BalanceBalance is more than just standing up straight and not experiencing Vertigo.
Balance has so many different aspects that it will take significant time to cover every last avenue one can travel down trying to understand the real meaning of balance.
We are, however going to make an attempt to scout some pathways out to better help you understand the real meaning of balance.  This is going to take some time and there are a lot of other areas of this site we need to attend to but to help you see the bigger picture?…  This entire site is about balance.  It is here on this page however, that we will focus on the subject of BALANCE.

So to wet your whistle, think about the human brain as a balance of two committees.  One set on protecting you and the other set on having fun.

The left brain will constantly determine if you are in danger or thinking logically while the right brain is focused on making dreams and indulging in imagination.

A balance issue comes into play when the right brain is overshadowed by the left brain.  Suppose you want to be a successful author or even a millionaire.  Your right brain imagines the possibilities for you.  Soon after the left brain works to bring you down to reality by self-talking you into an understanding that you are not the type to be a successful author or a millionaire.  This is done to protect you from ridicule from others when you fail.  Seems like a logical step to take.  That in itself is the problem.  To overcome the loss of balance or in other words, to circumvent a pattern of failure or lack of trying, a new technique is needed to retrain your brain to become greater than it thinks it is.

The brain after all is simply a bio-computer.  It can be programmed.  The first thing you need to understand is that IT CAN BE PROGRAMMED.

As strange as it sounds, you need to lie to your brain or in other words, program your brain to take the proper action toward your imagined goal.

Back to the imagined goal.  Let’s take becoming a successful author as the subject.  You begin programming by telling yourself that you are a successful author.  Your left brain will fight you on this and if you persist, it will fight you for a year or two or more.  It is your job as the programmer to continue this practice over and over again while at the same time taking steps to try your hand at writing.  If you DO NOT give up and you continue with this programming strategy, you will find that the power of the left brain can become your best friend.  You see the left brain’s main goal is to protect you and to keep you grounded and logical.  With such input as you continue to give it, it will soon realize that you will not give up and it now takes on the job to protect you from failure.  Your job is to simply not give up, while the left brain’s job is to subconsciously make it happen without you actually knowing all the details of how it happened.

NEVER GIVE UP!  In time with your efforts and your left brain working to keep you now safe from failure, it will happen.

Always speak to yourself in the present tense.

“I am a successful author.  I have written quite a few books and they were successful!”

Do not speak in future tense.

“One day I will be a successful author and I hope to write quite a few successful books!”

This is just one practice of Balance as it applies to your thinking.


Later we will discuss other subjects that apply to Balance.

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