Frequency is Life

Life-960x400Frequency is Life.  That seems to be a rather simple statement but in all reality we would not even be here without it.  This is such a deep subject that it will require many many pages to bring the simplicity yet complexity to clarity.  This one is going to take some time to explain so be prepared for a long time frame as this is presented.  Little snippets from what others have said will be added here along with original material so just be calm and patient as those little droplets eventually show up here.
Frequency is the core of all existence.  All things that are, have never actually been created from thin air or nothing but instead have been easily restructured  from energy into solid temporal matter due to the process of harmonic and sympathetic frequency modulation.  A dance if you will where all onlookers are invited into the center of the dance floor to participate in an eternal exchange of light and energy.    So…  start below.
It is admirable that there are those willing to focus on the subject and attempt to give an explanation of what life is but often you will find that these logical attempts are all based on scientific evidence as in simple to complex comparisons of this physic realm.  The first problem with using the physical realm to discover the answer as to what life is, is that the physical realm only manifests the building blocks which are used to house life in and in and of themselves posses no true life whatsoever.
When searching for the perfect answer to what life is, as you would call it, a leap of faith must become part of the equation because life itself cannot be detected or measured with only the tools of the three dimensional realm…  It is impossible!
So if you are here reading this, you first must relinquish your search to a different way of thinking.  You must attempt to embrace the same kind of thinking that a physicist often experiments with when doing what is called, “a thought experiment”.  These kind of thought experiments often have no tangible evidence with which to form solid conclusions at least not at the beginning as the possibility of technology may not even exist for gathering evidence.
So what are you left with?  Well ask yourself…  “What was Einstein left with?” He became obsessed with how light and traveling the speed of light could affect time and the way light actually functioned at that speed.  Did he have a way of physically proving every conceptual thought ventured into in order to solve the mystery?  Simple answer… No.  Yet his thought experiments are significant in understanding many things.
I will elaborate on this subject in more detail over time, as time will permit but just for a moment, put on your thought process dial, the ability to entertain non tangible concepts, that is, if you have enough curiosity as some of the great physicists.
Let’s keep it all as simple as possible right now however.  You will find that simplicity can lead to an insatiable desire to become very OCD in the pursuit of tangible evidence so be warned.  You are not going to find the evidence until some mastermind finds a way to pierce through into a completely different dimension than the dimension we are so obsessed with and use to try and prove everything.  You will not find the answers in one single dimension.
So, still in keeping the seed of your thought experiment simple, let’s just plant a few seeds for you to nourish and make grow.

