Humanitarian Projects

A Book Of DreamsA Book Of Dreams is dedicated to helping change the landscape of this planet for the better.
There are funding plans in the works for big projects.  Among those projects are the following:
Community Re-Education Centers:
Centers which will teach people skills in the Media Industry, Computer Industry and physical world.  Our Education centers will cover film making, photography, audio recording, graphic arts, web design, writing, drama, dance, music production, history preservation and research, alternative energy solutions, green housing development, organic gardening, alternative medicine and therapy.  Student grants will be awarded according to attitude and needs for social improvement.
Community Healing Centers:
Centers which will focus on stabilizing socially stressed people.  The focus will be on assisting people to find their centers, create atmospheres of peace and energize their ability to believe in themselves and learn to reintegrate into society armed with new tools to enhance self mastery and forward thinking in new future goal setting.  These centers will incorporate meditation therapy, spa style physical relaxation areas that promote physical health.  There will be music video designed to target relaxation and bio feedback stabilization. mental imaging and more.  These centers are well suited to assist in addictions, confidence restoration and physical health restoration.  Grants will be awarded according to health conditions and assessed desire for positive change.
Continuance Program:
Once these attendees of said centers have achieved a level of completeness in restorative education, we will make available a work program which will allow them to work in the real world, utilizing their skills in the larger humanitarian projects we will endeavor to create world wide.  Such projects will encompass Orphanage improvement, school building, third world home development such as well digging , solar cooking, hygiene training, micro loan and small business education, and more in this arena.
The goal of all of these humanitarian projects are focused on bringing the standard of living to those who are living below the average standards of the society in which they reside in, thus causing an overflow effect where improved individuals will be able to affect change in their own communities.  All projects are non profit foundation based.
World Healing Media Project:
The World Media Project focuses on the delivery of specialized media in Audio, Video and other mediums in the digital format.  The programs produced will be engineered and created with the intent of flooding the entire world with freely available media which when experienced in it’s fullest form is designed to bring quantum balance into any individual seeking a more calm, peaceful, enlightening, healing, digital experience to augment their desire to move forward in an enhanced and improved self awareness that has the potential to change many lives mentally and spiritually thus in turn affecting the physical structure of their society for the better.
All of this will have a nucleolus in a concept called H.E.A.R.T.S  Which stands for Health, Education, Arts, Recreation, Technology and Society.  The concept of this main project is to create a prototype model first which will be a large center similar to wagon wheel design with 6 major spoke buildings designed to meet in the center where a commons area will join all six major departments.  Each department is focused on bringing individuals struggling with inadequate education with which to create a sustainable life for themselves and those they are responsible for.
We will engage those highly experienced individuals in each major area of the program as trainers, teachers, directors and multi-talented staff to facilitate each center’s power core.  After screening and qualifying incoming students, the magic begins as each student will be given every opportunity to sample all avenues of interest to them from the educational offerings.  They will become enrolled and begin the process of re-education in the fields that best fit their aptitudes.  Over time they will become assistant trainers and teachers and learn the skills needed to step into the large world armed with the abilities to seriously contribute to society.
The “H” in H.E.A.R.T.S Stand for Health where everything health become the focus.  The entry level within the program is a very interesting one where the first phase of training is de-stressing from the students current way of looking at life and themselves and how they perceive their personal value.  We will focus on anti-anxiety and self esteem techniques which will prepare the students to believe in themselves and use principles which will augment their forward progress in becoming achievers.  The Health program is also designed to offer alternative treatments to mainstream western practices though mainstream medical will be welcome as well as other philosophies in health practices.  The core goal aside from generating valuable students which will in time acquire contributing skills , is to develop teams capable of going to third world countries to offer training and medical assistance along with willing certified medical practitioners.  Local patients will also be welcome to the center.
The “E” in H.E.A.R.T.S Stands for Education where every common level of education can be attained from kindergarten to beyond high School.  The goal is to create a self sustained common education facility to assist those who have found mainstream education less accessible.
The Centers teachings and focuses become an overlapping concept where society benefits from the all centers and the training and principles practiced will help not only guide individuals in common education but prepare them for functioning in society at a much higher contributing level..
Each center is strategically placed so as to create a cross blend of conceptual flowing principles in teaching and practice which together in a synergistic way improve individuals involved in a very life balancing way.
The “A” Arts center will include all aspects of the fine arts and performing arts as well as new and upcoming subjects possibly not yet conceived of .
The “R” center teaches that not only worthy goals in professions and education are important but recreation is also needed to help balance the lives of people and therefore recreation can also be incorporated to assist people with trust issues and addiction treatment.
The “T” Technology Center is also sandwiched between the “S” Society Center and the “R” Recreation Center where the synergistic energy flow will cross over into each department as a beneficial byproduct of the energy of each of the subjective core functions.   The Recreation will benefit from the technology side as well as the technology side benefiting from the recreation.  A simple example is that the technology side can focus on new and improved methods of safety and improving new tech for sports related activities.
The “T” Technology department will also focus on new and improved engineering in alternative power and other energies, water engineering, housing innovations and subjects geared to benefit society.  This brings us to the Society department which is based in developing individuals into skilled social workers and public relation facilitators.  This is the think tank of the entire project where people learn to think big and embrace upward development not only for local communities but for global communal practices designed to create a cooperative atmosphere between different ethnics and varying country backgrounds.  A world wide network geared to enhance and uplift all of humanity in time.
Once the pilot program prototype reaches a level of maturity, the forward movement will be two fold.
First the Center as a whole will be focused on offering public services and products which will lead to the Center’s self sustainability.  A simple example would be the “A” Arts department creating the story line, script and the entire feature film edited and ready for national distribution in the entertainment industry.  The “T” Technology department not only offering new and innovative energy products but Pilot training and certification.
In time as the main center becomes strong with trained individuals and is carrying it’s requirements for self sustainability, the second phase will commence, which is franchising the platform and extending the capabilities and concepts abroad.
There is so much to cover in this humanitarian project that it will take pages of conceptual explanation and this page is not the place for it’s exposure.  This is just a simple summary to give the concept a better verbal visualization of the project.