Wisdom Of The Tree

Wisdon-TreeOnce on a cold day, I was walking and stopped under a tree.  She gently spoke to me.
In a silent whisper she said…
“Simple and quiet is the forest today…  Let it teach you.”
Somehow this day, I was not shocked to have a tree speak to me… I paused…
“Enlightened today” she again spoke softly “Most are not atuned to hearing me.”
“So…Then… I guess I am?” I replied aloud.
“Quite simple it is, to become aware, one must first slow down”  She gestured.
“Do all trees talk?” I replied.
“All Nature has a voice but few there are who hear it.”  Her words streamed like rays of wisdom.
She continued…  ” Man and Nature, different speeds they exist in, think in, live in.”
“Open you heart, your mind, Do you want to hear and feel more?”
I could feel something so much more than words…  “Yes I do”  I answered.
“Slow down you must… Cease fear…  Think not of the future.”
I listened intently as I felt she would say more.
She continued…  “The past has been, relive that only which uplifts and enlightens”
“Seek only the now, for that is where you will find peace and your center”
I pondered her words and wondered…  Then asked…
“It’s not everyday one gets to speak with a tree.”  “Could you teach me?”  I asked.
“Our ways are ancient, Seek depth do you?  First, slow down you must.”
“Slow down?…  What do you mean?  I questioned.
“Move about you do…  My nature is still…  You must receive in our way.”
She continued and I just listened.
“Speed creates noise, Noise will silence wisdom, Wisdom lost is peace unreached.”
“Without peace, outward influence has power.  Center you must if truth you desire.”
“When true silence you reach, Earth can reveal to you that which is.”
“Not only is Earth home…  Earth speaks and all that lives on Earth can speak.”
“Wisdom of the ages you can find but only if you know how, only if yourself you slow.”
“Walk slowly, very slowly.  Think quietly.  Think less.  Seek the forest.”
“Journey through man’s world until only nature’s world is present.”
“Touch the world.  Let it touch you.  Connect and listen for all life speaks through Earth”.
“I am firm and deep which gives me more than life, I hear and feel all life through Earth.”
“All trees, Plants, Creatures from everywhere, I feel them, I hear them.  We are calm.”
“We are peace.  We are joy.  We are connected.  We are one.  We have all past.  We have now.”
“We have future only as it arrives for there is no fear in future, no remorse in past.  Only now.”
“Now is life.  All life is with us and we are all one.  We are all many.  We have the past all here.”
“Every thought that has ever been and that is now, we have and we understand”
“There is joy in life and time does not exist for it is all at this very moment.”
“If truth you seek and wisdom you desire, you must become still.  You must become quiet.”
“As you walk in speeds seemingly still for you, enlightenment will come with silence.”
“As you learn to listen to Earth, you will hear me.  I can teach you even as you walk.”
“It may be new for you but ancient is this way and pure is this truth, this light.”
“Be slow, be still, be silent, be calm.  In your peace, in the forest you will hear and feel much.”
“Focus and be clear and you will be able to hear and feel me.  I will guide you if you seek.”
I was communicating with a tree yet she was offering a connection with Earth itself.
I could connect with all life on Earth?  This I did not understand at least not yet.
“I am ready and will seek to find clean nature and forest silent of man’s noise.”
“I will go slow and I will listen and clear my heart and mind of past and future.”
“Only now is all that has life in it and I will seek to feel and listen and learn.”
I could feel a different calm and confidence as I spoke to her.
“You have already begun.  So connected have you already become.  See not you are moving?”
So subtle, I did not notice.  I was in communication with her and yet moving away gently.
She began and I knew at this point listening and feeling was my first focus.
She spoke quietly and gently and her words went beyond sound, I could feel them.
“Free yourself of thought…  Allow only now to enter…  No Past…  No Future.”
“Now is the only energy which hold life.  Empty all essence from your vessel except now.”
“Yourself, you must cleanse all which lingers.  Make no judgments.  Recall no memories.”
“Imagination of the Future, you must Silence.”
 “Allow the energy of Now to be your only companion.”
“Seek only pure nature,  Traces of chaos and speed, leave behind you must.”
“As you release then and what is to come you will only have now.”
“Your focus must remain only in the now.  It is here you will find unity, oneness and balance.”
“In the Now, as you remain, All life and Earth’s connection can begin to flow through you.”
“Earth and all life hold centuries of peace, balance and wisdom.  A gift this can be for you.”
“Why Nature remains, continues in purity, ever lifting in energy, the secret this is.”
“Become one with nature.  Allow natures energy to flow through you.”
“Empty you vessel and allow Earth’s energy to fill it complete.”
“Become one with all that is.”
“All pain, sadness, fear, discontent, anger, betrayal, disappointment will be drawn out from you.”
“Your vessel filled with all of Earth’s energy will be free to accept peace, harmony, love and truth.”
“To see life with new light, new hope, new truth will become the new tapestry of your soul.”
“Deny disbelief, silence fear, embrace trust for that is how you only will receive.”
“Calm and peace and trust, your closest friend they are.  Recieve now that which is light and truth.”
“Light is the source of all existence and above light is Intelligence, eternal and unchangeable.”
“All life first is intelligence which has been and always will be.”
“Intelligence.  Always one greater and always one lesser with no ego in perfect balance and unity.”
“Each intertwined with the other.  Existence with all, interwoven, spread through time and space.”
“The lesser as charished as the greater.  Serving and loving as though each was one in the same.”
“To think as oneself, alone, separate, disconnected only becomes discolored fron pure light.”
“Pure light and truth is all that exist.  True color is, by adding upon.  To subtract is to lose truth.”
“Within you is pure truth and light.  To belive you are less is to embrace the loss of truth.”
“In Truth there is no way to take away from pure truth for to do so is a deception, untrue.”
“You are as the stars, each one larger and more powerful than they appear to your perception.”
“You are eternal.  Only your form transcends yet you remain always and forever intact in life.”
“Life is more vast and expansive than the state in which you now dwell.  You shall ascend.”
“From a glimmer of light you began ever existent, to a brilliance greater than the Sun you will be.”
“Allow the Earth, The Universe, Light, Energy, Nature to teach you who you really are.”
“You are a part of greater energy, one in the same.  A thread of a bright tapestry surrounding all.”
“You are one with light and all energy and inso you can create change and amplify goodness.”
“Life has a balance, you may call it Yn and Yang.  In nature, it is called the circle.”
“Always there is a balance.  Darkness and light.  Joy and pain.  Choice is the only separation.”
“Man has the highest level of choice.  You can be all that you choose for the Universe agrees.”
“You are of the greatest of light.  Your journey the choice it is given you.  Light or Dark.”
“Your destiny is your own.  Your energy is your own.  Only you create the destiny.”
“Life and all that exist, support you, they will.  Your nature is light, destiny beyond the Sun.”
“You are the creator.  Sleep from your eyes hides this truth only.  All things are possible with you.”
“Seek now to receive quietly the light and truth nature has to gift you with.  Go forth gently.”
“Open your vessel now as all life, light, truth, balance and ascention flow through you.”
“Feel it pulse through you as the wind caresses your body so will light pass inside of you.”
“Be calm, be silent, be slow and soon you will know that which the Earth and all life know.”
She continued in essence to remain with me. I had now been taught and was now receiving.
I continued on my journey silently receiving more and more truth and light from the forest.
© 2016 AbookofDreams.com
This story was written for a soon to be released video for those seeking the energy of ZEN, Relaxation, Meditation, Silence, Peace and Jedi type Balance in their life.  This will be an almost 8 hour nature video with custom music.  All you are all now waiting for is for the music to be finished.
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