  1.  You see all around you animation which leads to the curiosity to label this animation as life.  Well you are partially right in recognizing life but as you go deeper to find the core explanation of what and why it is life?  You will be disappointed to find there is no clear resolution.  as I said, this dimension does not hold the clear picture.
  2. You need to relax and not feel in danger of being condemned by your peers by stepping outside common science patterns because it is outside of common science where you will be able to entertain the mind journey to comprehend life itself.
  3. Life in it’s most basic form is not physical as you might describe physical…  It is energy but not just energy alone.  Life is what you might call an entity with the ability to think and reason no matter how basic that thought process might be.  But it is a process independent from any outside influence or programming.
  4. Now here is the clencher…  That entity has always existed, it cannot be destroyed or created.  Life is a category all unto itself.  It does not adhere to the same principles of atomic particles or energy streams.  It does not expose itself to the delicate nature of quantum measuring though it is so closely related to quantum flux that it in itself can affect quantum physics.
  5. The Universe as you understand it, at it’s present definition, laid out by scientists, is in effect, a result of the influence of life being capable of affecting the quantum core of the energy which is housed in an endless Universe.  Don’t underestimate the life that caused the Big Bang, for it existed long before the Big Bang ever occurred…  Confusing?  It can be until you grasp the entire mind thought experiment.
  6. Know this… and here is where simplicity meets complexity…  Life was not created but creation was enacted by life and yet life as it is observed today is a combination of joining ever existing Intelligences with the cosmic explosive expression of energy and velocity change in order to manifest matter.  As in a simple step process of evolution…  A life entity capable of merging with energy which is common to the two, expands a subdimensional force into a singularity of energy representative of what some call “The Big Bang” and yet, that event was not the first stages of existence…  still, it was the first stages of what we consider life as we know it.
  7. Play a three dimensional experiment but realize it is only a similitude of a dimension most difficult to put into word descriptive form.  Imagine you have a magic eraser and you now erase everything before your eyes so as to be left with nothing but darkness.  If this were a true experiment you would have erased your body as well but for the sake of this thought experiment, don’t erase that part.  Now look out into the expanse of darkness toward what you would call empty space or nothing.  be calm and pause and just let you mind energy begin to think on the quantum level and even further.  Do you see it?  Can you sense it?…  There is something out there…  Something that is not easy to detect…  Something that was not created nor can be destroyed…  Countless entities beyond the ability to number.  They look like tiny shining stars scattered across all of space…  They glow brilliantly with light…  Some brighter than others and some of different colors in a vibrational rapid motion yet centered in their own space.  There is your core answer…  Something you have never seen before or measured,  sensed or quantified an any possible way and yet they are innumerable.
  8. The only difference between them and hyper energy is that they think and reason unlike energy by itself which only modulates from outside influences.  Remember I said some are brighter than others…  Well this also holds true for us humans.  Some are considerably brighter than others and even Einstein declared we do not use even but a micro small portion of our abilities.  Look around and through history…  So many achievements that one person alone could seemingly never do, yet if we combined all the knowledge and capabilities ever known to man, the information still would not even come close to the capabilities of the human mind.  History has always played the chess game in man’s mind as to whether their is a creator or whether creation was spontaneous.  How could a creator create before there was a creation?  This is where science hits a brick wall because they are deriving all of their answers from the canvas of temporal quantification.  They are not piercing into another dimension responsible for housing life itself as they have no tools with which to do so.
  9. Aside from the argument you might find yourself enthralled in as to whether there was a supreme creator or the Universe is a product of some mysterious single point unexplained explosion, put that aside for a moment and don’t embrace the fear that you may be swayed one way or another from your considered crusade for the perfect truth.  You must free your mind from polarization and prejudices which may seem real but possibly exist in the mist of traditional ancestral thought control.  There is no harm in becoming a thought explorer.  It is not as though your precious belief system will become a darkened vault where the floor beneath you instantly shatters.  The only real mental prisons that exist are the ones you build with the tools of fear to keep at bay any possible truth that might just actually change how you perceive life.  So for a moment consider as you look out at all the shining lights in that imagined blackness of space…  Take your time, as the Jedi might say…  Use the Force, let go…  Trust your feelings…  You can make the connection…  The connection to the brightest light in all of existence…  …  …  Now that you have made the connection, let’s begin to understand this supreme entity.
  10. Oft times, understanding works best if we make an attempt to place ourselves in the shoes of others.  So for this little fun exercise, let’s imagine for a moment that you are at the beginning of time yet at the same time realize there actually is no beginning of time, though we as humans always want to quantify everything because our brains are encased in a box and we perceive everything as having a limit or barrier.  You are going to have to try for just a minute to think as though it is normal that limits and barriers don’t exist. Why? because the simple truth is, there are no limits and there are no barriers.  Are you still with me?…  Good…  Let’s continue.  You are the brightest, shining light in all of existence.  Because of this one very undeniable truth, you think differently than 99.99% of all other shining lights in existence.  You are fully self aware and know that there is nothing greater than what you are…  These are not thoughts of ego but a simple fact because you have the ability to sense everything that is, for as far as it can possibly go, and you simple know.  There comes a point in your eternal existence that you, after having spent several trillion years becoming aware of yourself and all that surrounds you, you choose………  You choose to gather the raw energy that so freely exists dormant in the Universe in which you exist.  You easily do this because raw energy is exactly what you are, with one difference…  You think and reason, you vibrate unpredictably with every thought you generate, the essence of you and the energy and power that are intrinsically you, changes in brightness and color depending on your thoughts.  You have been aware of this for a very very long time and now you are aware that the same energy and vibration which you posses can reach out and modulate and control the energy around you.  It isn’t long and you begin to glow with such brilliance and vibration that it becomes even easier to reach out over great distances and cause an effect merely with your thoughts.  You see, your inner thoughts are intertwined with your local energy and your local energy can easily reach out beyond itself and intertwine with any energy no matter the distance.  In time you realize that all energy can be modulated and made to follow a given frequency…  This becomes fun, in fact so fun that the word fun of course not having been invented yet cannot even begin to describe the amazing feeling of connecting with so much out there and having so much control.  There is a simple law that you did not create… but a law that just is… in this Universe.  It is simple…”Harmony”  the simple understanding of this law is this…  Nothing in the Universe can be affected unless perfect harmony with all that is in the Universe is achieved.  Another way of putting it in emotional terms is…  The Universe itself and its laws of physics operate at peak perfection during the optimum frequency in perfect stability… or… in other words, that which might seem like magic is only purity of thought coupled with power…  Again, another way to spiritually consider this principle is Love functioning with undeviating truth, becomes the energizing force which allows thought to slow energy down until it expresses itself as matter.  You are and are becoming the supreme creator.
  11. There is an amazing realization…  Depending on the frequency chosen to modulate energy, matter of various kinds is easily achieved by bringing energy now set to reflect matter into various speeds and combinations.  What fun the primal building blocks must have been for the supreme creator.  Time is of no significance here but I will guess that learning through trial and error must have taken quite a long time to eventually get the formulas right for creating planets, suns, space clouds and dust, and best of all animated forms of life.  Not that I said “Forms”.  That word is no mistake here in this paragraph…  “FORMS”.  I did not say life but i did say “Forms”.  A supreme creator could spend trillions and trillions of years playing with the building blocks of the Universe and never once create true life.  Why?  Because “Life” itself cannot be created nor can it be destroyed.  Life has always been…  You know sometimes our limited brains like to play mind games with itself and ask silly questions like…”I wonder what it would have been like if I had never been born?”  or  “What if I died and then maybe for some crazy reason if I believed in an after life, also died in that one…  What would nothing be like?”  You see the brain always seems comfortable with the concept of limits and boundaries and quite often when someone obsessively contemplates existence, they often wander into the playground of limits and play their card of possible truth and set “Nothingness” as the foundation for “Something”.  This is not the case with real existence for there is no such thing as “Nothing”  Everything in this Universe has energy and mass and only one can transform to the other.  Sure the Big Bang theory tries to infer that one great pinpoint held within it, in sort of a compressed form, everything that now exists in the Universe.  just for a brief moment however, entertain the idea that the Big Bang could have very well been a sort of piercing of a bubble, where at that very moment, this awaiting bubble was injected with the amazing amounts of energy that make up this Universe.  I know, I know, I can hear you now, preparing to chase your tail and get behind your own thoughts to self analyze them and analyze why you analyze…  You are going to start obsessing with…”If the universe is a giant bubble, then who’s Universe is our Universe in?  Ok! Ok! Slow down for a moment…  let’s not go there yet until we have covered our own playground…  Let’s see…  Where were we?…  Oh yes…  “Life”…  Life cannot be created nor can it be destroyed.  The simple fact is…  Though the brightest shining light in all of existence achieved the amazing talent of creating most everything you see and know about, the brightest shining light could not create “Life” itself.  Sure all “Forms” of life could be created from amoebas to whales with perfection to their design, however, Life itself could not be created.
  12. Herein is the secret of life………….  Only with a mind in pure harmony and working in love and truth can a creator create an amazing body such as, say a “Tiger”, however, the animation of life, as all life exhibits total independence of thought, cannot be created…  but aside from that thought…  Out of the countless shining lights spread across the limitless space of existence, so easily is it for a supreme entity capable of connecting with all things in existence, to invite an Intelligence or one of those eternal thinking and reasoning entities to a sort of party.  This party just so happens to be given with invitations sent out to all who might enjoy such an amazing upward progressive party.  The invitation though delivered in a thought language we probably don’t understand too well at the moment, might go something like this…  “Hello thinking and reasoning entity or in other words “Intelligence” How would you like to try something new after having spent trillions upon trillions of years just floating out here in the dark?” and the answer might go something like this…  “What is t”trillions” and what is “Dark” and what is “Years” and so on…  Ok, let’s cut to the chase…  The “Intelligence” might gladly accept the offer and be invited to inhabit the newly designed and created body for a “Tiger” and be given a cool planet on which to run, jump, play and eat so that one dimension may now enter into another dimension… Raising life from one state to a higher form where a more fullness of joy might be experienced.  Well now that you are this far, it’s time to take the training wheels off and do some of your own thought experiment.

