The Mentors Message

mentors1We here at the Mentors arena “A Book Of Dreams”  Have worked for a long time  on eliminating the unseen negatives in our lives that so cunningly seek to stop success at so many turns.  We have studied hard and in depth to create energies that counter the effects of negative as a whole.  This kind of study leads us to concentrate on the art of understanding body language and voice tones and how they affect our thinking and those around us.  We may not be pure masters at the subject but we have learned some very special lessons that have and are becoming an integral part of our way of thinking and how we live our lives.
Many of the things we have learned cannot be expressed here for they are many and very involved.  What we can say here however is this:
Earth is one big family, we share in the energy that is created here.  We create that energy as well as receive it from creators.  We are focused on changing this world for the better and we know that this change will come from our thoughts, our expressions and our actions.  We know that any energy can become viral and have a major influence on this entire globe.
We choose to embrace those energies that lift the world to a higher plane of thinking, a higher way of being and living.

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