Power Of The Shofar

Power Of The Shofar: Brand Thornton & CE MacPherson © 2020
This Shofar is a special one and the man behind it is a man of great faith. He has been to many places where the children of God were in deep despair. There are many stories tied to this man and the Shofar where angels were known to come to the rescue of those in need against circumstances that meant life or death. This moment in time was captured for you to understand and feel what occurs when he comes to the rescue of one who stands in need of God’s support where the odds are very unbalanced against the innocent. This was one such occasion.
The shofar was blown in the times of Joshua to help him capture Jericho. As they surrounded the walls, the shofar was blown and the Jews were able to capture the city. The shofar was commonly taken out to war so the troops would know when a battle would begin. The person who would blow the shofar would call out to the troops from atop a hill. All of the troops were able to hear the call of the shofar from their position because of its distinct sound.

Haunting Abandonment

When considering what raw elements make up this Universe, the existence comes in some pretty simple packages.  Space, the place to put everything.  Light and darkness.  Energy and matter.

Simply put, Light and energy are basically the same thing, just varying in frequency and intensity.

To simplify even further, matter and energy are also the same thing and also vary in frequency and intensity.

We humans are simply light, energy, matter and yes, we too vary in frequency and intensity.

You could say we actually are beings of light even though you may be observing us at this present moment as basic matter.

There is something different about being human or in other words, a living and breathing being.

On the surface you might say we are a blend of water and chemicals and somewhere inside a bit of energy but when you take higher scientific thought processes into consideration, it could be said that the only thing stopping us from being brilliant light entities is the frequency at which we vibrate.  So with that thought and the present lack of a higher vibration, we are indeed entities of light.

Have you ever watched fire?  Though it is a chemical process, it is still light.  If you could observe fire on the quantum level, you would see something a kin to organized chaos.  Chaos, because it is in a high speed reaction, dancing and sparkling with excitement.  Organized, because despite it’s frenzied expressions, it stays contained with it’s dancing partners.  It stays where the fuel is, where other partners of fire reside.  Oh sure once in a while you might see a spark take to the sky like an ascending shooting star but at that moment you will also see that it’s life expectancy is short lived.

We are not unlike fire.  Burning deep inside of us is a light that thirsts not only for fuel but for interconnection of light energy.  In other words, where there is fuel and other partners of light, that is where you will find we are most at ease and in our element.

I am sure you could imagine that fire’s most feared enemy is cold empty space void of fuel and oxygen.  It means the end of fire, if that becomes the jumping off point for fire.

From a distance, the Sun seems like a giant light bulb filled with warmth and illumination.  A closer look at the Sun, of course with protection and a high powered telescope, one can observe organized chaos as trillions of fire partners dancing hand in hand all self contained in the giant sphere that is responsible for holding and enter solar system in perfect balance.  Without the Sun, every planet now circling that great ball of light would drift off into icy space never to be seen again.

Remember, I said frequency and intensity.  Though we do not presently glow as brilliant as the Sun nor with such intensity, we are very similar in the dance of organized chaos.

Each and every one of us come into this life surrounded by light.  Surrounded by matter that is simply slower frequency light.  Not a one of us have entered this world without first emerging  from the safety of a womb.  Encircled in the energy and heart of a mother.

Even though the mother of our body is not a brilliant glowing star, she is nevertheless warmth and energy dancing with electrical power within her own body and we to are wrapped in that amazing organized chaos before our birth into a cold and separated world.

No wonder most babies cry the moment they take that first breath.  The simple shock of separation from warm energy into cold separation is what one could describe at least from the babies point of view, “A Disturbance In The Force”.

That disturbance continues throughout the mortal life that every human experiences.  Like the ebb a flow of tides, we are washed in light and once again separated from light over and over again.

Birth, separation from a mother, an introduction to a parent or parents or even larger, a family.  We are separated from a family or a trusted caregiver as we embark into school.  We may even grow accustomed to school mates and consider their light a safety net or their cruelty and darkness a separation from peace and safety.

