Who Are You? Really?

Stop for just a moment and lay all of your prejudice aside.  Scientific, Religious, Technical, Emotional and everything else that can place you in a state of ego energy.
I am not asking you to agree with anything written here on this page, but I am asking you to take it in neutrally without any opinions that you may have formulated throughout your mortal life.  Just consider this an exercise in a different way of thinking and let it sink in as an alternative to how you perceive life.
You entered this mortal life like every person you know.  An embryo growing inside of another human being. It was not really that long and you emerged and took your first breath in this originally strange world.  Everything had substance.  Tangible.  Your entire experience of life was about to change and it would be something entirely different from what you might have expected it to be.
The journey has been a line upon line climb with each new exposure becoming an entire world of it’s own.  Fire, Water, Pain, Elation, Cold, Hunger, Warmth, Love, Disloyalty, Trust, Fear, Falling, Climbing, Exhaustion, Sleep…  I could go on and on as could you when it comes to attempting to describe all the many exposures that have the potential to transform into what seems like a life of it’s own, a journey of it’s own, A unique experience that becomes so very personal in your cataloging of what life is.
As time ticks on and those seemingly large events become almost insignificant in comparison to this even larger journal, a sort of numbness sets in as the daily routine of life filled with many of the events that used to be so unique and new but now are almost thoughtlessly common place.
The excitement of life has a way of turning to drudgery if your view of life continues to travel down the numbing path.
The inner you, cries out for some form of elating excitement or at least some form of intriguing stimulation.  As this long journey rolls by day after day after day.
This is the temporal world and it is filled with amazing tangible distractions.  Not all of which are a positive experience.  There is this incredible balance of negative and positive temporal distractions mixed with the more subtle emotional and spiritual experiences.  This information is not particularly focused on being politically correct for those who embrace atheism.  That subject can be addressed at another time.
As you look in the mirror and watch yourself age over the years, there comes time in your life when you re-evaluate how this journey is progressing.  There can be an issue at this critical moment.  That issue can assist you in determining how you perceive your self, your future and your past.  Hopefully it will be a good experience for you.  Not always is it a good experience for everyone however.
You see time has a way of imprinting upon our minds all of the images, words, external thoughts of others, internal thoughts, literature, music, scents, physical sensations and more in such a way as to assist us in describing and determining who we think we are.
According to the experiences we have been exposed to over our lifetime, we are simply left to extrapolate our own definition of self realization in a futile attempt to fill in the rest of the pieces to our own personal puzzle in order to make sense of our life.
Each life has by the mere fact of randomness, had either opportunities or trials.  Each life has also had the chance to crossover to the other side.  The one weighed down with what would seem to be the perfect life will indeed receive a fair share of trials.  The other life which seems doomed to wander without much hope will also receive some good albeit considerably less then the seemingly perfect life.
No matter how you look at each life with their struggles and opportunities, true happiness can never completely be realized while in this life of mortal distractions.  There is a pendulum that swings within our hearts and mind ever so active and capable of causing a polarity of elation or depression.
As Einstein so carefully pointed out, all things are relative.  A child might cry and become distressed to have had 12 great licks of an ice cream cone only to watch it accidentally slip off of the cone and land on the ground while another child may become overjoyed just to receive a small cup of rice as the daily ration of food for basic survival.
Our point of view has everything to do with our ability to cope with and learn from this amazing school we call planet Earth.
This school is a carefully laid out plan.  It is not for the faint of heart but it is for everyone.  Each individual has everything they need to learn from this school and pass the final exam with flying colors.  The success of their final grade in living this filled journey doesn’t come from what they have, who they think they are, who everyone else thinks they are, what they have achieved or how beautiful they are.  True success in passing this school with flying colors comes from finally understanding how this school works and who they “Really” are.
Choices are made by each student of planet Earth.  Among those choices made are resulting consequences manifest from the very core of their deepest thoughts.  Some find that thinking too deeply can become rather tedious while others may thirst with an unquenchable desire to continually seek for more and more understanding of life itself.
Suicide comes from a lack of understanding of how this amazing school functions and who they really are in the biggest picture of all.  Charity comes from the ability to sense beyond the desire of self discovery and see outside of ones self in such a way that places the thoughts and emotions of one into another shoes with a consideration of wonderment pertaining to a curiosity of how another’s trials can effecting not just one but others.
Now if you are atheist, you can be excused from further reading.  If however you have spent enough time considering science at it’s deeper possibilities that existence wasn’t just some random accident which resulted in life achieving the heights of perfection that it has, then read on.
Lets do a thought experiment.  I have a very very large ball of string.  I will hold one end while you take the other end all the way to the Moon.  That’s a lot of string but it is strong and never breaks.  Now let us have another person measure the length of this string and then proceed to the exact middle of this long and stretched out string.  Let’s ask then to take a pair of scissors and cut a piece of the string only one inch in length.  This very very small length of string in comparison to the entire length of the string represents your time spent here on “School Earth”.  The rest of the string represents before the cut, the time you have been a conscious thinking individual and the rest of the string represents after the cut represents the continuation of you as an individual.
This school is actually so much longer then you can possibly imagine.  If however you are a student which has only been to first grade and were never told about any other grades which could be experienced, then you would simply think of how long this first grade is taking but hoping someday something else might come along.
This small little one inch piece of string life may last upwards of 90 to 100 plus years or it may be a rather short experience last maybe only a few breaths.  What counts is that you actually made it to first grade and even if for a brief moment had the opportunity to become a living creature existing in the mortal tangible world.
Those who stay longer then the brief time of a few short breaths are the lucky ones for they are endowed with trials no matter how soft their life may appear which will over time teach them things they would never be able to learn in a million years hearing someone try and explain life to them verbally without the tangible dimensions involved in living “School Earth”
Your perception has everything to do with how you will experience this life and that perception can be changed at any time.
if you see life as a long experience which has nothing to offer after your last breath is taken, you have held in your hand that one inch piece of string while being completely oblivious to the fact that your experience on “School Earth” is comparatively a brief lightning bolt event in the lifespan of an ancient sea turtle.
You are simple not just a compilation of atoms, molecules, cells, organs and flesh eagerly ready to decay into the sands of time.  You are energy.  The very core of you was never created nor can it ever be destroyed.  You are that you are.  Your thought processes have existed forever and will continue to do so forever.  Your flame cannot be extinguished though some who take suicide as a relief pill from the trials of “School Earth” will quickly find that the journey has only be disrupted and the path has changed yet still the path exists.
Imagine this life if you were reaching for the best you could be and yet decided to drop out of school in the middle of first grade.  Your opportunities for growing and learning would take on a whole new direction.
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