She Came

This is a true experience which happened to one of our authors.  What is so amazing is this dream turned to reality almost 20 years later.

The night was quiet.  The room was dark and only the delicate quiet sound of the wind blowing a willow branch against the window pane was present.  The night was late, well into the early morning hours.  Silence was the the blanket in which the moment slept.  As the wind slowed to a complete still and the minutes ticked away ever so quietly, the silence of the night was broken, broken with an ever so gentle whisper. 
“Daddy?” the word pierced the silence like a shimmering star in the lonely night sky.  “Daddy?… Daddy?” the little voice continued on.  The tender sound of a little girls voice filled the air.  Elusive yet clear and intense, she continued on until his heart felt her cries.  Stirring from a deep sleep as the young man of only 24 glimpsed to the side of his bed, he in a surprised yet reassured way felt the presence of an unborn child and in his heart knew she would someday be his daughter.  Now the two of them heart to heart and connected to the moment, embraced the child’s last message as she calmly and quietly whispered in his ear.  “I promise I will find you.” she gently reassured him.  Confused for a moment as her words sank deeper into his soul, the reality of what had just happened encircled him with a stronger love than he had ever felt before. 
“This is my child”… the words grew into a comforting truth and he knew that one day this little girl would step into his reality forever.  As fleeting as her unexpected visit, so was the last word she spoke before silently fading away.  Passing over her innocent little lips, the word  “Kaza”…  “Wait!” he exclaimed out loud.  “What was that?”…  “Your name?”… “Don’t go!” he gestured as he reached toward the fading figure that had now left the room once again, dark and silent.  “Was it her name?”  He wondered to himself… “and … and if she is to be my daughter?… “why would I name her?”… The experience had so overwhelmed him that all he could do was fall back down to his pillow and stare into the darkness, wondering and emotionally charged.  Only time would reveal what rays of light would grace the shadows of his life.  So he would wait… and wait……..
The year was 1991 and the cries of a new born baby girl graced the air as her mother shed a tear of happiness at the arrival of life’s newest princess.  “Oh my dear little one”  Whispered her mother. “How I hope and fear for your future”… “such a precious little soul in such an uncertain world”  “You will dream of pixies and angel’s wings, Ballerina’s shoes and pink fluffy things.”  “Oh how I hope as you reach for the stars, good fortune will be your guide.  Years past and the tiny little village most always covered in snow offered little hope to children who’s dreams seemed too often to fade in the grey of the forgotten.  The little princess had grown into a golden haired girl but the stars for her small hands seemed too far to reach and to her heart it was as if dreams didn’t really come true.  The bitter cold was often the only friend to bring her comfort and hunger seemed to be only that which invited little girls to sleep on.  Soon a baby boy would join his sister in the struggle of life that awaited their future.
They say, time heals all wounds, yet to little girls and boys on the other side of the world, it often brings sorrow and tears.  Little Ksenia and Ruslan would be no different this time than any other child without hope.  As fate would pass his cold hand over their eyes an emptiness would soon be their treasure.  In a cold little broken down house not far from the stillness of the Volge River waited two hungry children.  The old worn clock lifelessly ticket away the hours, day after day, week after week, until two discouraging months of fear, wonder and hunger consumed the very essence of their frail little bodies.  You see the one they called mother from the day they touched Earth never returned home, nor would she ever return again.  So young was Ksenia , a child of nine years, to become both mother and father to herself and baby brother.  The struggle for life is still a story untold, locked away in a little girls broken heart.  “Did my mother not want me?”…  “Did evil befall her?” … “Did she abandon me or did she fight to return?”… Only Heaven can reply to the questions of this child as Mother Earth keeps the secret oh so well.
Let it be rumored throughout the grey little village…
Two lost children, no food yet a home.
Darkness for hope but still holding on.
Have been taken today by the people of health.
Village officials who themselves have no wealth.
Six months doctors worked doing all that they could.
Giving all that they might to help the children feel good.
And in time it appeared their recovery astounding.
Yet from this day the village calls them the foundling.
Sometimes the universe smiles upon special people.  Sometimes only the universe knows they are special.  The eyes of man behold that which is flowering and say it is good, yet how many times do the lilies of the field go unnoticed before they blossom.  Each one a story untold, each one valued beyond gold.
little girl dreams and little boy dreams were written in journals, on papers and things.
She dreams of dancing, of music and love.
Someone who won’t leave her and a Father above.
Their hearts whispered daily of a place to call home.
Of a family, of parents and friends all their own.
He wonders if ever someone would hold him tight.
To cradle him close and silence his fright
A Papa and Mama who will never go away
and a childhood lost that might return someday.
Oh the dreams of these children, a very simple hue.
But a miracle it takes just to make one come true.
So many forgotten and so many are lost.
To loose just one child is a terrible cost.
And so opened a window, a most precious gift.
A child was found for a parent to lift.
A family begins and hearts start to mend.
Reality colors what only dreams can pretend.
And so the sweetest moment came for a little girl and boy as their parents arrived on that cold winter day.  The trials were many, the chances were few but the heavens had it planned many years before they knew.  As her father penned the story of this little miracle here on Earth, the profound moment arrived as he finished the sentence… “a little girl from Kazakhstan”  unexpectedly the connection came and he was taken back 17 years to a quiet dark room and the whispering last words of the voice from a little unborn child before she silently faded away.  He remembered now the precious word passing over her innocent lips, the word  “Kaza”  and he knew that someday was now and she was his daughter forever.

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