E = mc²

E = mc 2

Light is energy 670 Million Miles per hour.
The speed of light: 186000 Miles per second.
A bit fast for anyone to run and catch up to it…  but if you could?  what then would happen to the matter that makes up your body?
Speed is the key here…  Whether the speed attained of any object is traveling in one direction or vibrating in a more predictable location, it is speed which becomes the magic element of the transformation.  This is the bridge between matter and energy.
If matter is accelerated to the speed of light fully encompassing all of it’s mass, it will transform into energy or in other words light, electromagnetic radiation.
The opposite holds true…  if energy is existing at a speed slower than the speed of light, it also will transform.  It will transform into mass or matter.
If we were efficient at making this transformation complete with no errors in the process, we would find that matter would hold within it’s embodiment so much more energy than you could imagine.  Coming from say a small part of mass or matter…  say a spoonful of water if efficiently transformed could create enough power to light all of New York city.
Energy equals Mass times the square of the speed of light.  Simply put, Mass or matter is one in the same as energy or light.
What this means is…  If you could harness light or energy and command it to obey your every command, you could use it to control mass or matter.  It is easy to ask a beam of light to disrupt mass and cause it to transform into something else.  A high powered Laser beam can be directed at matter and cause that matter to melt or catch fire but none the less to transform.  Transform is the key word here… not disappear… for matter cannot be destroyed but merely changed into another form.
Let me give you something to think about:
You have a body of mass or matter.  Somewhere inside is the elusive magic that makes you different from a rock.  You are wondrously thinking and reasoning, whereas the rock is not.
Looking into both your bodies, you and the rock, you both share something in common…  You are both made of atoms and those atoms at their very heart are controlled by light / energy.
That difference between you and the rock is the magic of life…  Your Intelligence or in other words thinking and reasoning light / energy.
Imagine if you will a simple mind exercise.
Erase your body and everything you can see that is made of mass or matter and all you have left is space…  but still there is no erasing the core of who or what you are…  Your thinking and reasoning side…  The part of you that does all of the thought processes.
light two candles and bring the flames together…  They become one flame and a larger one at that.  Light loves light and will seek it’s own.  Light is mass which vibrates or travels at the speed of light.  Your very center core is light but with the ability to think and reason or in other words vibrate at various frequencies…  You are light…  Light seeks its own…  Light can be controlled and from a different perspective, light can encompass mass and cause it to speed up thus creating more light…  light can control mass.  increase the light energy that is a part of you and you become an embodied entity of light.
With more gathered light surrounding your thinking core, you can progress into light controlling matter…  All one in the same and you will find beneath your physical body is a mirrored body of light.  Your body is controlled by that mirrored body of light and your body of light is controlled by your Intelligence which is made of light but with the extra feature of thinking and reasoning.  This intelligence is the engine that is at the center of you.
The very center of you is light which controls more light which controls matter.  Do you see?
Your thoughts are capable of fully controlling your physical body, healing it, improving it or just the opposite… causing sickness and even death.  There is so much more power within you than you know.
If you believe in a supreme creator, use this thought exercise and work through the process it would have taken a thinking and reasoning Intelligence to be able to control light and then matter and in time create this physical Universe as you now know it.  This really is a simple thought exercise that can truly open your mind.  You are made of the same thing that supreme creator is made of and like children to a father, it only takes time to learn all of the secrets to controlling the Universe of physics.
E = mc 2   
is why life is.  Death is only a transformation.  Your energy may separate from your physical body but in the end you will never lose one micro particle that makes up who you are… in fact you may gain as you progress through eternity gathering more light and energy as you become more than you could possibly imagine.
The goal of complete happiness is to allow your Intelligence to exist at high speed energy and slow speed matter at the same time.  This tiny journey of Earth is but a small moment in your journey throughout forever.
Don’t forget however the full equation of E = mc 2     because just to take you one step further…  This thought exercise was simplified to help you get some sort of understanding…  and now we finalize it all with finishing of the equation….  In order to actually attain Mass or Matter transforming into energy we have to take it one step further by finishing the equation…  The squared part of the equation takes the speed of transformation up to 90 Quadrillion.  The Mass of the nucleus turning into energy…  Energy and Matter all one in the same…  The only difference?  Speed.