The cycle continues as we journey through this life.  We find those who radiate a certain level of energy that shines on us like the Sun.  We also find those who not unlike a black hole seem to suck the very life out of us.

Every human has an innate desire to be surrounded with warmth, light, safety, peace, kindness and, yes, love.

Simply walking on the path of life, the invitations come like a waterfall of multi temperate liquid pouring over us each day with various flavors of life’s unique variety as precious gems.

We are presented daily with clear and shining diamonds or dark and opaque jade.  The colors are many and the brilliance ranges from bright to very dark.

The most alluring drive that life has to offer, is safety and comfort, love and respect, peace and stability.

All of these alluring gifts are constantly shattered upon the ground of chaos as outsiders seek to force their will and desires upon us.

If we had our choice we would opt for everything our minds could conceive of as good and stay in the self made bubble we consider to be our perfect organized fantasy for life.  Instead we are presented with so many vast swings from great to horrible that anxiety and stress frosted with fear can become our most hated and yet best friend.

Abandonment Issues, they may say, as we ourselves and others seek to place a label on the origin of our psychological internal distortions. You lost a friend in death, a parent, a sibling, a lover or you have had a trusted person turn against you as you try and understand the confusion of betrayal.  It all adds up until one day you are forced to withdraw into the darkness and loneliness of a dimly lit night sky or you strike back in fear or anger determined to put an end to all evil the world has cast upon you.

If only we could be wrapped in the arms of an angel and taken high above the clouds and given a bright look into the past, present and future with a true and complete understanding imparted to us from this wise and perfect angel, we would see the real reason behind all the organized chaos we had presently been snatched from.

Instead of escaping the organized chaos through suicide, mental collapse, egotistical wall building, narcissistic anger or artificial masquerades of joy, reaching for a higher meaning and understanding could be granted to us.  This gift although slow in coming is the perfect gift in reaching perfection.

Supposed lemonade at it’s best recipe were offered to you or the freshest grape juice ripe from the vine passed over your eager tongue, something you had never tasted before and something you never wanted to be without once you had partaken.  Maybe instead you were fooled into believing the sparkling crystal glass held the most exquisite flavor of all, only to be betrayed with the bitterness and pungent taste of vinegar.

This slow in coming gift is compassion and charity.  Empathy can only be gained by walking the road of gold and thorns.

The only way to become a trusted friend is to have experienced betrayal.  The only way to understand how to love is to have experienced hatred.  The only way to understand loneliness is to have walked that path personally.  The only way to understand loss is to have lost.

When we have walked the darkest of paths during this journey and then come into the light no matter how long it takes to find the light, the gift of wisdom will begin to grow from within.

Until we have been abandoned and then haunted by that event, we will not truly understand what it means to walk out of the darkness, gather light and comprehend true separation from that light which we were meant to be embraced by.

Life does have a plan and a meaning.  Everyone of us will walk the paths of darkness and light.  In time, though it may not seem like it, we will come to a clear outlook and understanding of the real meaning of life.

Like the burning of the Sun and the organized chaos that gives life to all within it’s reach, we to will one day reach out and bring light to those in darkness and in time lift all within the realm of our influence to a higher understanding of light and love because we will have walked through the haunting of abandonment and the gift of empathy will be ours.[whohit]Abandoned[/whohit]

The Human Journey

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Master or Slave – The Dither Switch


An amazing world we live in.  We have so so much.  We are surrounded with many opportunities and technology.  Though we may look around and see poverty, disease, sadness, pain and despair, we can also look around and see wealth, health, joy, pleasure and hope.

