cross the bridge to form a perfect connection between that which I am sure I can control and that which I only fantasize to control?
When I control another entity outside of my physical contact, is it because that entity is in agreement with my objective or can it be another factor beyond the agreement of that other entity?
Of course aside from the possible quantum physics of it all, there is another alternative…
What actually happened to the mouse?
Did he die of fear? or…  was some quantum consciousness energy involved here? Was there enough conscious energy sent to the mouse to disrupt his internal quantum energy so that in effect, the disruption killed him?  Induced Heart Attack caused by forced emotional energy and thus affecting his internal energy balance to the point of shutting down.