Life is Intelligence.  Intelligences were not created neither can they be destroyed.  They are for the lack of a better understandable definition, shining lights, self aware and capable of independent thinking and reasoning…  They are the core of frequency modulation, for in every thought they generate, their light changes in intensity and color…  They are energy and yet so much more.  They come in various levels of thought capability and it is the magic of life when an intelligence is invited to inhabit a created body.  We, though they have always existed, proclaim that suddenly, they are what we call life.  Without thought and energy all beautifully wrapped in the foundation of existence, those self aware, thinking and reasoning shining lights vibrating within their own inner universe, there would be no existence.  They are independent in the sphere of life…  Though one cannot truly say that all frequency is life, for life is capable of modulating the inanimate energy world and it could be a misconception to declare that, anything which vibrates with a sustained frequency is life, only the core of life is the originator of all vibratory frequencies.  Everything you see, touch, hear, smell, taste, and sense in any other way is vibrating at a given frequency and that vibration is merely a reflection of the one who energizes all energy that fills this Universe with the frequencies of pure harmony.
They are, we are, “Life”… and “Life” is because of thought and thought is independent vibration of energy and vibration is frequency and therefore…
“Frequency is Life”
Below are a few links of how the science minded culture might attempt to answer what life is using the only tools available to them, those expressions which have their roots in the tangible world, often not even acknowledging dimensional planes of existence.

A video discussing Frequencies by Leonard Horowitz.

Until things ramp up for a quicker delivery, enjoy the little bit in links we drop now and then.  So…  start below.