With such a variety spread out on the table for the choosing, what becomes the deep meaning for such a wide diversity of circumstances and choices?
How do we make sense of the whirlwind of variety and how it applies to a singular simple meaning?  How is it that seemingly, some are granted what appears to be the perfect life while others are seemingly cursed with all manor of afflictions and oppression?
Is there a purpose for the inequality?  Is there any reasoning that can be applied to the perceived randomness of individual positions filled by the state of each individual human being?
How is it that when one takes a distant look at planet Earth, a conclusion can be reached that some play the roll of Slaves, while others play the roll of Master?
Is this what is really going on?
Is there something deeper and more profound?
Where is the turning point?  Where does that turning point become highly critical?  How can we grasp a better understanding of this turning point?  How can we find the foundation of why there even has to be a turning point.
The Dither Switch ……………………
What do I mean by “The Dither Switch”?
It is really quite simple.  Life itself is really quite simple and at the same time extremely complicated.  It depends on which side you are standing within reality as to how you perceive life.
Chaos versus Peace.
Internal versus External.
Who are you?  What are you?  What is your purpose of existing?  What is this time of mortal life really for?  Can the goal whatever it is, be achieved? …  and if it is achieved, will you know it?… if and when it happens?
From the day of your first breath, you begin a journey of wonder and awe.  Everything that comes your way seems so new and curious as if you were placed into a beautiful sand pile with every imaginable toy ever conceived.
Dew-WebThe morning dew that so gently dangles from a perfectly woven spider web.  The back light from a setting sun as the golden hour of light strikes the softly blown autumn leaves.  The curious and yet enchanting chirping of crickets on a calm summer night.  The magical fairy like dancing in the wind of a humming bird seeking life giving nectar.
The experiences seem endless as you are presented each new scenario while the clock softly ticks away bringing at an understandable pace, enlightenment of the world around you.
Though this ever wonder filled stream of information fills your mind with new things every day, a deeper secret lies beneath the surface of the water of life.
Some may live this life of wonder constantly taking in all that surrounds them and reaching further and further for knowledge and greater understanding as the world they live in seems to get bigger and bigger and their understanding of what they perceive grows.  Some even seem to find the world they live in to be inadequate in quenching their thirst for knowledge and they begin to look to the stars and imagine what lies beyond their own cage of protective atmosphere.  What would other new worlds have to offer?
Then, there are others who appear to be well grounded on planet Earth and find the knowledge they thirst after through technology as the information bar is lifted to new heights each and every day.  This never ending stream of information becomes so great that not one individual could assimilate it’s entire content if given multiple lifetimes.
Here is the miracle of technological information.  We stand at the precipice of a seeming endless river of knowledge free for the consuming and betterment of mankind.
Or do we?
Is the purpose of mankind to be an empty vessel needing to be filled with information and knowledge?  How much can one human consume in order to reach it’s fullest potential?  When does the mind reach a point of saturation that it no longer has room for any more reception?
Is reception of information the crowning glory of the ultimate achievement?  Is knowing the most information the defining position?  It has been said theInformation-Highway “Knowledge is Power”.  So is Power the ultimate destination? If so, is it true that knowledge is power?  and…, just what kind of power does it create?
If a human could ingest every bit of information that exists in one form or another on this planet, would they find that they had ascended to the ultimate position of power on this little rock so carefully positioned in this vast big universe?
Consider the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom.  Is there a difference?  Does it matter?
The human mind is wired to indulge in information.  Why?…  Simply, because it is a computer designed to take in information and process it.  It is a temporal device albeit biological, it is still a remarkable creation.
But is that truly the central core which makes up what we call life within this clay shell?  What controls the very thought process that steers the mind in the favorable directions it somehow magically chooses to go?
What is the key?
What lies at the heart of life?
What is the secret undiscovered truth that makes existence real and allows for the possibility of independent sentient beings?
Thinking Reasoning Light.
Though this might sound foreign to you, if you take some considerable time to meditate and search deep within your core, you will find that this will feel and ring true to you.
This concept is something that requires a paradigm shift in your thinking…  A serious paradigm shift.
Science for many years has viewed the beginning of this Universe and basically it’s very existence as a singular Big Bang Explosion that seemingly occurred from a zero point of origin and expanded in all directions to fill the immensity of space which represents the existence which we live in now.
However that scientific approach so narrowly concludes that all you see at present is all that exists.  It rarely takes into account a multi dimensional plane of existence already expressed as a reality due to the fact that our technological equipment which is based on this dimension has no real way of measuring any other dimensional plane and therefore the conclusion is that all that exists is only what you can detect.  Time has proven over the years that there is more to reality thanThe-Body-Limitationswhat can be physically detected.
Now with that old way of thinking also comes the thought process of limitations.  What do I mean by that?  Limitations put succinctly, focus on the fact that you are housed inside a body that cannot extend forever.  It has fingers and toes and limbs which have a limit to their length.  Your entire body has a limit as it does not physically extend any further than you can see.  Your ability to reach out and touch is limited by the distance you can extend yourself.  Even more evident is the fact that your brain is housed inside of a box albeit it round in shape and fitted with visual receptors, hear devices, and taste and smell sensors, it is still limited to being housed inside of a box.
