The Parable of The Dirty Dishes

The Parable of The Dirty Dishes
Dirty dishes are usually dirtied by more than one person but it seems like only one person is willing to clean them. They come and clean them happily, the job is done quickly and then they feel free to go on.
Everyone gets to enjoy the clean dishes. Some people see the dishes and find the ones they dirtied and only wash those. They feel justified in a job well done. However, the mess still exists and they hope someone will finish the job, anyone but them… needs to be done by the one who is responsible!
Justice can then be served.
In the mean time, the feeling of the dishes needing to be done lingers on and no one feels free to go on until they are done. Sometimes someone sees the dirty dishes in the sink and they say, ‘I washed those last time, it is someone else’s turn to wash them’, so, everyone judges everyone else of being the slacker. Everyone is stuck because everyone believes it isn’t their turn and if they do the dishes, the scales of justice will not be balanced!
How can we live in peace when the scales are lopsided? No matter how we try to balance the scales of justice, we may never accomplish it for we always are dirtying another dish.
There is only one who can come and tip the scales so they will not be lopsided. He did this years ago so that no matter how many dishes you dirty and how good or willing you have become to wash the dishes, He can make up for where we slack.
Because of Him, anyone can come and wash the dishes and everyone can enjoy the benefit of the clean dishes.
Forgiveness is like that. It is all encompassing in that it blesses the sinner and the victim for aren’t we all sinners and victims? The more willing we become to repent and forgive, even if we didn’t do all of the dirtying, the better we become at accessing the benefits of forgiveness and the more everyone is free to go on!
W.H. MacPherson
© A Book Of Dreams LLC.
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