Photonic Addiction

Photonic-Addiction-960x400Authenticity vs Counterfeit…  That is the question…  It is a very similar question as the old Shakespeare quote…  “To be or not to be”
This may be a subject you might not even want to continue reading because it may very well hit rigtht at the heart of why you are even here reading this very message?
For just a moment, think about holding a counterfeit 100 dollar bill in your hand and while doing so, hold a real authentic 100 dollar bill in the other hand.
To the untrained eye and without the proper detection methods, you may never know that one has amazing value compared to the other.  Though holding the counterfeit 100 dollar bill in your hand may create the same euphoria as holding the real 100 dollar bill at first, in time, when the final tally comes to the balance sheet, the difference is remarkably high in contrast.  One can bring significant beneficial content to your life and the other can incite significant trouble which may very well lead to the loss of your freedom or at least the loss of someone else’s freedom.
Both pieces of paper are so similar that even the thought of attempting to determine if there is even a problem may never occur to you.
At our human core is a light, a vibrating light, an eternal light that was never created for it has always been…  It is the center of who we are.  Each one of us individually has this self sustaining light…  This thinking and reasoning energy we consider to be a sentient being.  The layers upon that being are the gift given to ever soul walking on this planet…  Spirit and body layers, allowing this sentient being to interact with others and the physical world.
The combined energy of these layers are very powerful.  Though the average person may not consider themselves very powerful in comparison to other observed energies we define as powerful, the truth is, the sentient being is indeed the highest potential power of all.  When layered with the complimentary qualities of spirit and temporal body and fully tuned with complete understanding and control of what they truly are and what they are capable of, there is no comparison.
Very similar to the comparison of the real 100 dollar bill and the counterfeit, the contrasts are like night and day when the truth of what they are is revealed.
Photons are incredibly well versed in mimicry.  They have the ability to represent the perfect image of a human.  They can reproduce beauty in motion.  They can transmit information so perfectly upon a virtual piece of paper that to the untrained eye, the mind may not realize it is only photons and not real paper.  The words on the paper are the same but one can be unplugged from a power source and vanish instantly having no lasting substance.
A smile, an intimate embrace, a kind word or humorous comment, an intellectual and profound gem…  All can be given as a gift and received as the same…  Such a world of splendor awaits and sentient being thirsting for interaction between themselves and another sentient being.  This sparkling dance of intrigue that beacons like an enchanted forest calling out to the passing traveler in the night…  The images of glittering lights in the distance.  The whispers of gentle voices expressing true love that will never end.  The enticing dreams of treasures not yet found by any other living soul.  On and on does the lure of magic persist until the traveler wanders like a child chasing the brilliant iridescent butterfly to the edge of the cliff.
Photons, like magic…  Like the whispered sirens of quiet gentle voices in the distance, promising a life beyond the daily common events which normally fill a usual hour or two, attract like the most powerful magnet, the metal of our souls.
Photons appearing as brilliant light have gained the command of spiritual beings.  Through the physical eyes gifted to humans, photons dance the dance of promise, joy, peace, fun, happiness, laughter, friendship, love and even wealth of many kinds…  yet…  you cannot touch a photon.  You cannot feel the heart of a photon.  You cannot embrace a photon.  You cannot read the body language of a photon in fact you cannot feel the core energy of a photon as it is not a sentient being gifted with a spirit nor a physical body…  It does not posses the energy of a living entity.
Like the beauty of a counterfeit 100 dollar bill so carefully crafted to appear as the real original 100 dollar bill so is the world of photons.  They dance on computer screens, they induce emotional responses while occupying the television screens, they appealingly entice the attention of the one holding the security blanket mobile device.  Like Cocaine, they promise a “REAL” world of splendor and lasting joy, yet they are completely incapable of creating any energy whatsoever that can be detected as tangibly real let alone offering energies that are intrinsically present if “REAL” lifeforms.
They are the dark whisper of artificial intelligence without last substance.
You might say…  “They are only transferring information which has been provided by a real and tangible being though!”
Yes that is true, for they only bring that which has intentionally been previously created or is immediately created for the offering to another sentient being..  amazing technology allowing the interconnection of other lives near and distant…  A miracle you might say…  and yet…
If tonight a photons ability to become energized by electrical forces ceased……………………
What would become of the grand counterfeit energies so abundantly shared around this entire planet?
This is not a mind game to attack progress or technology.  This is a shift in true thought…  True feelings…  True touch…  True whispers…  True love…  True kindness…  True friendships.
Unlike the counterfeit 100 dollar bill, the real 100 dollar bill will stand the test of time and value.
The core light that centers every living creature cannot be counterfeited nor can it be entreated with artificial counterfeit energy and remain with a lasting effect.
Personal energy is real and lasting.  Interaction between two living entities is more than the exchange of words, visual cues, taste, smell, touch or hearing.  There is a deeper and more profound energy that exchanges between creatures of real life and it cannot be replicated by photons or any other inanimate object or technology.  The energy of life goes far beyond the surface detentions and is sensed by the trained heart.  True love, joy, compassion, understanding, kindness and all other attributes that blossom from the human soul and the creatures abounding upon planet Earth can only be germinated from life itself, from that core light that has by far more power than one can explain.
Though we might feel a sensation of euphoric bliss walking around with $10,000. in 100 dollar bills, in time the emptiness of the realization that they were all counterfeit soon turns to windswept sand leaving no trace of lasting value.
The addiction to photons can also become a windswept folly of extravagant glitter only to fade with the passing of time.
Though true personal relationships require more time, energy and effort to nourish in person and though the difficulty of navigating the trials of compatibility can tax the very soul and it’s strengths, the effort can be an extreme value lasting into eternity.
If the choice were given to you to receive 100 dollars in the right hand or 10 thousand dollars in the left hand, which would you choose?
Would you still choose the 10 thousand if it were fully disclosed to you that it was all counterfeit?
Have you ever found yourself on one side or the other of the distractive photon addiction, either neglecting the person in the same room over the choice of the screen’s tantalizing offerings or being neglected by the same?  The divide of the chasm grows wider and wider as the photons consume the attention and personal time pf interacting with a real soul.  The artificial light though enticing and often beautiful is only a candle visually without the heat, without true lasting value.
If one cannot become skilled in the detection process of the true heart, the heart can grow cold leaving only a shadowy image of what love and kindness could have been.
When you or this planet passes away and the only thing left is the eternal you, will you remember what it was like or what it can be like to interact with real life?  For that, “REAL” life and real living energy is the only thing that has lasting eternal implications of value.
Dont’ let the Photonic Addiction like a silent thief in the night, steal away everything that has true and lasting meaning to you.  Unplug, power down and find another life form and engage in real living energy.  The more Fireflies that gather into one place, the more light, energy and power will exist.