PTSD and Depression

PTSD and Depression…  Neither have to become your long term friend.
The Universe is a life giving force…  It is full of more love than you could ever imagine receiving while here on Earth.  The entire energy of life is designed by one who understands the high worth of souls and the life blood of existence which is pure unconditional love.
Our inner thoughts often mingle with whispers from another outside force.  That force can come from various sources but in the end the only two radio stations transmitting are light or darkness.
The PTSD project is designed to help you find how to tune to the light station, how to immerse yourself in it, how to extract and receive the light that is so abundantly available which in turn can change your very inner soul.
When you start to change, your continuing mission is to bring forth that light as a passage of hope and fill the hearts of others who are struggling to tell the difference between the two stations.
Soon we will be releasing some of the most wonderful healing forms of energy designed to bring peace, hope and healing which all lead to a bridge of possibilities connecting every entity of life together on this planet.
Though you may feel isolated, forgotten and all alone, the pure truth is…  you are a part of something so much bigger than you can even imagine and our mission is to open a door to allow this enlightening truth to pass through you and lighten your soul from the inside out.
Stay with us as we work tirelessly to bring to you what we consider an amazing inspired series of creations designed to change your life.
In the mean time, while you are waiting…  do a little searching on quantum entanglement as there is probably a lot of information out there on the subject.  Don’t get to involved in the technical aspect of the subject but instead let the concept flow through you as you filter out the most basic principle of this subject…  we are not alone, we are part of something so much bigger than what we see in ourselves…  our very thoughts and actions have an impact on all life itself and life in turn has an influence on our very inner self.
We can become whole, healed and in tune with the light that life is so generously giving.
The Author
P.S. recently I saw a documentary create in 2011… this film entitled “I AM” could have a profound effect on the subject of not being alone, of being a part of something much bigger, of how quantum entanglement seems to be at the core of life itself, designed by someone so wise that it leaves little room to wonder what the real plan of life is.  I saw the documentary on Netflix but I am sure if you have not already seen it, that it could be easy to find.