A Book Of Dreams

A Book Of DreamsA Book Of Dreams has two purposes.
It started it’s birth over 42 years ago and is still in the making.  Here you will be able to read some of the chapters that have blossomed into a fun incredible visual set of journeys and windsom stories.  Also the original creation of A Book Of Dreams is an actual story written from dreams of one person who has had these dreams that have linked together over the years to form one long big adventurous story…  Some time in the future some of the chapters will be posted here for you to read.  In the mean time, some of the philosophies  you will find in the book will be posted here so that you will get a better idea of how the actual book embraces the human experience.   The Title of the long dream linked book is “A Book Of Dreams”.  It is exactly what it sounds like… A Book Of Dreams is an incredible story that was and currently is being written… and quite possibly may never have an end… It is a story beyond imagination with amazing philosophies and principles…  It is loaded with fantasy, science and adventure that makes you want to crawl into the book and make it your own life!  The chapters of the long book and the short “Wisdom” writings will make their home right here at ABookOfDreams.com
We are dedicated to lifting people all over the world from every walk of life to a higher existence and way of thinking and imagining.  There are also projects of significant healing involving music and video that will be finding their wat here soon as well.  So with that brief introduction, “Welcome”.  Enjoy the deeper thought provoking goodies that are making their way to the pages of this site.  We welcome your input and comments.  Don’t forget to like us and share the things you experience here with others you think might appreciate a touch of magic.
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