Ego Free Team Building

What is Ego Free Team Building?  They are nice events focused on facilitating others in sharing time and moments about themselves.  The best energy comes when a safe environment can be created which becomes a true ego static free zone.  It is like being on a playground with very young children, they can often be seen innocently striking up new relationships with simple phrases such as, “What’s your name?” “Do you want to play?” “How old are you?” and on and on.

Often the childlike approach successfully omits qualifying questions that adults casually weave into their interactions and almost habitually overlook the use of subjects such as job title, field of work, years of experience, living location, and the other subtle quiet interrogations that are used to create invisible class barriers.  If we are not careful, we may fail to see the bigger picture, we could very well limit the synergistic possibilities of germinating powerful relationships.

The key to rich successful relationship connections is to realize that everyone has significant jewels of wisdom and knowledge to share which can benefit the entire group.  One thing as adults; is the resourceful capability to avoid overstepping the designation of equality.  Allowing each individual to share meaningful information brings to the table, qualities that may be overlooked as complying with the group as a whole, as being important.

Yet, in a Jedi kind of way, it is meaningful when each of us allows for the space of gentle atmospheric energy to permeate the setting.  This can allow for unhindered expression and gentle wisdom to emerge.   This can entice those with personalities who may find ego-driven interaction a reason to withhold.  In the words of Dale Carnegie… “Creating meaningful relationships depends on who you have chosen to listen to the most.  Do you find you are listening to yourself or the one with whom you wish to create the relationship?”

The greater success comes from taking upon us the energy of service versus the energy of being served.  Though it may seem like a simple and innocent shift of the gear to rally a group to circle the wagons for your cause, it can be a more fulfilling experience to quietly take in the atmospheric energy of a group as a whole and seek to lift the entire group instead of the one or the few.