With these obvious limitations, one is left to extrapolate that if the body is so limited and I am not able to levitate objects around me, I am not able to fly, I cannot read another’s mind and basically I have no real super powers that I am limited.  Since my body is limited and those around me in time seem to fade away and die and are no longer with me, therefore there must be an end to my existence and if there can be an end, then there can also be a beginning.
This is limited thinking self imposed by the very fact that you are operating in a limited dimension. This however does not mean that you are in whole, a part of a limited existence.  A dimensional slice of the pie is all that you are experiencing at the present moment and it is entirely impossible to determine if the slice you are experiencing is a mathematical prediction of what the entire pie’s nature is.
If you are able to slow down long enough and find peace within nature…  Allow complete peace to embrace your very being, think on this subject for a longer period of time, you would find the quick thoughts of impatience would normally spark and ask these simple questions…  “Is it possible that I came from nothing? Is it possible that I could have a destination and become nothing?”…  Now add a little more peace and patience and imagine yourself never existing…  Your very thought process will never allow you to reach that possibility as it will continually question that thought over and over again no matter how hard you try to consider the thought resolved.
This loop thought process occurs because the simple fact is…  That you have always existed.  This thought of existing forever is equally difficult to deal with because you are a limited physical being on the outside and it seems so easy for what you call “You” (referring to your physical manifestation) to be terminated and for a better word, “Extinguished” because all physical matter appears to be able to disappear or be changed into a different form.Light
The missing equation however, is that you are a multi dimensional being and your essence is energy with an always present ability to think and reason.  If you want to try and make visual sense of it then try to imagine millions of miles of empty black space and in the center of that black space is a flickering light that could almost be mistaken for a Firefly.  This little shimmering spec of light glows with brilliant colors as it changes from one thought pattern to another.
This is your core.  Your eternal core.  The very nature of existence.  Why do I say that?  Because when you understand what this simple little firefly like entity is, you will begin to understand how all life is, what it is today.  For now let’s not go too deep into that subject as it is already covered elsewhere in these pages.
Understand however, that this entity that is at the very core of who you are is pure energy with the unique ability of thinking and reasoning and this light with this capability is called an Intelligence.
There are countless Intelligences in the vast eternal never ending void of space which in fact is not actually a void at all.  Space is the natural home of all of the resources that make existence possible.  The space your are imagining is not exactly the space I am describing as the true vastness of space is multi dimensional and cannot all be seen while sojourning as a physical three dimensional being.  For simplicity sake, there is no need right now to start imagining what the multi dimensional space is like.  Science has been exploring quantum string theory and the ideas are smoothly beautiful in expressing greater depth in dimension of this breathing pulsating life we are so graced with.  Let it suffice right now that staring out into the darkness of night and imagining the starting point of existence as we know it as these shiny Intelligences.  This imagery experiement can be a resolving thought when attempting to truly understand limitless space and eternal life.
OceanBecause you are eternal and best of all a thinking and reasoning being capable of so much more than you can imagine right now, it is essential to understand that your energy dynamic is directly connect to the entire Universe and all life.  It is reminiscent of water droplets in the ocean which are atomically separate and yet one big whole.
You posses within you all of the secrets of the Universe.  Why then might you ask, am I not manifesting all of those secrets and solving the worlds problems right now.
To understand this you must first learn to understand the difference on an extremely mature mental level between atheism and creation.  If you choose to remain dis-observant and embrace atheism, you need not be here anyway.  On the other hand if you have any concept of a greater power with responsibilities of generating the life your are presently a part of, then read on.
We are mere travelers on a very long journey of discovery.  If all of the Universes secrets were given to us as we are entitled to and are a part of, then there would be no journey.  If there were no journey, there would be no need for time, though time is a created thing it still has a place in existence.  If there were no time, then there would be no expansion and if there were no expansion then all of life would become static and if all life were to become static, there would be no life.  If there were no life then all things would cease to exist.
The very nature of life is to expand continually and outwardly in all directions for ever.  We are a part of that expansion and the central event which was enacted by an Intelligence to unify the energy of all existence and bring all eternal entities to a high operational existence and…  all done through the power of thought.
Thought, when in complete control, is considered a unified field undisturbed by any chaotic external energy.  This very existence we are familiar with is here due to a perfect light thinking and reasoning entity, bringing about the unification of thought and light coalescing, into a much larger force.  This force, unifying all light or energy into one great purpose.
We are invited guests to this vast gigantic table of energy expansion, where we get to partake of the event as it progresses.
