It isn't "Fair"

unfairIt isn’t “Fair”…  How many times have we heard that phrase?  Maybe a child has slipped the comment in when things didn’t seem to go their way.  Maybe it was someone expanding on the subject with a varied twist like”how could a loving God allow such things to happen.  She didn’t deserve to have that happen to her…  or  It isn’t “Fair” that the rich and corrupt get away with so much while others suffer…
On and on the comments can thrive in their own little pond of understanding…  but…
Just how big is that pond of understanding?
Our universe is in perfect balance…  There is nothing added to it or taken away…  It is perfection in it’s inventory.koi-pond-bg
There is a variable however taking place every moment of every existence second…  That is the polarization of the energy circulation, the spinning of the Yin and Yang, the morphing of god to evil and evil to good.  It is the flow of energy constantly ebbing with the tide of life.
The truth is…  There is no “Fair” for all things simply “Are”.
“Fair” seems to be the product of expectations and the desire to facilitate control over that which cannot be controlled.  The real power of life itself is the principle of choice which serves to determine the gradual but final resting place of the sifting polarity of energy.
good-vs.-evil“He is such an evil man…  He takes advantage of everyone”
“She is so good and kind…  anyone who meets her would never want to leave her presence”
So the definitions continue as we create defining catalogs  with which to navigate time and events and relationships, yet the larger picture of what is truly happening is the focusing shift of what we are and what our potential will allow us to become.
Desert SunDoes the Sun rise in the desert only to have the lost wanderer curse it for bringing more thirst inducing heat?  Does the concerned captain shake his fist at the evening sky for causing extreme frigid night temperatures to invade the safety of his sea going vessel?  What of the Night and the Day?  Which is good and which is evil?  What purpose is served for the experience of such extremes?  In the still of the night in the desert, doesn’t the Sand Fox thank the night in it’s silent retreat, for a cool reprise from the mid day scorching temperatures.  Does innocently and yet subconsciously, the Polar Bear thank the Sun for allowing change in the season for an Ice Nightatmosphere to thrive in.
Life brings the opportunity for all creatures to claim meaning to that which is and which was and which can be.  We as the inhabitants of this planet are encased in an experiential bubble where a similitude in miniature is expressed of the macro of the Universe.
What truly is good and what truly is evil or bad?  Does not the memory of a tragic event lend appreciation for the peaceful moment threaded with joy and gentle contentment?  Does not the elation of finding a long lost loved one bring contrast to the fallen soldier giving all to preserve freedom?
russell falls, mt field national park, tasmania
How rich we all become as we journey through this unpredictable jungle of life which offers in one moment refreshing waterfalls of purified liquid and in another moment poisonous serpents who in defense bring death in minutes with one swift bite.
Is suffering a reflective punishment for failure to become worthy?  Is the reward of successful acquisition a consequence of always choosing to be engaged in integrity?  Do the brilliant contrasts of good and bad, light and dark events have their origin in an all knowing God who with precision and immediacy enacts punishment or rewards on the inhabitants to thus force their behavior to his liking?
Quite the opposite to forceful control do the polarities of life remain in their state of flux.
Lonely-RoadIf one were to view the meaning of life as a linear passage of time, a lonely adventure along a road navigated in the personal space of each individual, it could be said that the beginning was germinated of innocence and the end was an honorable treasure of earned wisdom in which no reward could ever be achieved without having trod the experiential path.
This is the true gift of life!  Not to receive all desired treasures and qualities for the asking but instead to be given the gift of the calm passage of time to partake of the extremes life has to offer from the fruits of light and darkness, good and evil until the meaning of the polarizing energies we experience on the journey become sheer understanding of life at the deepest meaningful point.
Do we fear to final outcome of the darkest of crimes perpetrated upon us or another as a final conditioning to the rest of our perception on eternity?  Do we embrace every amazing thing that could and does happen to us as the sculptor of who we become and who we will be for the duration of our existence?  Are we so concerned with the shaping of our personality and the navigation of our forever state of being that we persist in the obsessive motives to control our surroundings? our future? our past?
WillowIs it possible to flow with life?  Is it possible to become as the willow ceasing to fight against the wind?  Are we open to letting the Universe fully flow through us instead of attempting to shape the Universe to our own blue print?  What if there really is one who has embraced in full understanding, life to it’s deepest meanings, who has complete wisdom in how the experience of life shapes who we are?  What if every perceived bad thing that happens to you and I throughout the journey of life will end in complete restoration and healing?  What if all that is left from this journey is the wisdom from actually being there and living it?
Can you just for a moment attempt to see the treasure that is embedded in the tapestry of life?  An exquisite sculpture from stone cannot attain the masterful perfection without the painful removal of that which in time reveals the masterpiece lovingly chiseled by the Master’s hand.
The end brings the most amazing glory to each life who’s feet walk this Earth’s cobblestone stairway, a polished entity of light healed from all sadness and pain with understanding, compassion and love in the wings of those who chose to embrace that which would lift another and the power to rise above anything that wields the sword of destruction.Sculpture1
A separation and polarization this Universe will continually be evolving through…  and in the end those who embrace fear and darkness will find refuge in their element…  and those who embrace love and light will find refuge in their element as well.  A refining is what life offers.  Time is truly the kindest gift given to us in order to freely choose our final destination.