GodThe word Revelation is often used in conjunction with scriptures, prophets and legends.  It is truly something that is real.  There are various opinions about what it is, how it occurs, who is entitled to it and where it comes from.  Those questions are the kind of questions left for those who are more interested in validating such things than the actual revelations themselves.
If a revelation is indeed real and comes from a source of higher power and pure light and truth, then the question is not so much of validity but of remembering.
Our spirits are by far older than we can attempt to imagine.  Though our temporal bodies are measured in solar years, that which makes up our true pure energy and life cannot be measured.  It can however one day unfold the moments of transformation from one state to another as our Intelligence experienced the invitation of greater light and the gift of a spiritual body and on to the mortal realm.
We are indeed all entities of light and as such entitled to receive communication from that power which is responsible for our lives as we know them now.  This world and journey is not as lonely as one might think.  Though a person may not have even one friend while sojourning on Earth, there are myriads of spiritual beings which have a vested interest in the life that walks this lonely planet.
More than just a vision, a voice or an inspiring thought, revelation when received at it’s purest form is a higher form of communication which touches the very depth of a soul…  It brings with it an experience greater than words, sight, hearing, taste or any other lower form of communication can bring.  It is a knowing, an unfolding of deep and wide things that are passed to the receiver in an instant with such clarity and assurance that it cannot be denied.
For your thought and remembrance…  What follows are true revelations given to one who with complete faith and a deep desire to know, asked the creator for an answer and received it through a very tender and spiritual experience that cannot be denied and is extremely difficult to explain in mortal words.  These are spiritual and sacred experiences.  I hope you will receive them openly and without criticism if they sound foreign to your views.  They did indeed happen and it is with careful thought that I now share them.
There came a time when I had great doubts about the existence of God…  So much so that it would have been easy to have declared the position of Atheist.  Desperation and a burning desire to really make a choice as the whether there was a God or not brought this person to his knees for hours.  The real lesson to be learned here is  “If you will ask with real intent having faith, it will be give to you”.
There comes a time while standing at the crossroads of Atheism or Belief when the energy is so intense that faith even in the face of doubt can become stronger than you can possibly imagine.
Here are the questions that were ask during this deep and serious heartfelt prayer and each question was answered in amazing energy and detail:
“I am here on my knees not knowing if I speak aloud to the wind or if there is actually some higher power listening but this is such a critical time and turning point in my life that I must have some answers.”

1.  “If you are real then I give all my belief… nothing wavering and if you are not, I have lost nothing anyway but now I speak and await the reality of your existence”
2.  “Is it possible or could it be possible to become or have been NOTHING.  Never having existed or never to exist in the future?”
3.  “How did existence start?  What was the beginning?  Who started it all?”
4.  “How can you be aware of all things everywhere at the same time?”
5.  “How can you love everyone, every creature and all life despite some who seem evil?”
6.  “What is the end destination after all is said and done?  What are we to become?  What will life be like at the end of the completed journey?”
All Questions were answered deeply, spiritually and in full detail.  Not all answers came at once but they all arrived in time when the receiver and giver were completely ready for each separate revealed experience.

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