CreatorsWe are creators ourselves, endowed with every potential to create the same light wave of unifying generational forces as the original creator, yet as guests, the full understanding of how that is exactly possible can be dangerous if handed out like candy to uneducated wielders of power.
This whole process of life is focused on training core Intelligences to become compassionate, full of love and charity, kindness and understanding.  Many other traits will need to be acquired before the secret of energy unification is shared by one possessing more wisdom than we will ever acquire in a lifetime.
This life is a simple training ground, a stepping stone to a greater level of existence.
What is it then that we are trying to learn while the journey on Earth continues?
Information, knowledge and power can present themselves in various packages during this journey of distraction and chaos.
With so much opportunity, technology and so much information available for the taking…
Are we to become the Master or the Slave?
How do we know which one we are becoming?
It has been said to be in the world but not of the world…
If we continue to invest in the reception of what streams through the optical fibers of technology and fail to recognize that we are already an energy linked part of this Universe which has trillions of times more information and wisdom than any quantification of information this planet holds in it’s data archives and free floating exchanges, then we have failed to recognize what is required to become the Master.
If silence, peace, meditation, true personal one on one human face to face connections are allocated to a less important gravity, our ability to tap into our own inner creation power can become only a fading memory.  We may fail to recognize what is required to become a Master while quietly slipping without notice into a Slave state of existence.
There is an unspoken goal set out as if a treasure hunt.  This goal is the essence of perfection as it pertains to becoming one with all life surrounding us.  The sand pile is laced with exotic distractions and chaos.  They come in many colors, flavors and smells.  They beckon like a soothing shape shifter in the misty night with promises of safety, pleasure, power and intellect.  What they really are can best be described as a mirage that once destinated to, offers only empty nourishment to a soul capable of creating it’s own paradise.
The forms of chaos are many.  You can list your own as you recognize them.  They are however the often noticed things that have the louring fragrance into a world that is not real.  Addictions of chemical, virtual technology, greed based behavior, neglect of relationships and values that matter most, power manipulation of people places and things, ego base self ascensions, knowledge only acquisitions and so much more.  Each of these forms of chaos are not in and of themselves evil, yet, their capable polarization energies will no doubt serve to silence who you and we, really are.
FearA driving energy that can be tamed into a harmless whisper of wind is Fear.   Fear of hunger, Fear of death, Fear of poverty, Fear of loneliness, Fear of Ridicule, Fear of the loss of freedom and the list can go on and on and on.  Such driving energies can act as a catalystic igniter, driving one deeper and deeper into the distractive chaos that so plentifully offers relief from the fears of reality.
Only Peace can become the antidote for Fear and peace cannot be truly achieved without a conscious effort to deny chaos and distractions from your inner sanctuary…  The real you…  The one you may not even fully know or understand.  You cannot fight fear with force but instead must succumb to the worst scenario it has to offer.  Allow it to pass through you and around you knowing all the while it can never extinguish your eternal light.
It starts with quiet silence and the attempt to center oneself in what you might consider the now.  It is much more difficult then you may believe it to be.  Humans exist and survive on the accumulation of experience which within cosmic microseconds becomes the past.  Their desire to find a future filled with every golden dream and desire can become a fixation the left unchecked has a way of generating an unbalance capable of significant distortion to reality.
The past brings with it a certain security, in that it becomes a warning beacon to keep you in tune with a cautious approach to life itself.  The past also serves t halt progression if the ongoing journey fails to progress positively as it edges ever so close to the future.
To completely understand time and how it can be used to gracefully serve us on our journey, is to realize that it is only a tool being temporarily used to allow enough space to assimilate the lessons of life as we progress through an average of 60 to 100 years or so.  It is also an element which allows us to envision and become creators of unimaginable power.
Light-VortexThe true power comes when we finally harness the essence of “NOW” dispelling every thought of the past and the future with perfect control.  Hard to explain in words what this is actually like, but imagine the world around you as a whirling vortex of water and you are the energy which modulates every ripple in an ocean as large as the galaxy.  When you are in complete harmony with pure light and there is no deviation of the frequencies of your thought, all quantum energy around you can become one with your core essence and in complete unison from the center out, changing the environment around you by mere thought.
You only have so much time while on this Earth journey to determine what is real, what has true value, what is really important or to fall victim to a lifelong cage of chaotic distractions.
You are eternal.  This moment in time is here to teach to you the ability to stand firm with deep rooted value and stable energy that can bring light and truth to all creatures and mankind you come in contact with. The outcome of your journey can and will have an effect on the expansion as a whole in this light wave of existence throughout all time and beyond. You may not think there are such critical choices in front of you but as you learn to slow down and disconnect from the hive so easily generated by the social vortex, you will find your own vortex so much more capable of true wisdom and power as you learn to tap into the full essence of the Creator and become a Master yourself.  Your choice becomes a delicate dither as you switch from an information receiver to a wisdom creator.
[whohit]Master or Slave[/whohit]

It isn't "Fair"

unfairIt isn’t “Fair”…  How many times have we heard that phrase?  Maybe a child has slipped the comment in when things didn’t seem to go their way.  Maybe it was someone expanding on the subject with a varied twist like”how could a loving God allow such things to happen.  She didn’t deserve to have that happen to her…  or  It isn’t “Fair” that the rich and corrupt get away with so much while others suffer…
On and on the comments can thrive in their own little pond of understanding…  but…
Just how big is that pond of understanding?
Our universe is in perfect balance…  There is nothing added to it or taken away…  It is perfection in it’s inventory.koi-pond-bg

Cascade Springs Nature Music Meditation

“Ponds Of Kansas” is one of about 20 new projects we are working on.  I think you’ll love the new ones, they are going to take a while as they are big projects.


Until we post the new videos, we hope you enjoy this little tiny meditation sample below.

Restore Balance in your life with this 1 hour meditation, relaxation, de-stress video.  Take a power nap or simply regain peace in your life and enjoy this nice simple piece of yoga style energy.

Peace In Africa

We are working on our newest project Music Video piece entitled “Peace In Africa”  This is going to be an 8 hour piece of relaxation, meditation, peace, higher spiritual energy, slow and calm to bring the soul…  body and mind into a peaceful balance and will also do magic for those who have problems with anxiety and difficulty sleeping.
Africa is legend to be the heart of the beginning of life here on Earth.  It was once the land of love and life and though the years of influx of different energies has clouded this planet with greed, contention, strife and an undesirable level of stress, the true peace and love that can be achieved in this lifetime on on this planet, comes from within.
As we all seek to embrace the most powerful energy this planet holds, we will come to the realization that is comes from within.
This new music video will help inspire and direct your energies inward and bring to an awakening your true connection with life as a whole and help you realize that you are the heart of the treasure of this Universe and the pure energy that can cause a global shift which can bring peace intertwined to all life that walks upon the sands of Mother Earth. (more…)