Love All


Quite some time ago, after becoming an atheist and not appreciating that black hole of intelligence, I became intellectually desperate to force the issue of there being no God.  I needed, at that time to have a complete resolution to the hokey religions and concepts of some all mighty entity running the whole Universe show.
I knew that in the scriptures, was a passage that stated “if any man lacked wisdom he could ask God with real intent having faith and the truth would be revealed to him.”
This was exactly what could seal the deal on my firm standing on being an atheist.  I knew I had the ability to completely lock myself mentally into what I knew was pure faith.  Yes that sounds a little funny right?  Someone who didn’t believe in God yet had complete faith?
Well I am more of a science minded individual and though I knew the word was misused, to me it meant the complete strength of thought, you know the kind that in time if you worked and practiced would raise the energy of the brain and everything that we are made of to allow for what seemed magic yet was mind power, like levitating an object given time and practice.
I knew I could achieve this so called perfect faith because I knew how my mind worked, I can be extremely focused without internal distractions to an intense level so…  I knew that going through the senseless ritual of speaking aloud to the air as if some God were listening would render the perfect and final evidence that there was no God because silence is certainly an answer.
I had the perfect moment…  No one around for a long time and finding I had the chance to be alone and uninterrupted, I prepared myself and proceeded to speak to the air knowing that no God of any kind would reply.  I even went as far as to kneel.  My aloud air offerings went on for the longest time, it seemed more than and hour.  I gave it everything I had in the most sincere way I could find from the depths of my soul.
My answer came…  remember I said silence would certainly be an answer…
Silence however was not what I received.
I cannot even begin to explain the kind of answer I received because I have never experienced the form of communication that encircled me and passed through everything that makes me who I am.  It was as if words had been turned into Quantum energy, as if emotion and feeling became a tangible energy.  To this day I am still overwhelmed as to how and what this form of communication is…  It was as if some super intelligence took words, feelings, touch and all other senses and hijacked them and ran the communication through all of my senses at once.  Very difficult to explain but I am the kind of person who can become OCD on such things that seem to venture into the arena of physics…  It was like the wires were all connected to one big stream of information…  as in see with your ears, hear with your eyes, taste through touch, smell through taste.  I am still at a loss as to how to explain this overwhelming amount of information.
My heart area, the center of where I consider my center, was so filled with energy, I could barely stand it.  I had been communicated with and yet since I am using words to express what happened, I simply just have to convey the meaning of what was given to me using only words.
Though the communication held so much more information, I can only attempt a translation into words.  So, here it goes:
“I am your Father…  I have always loved you…  I will always love you…  You have always been…  I have never left you…  I will never leave you…  I have always been…  I will always be…  I am…  You are…  This life is my gift…  This gift brings you light…  You will become…  Time is not…  love is the center…  To know is the power…  You will know…  You will know what is one…  All are one and yet many…  There is no end…  There was no beginning and yet the beginning is not as the now…  You are safe and all is safe…  I am and there is no greater…  I am love…  There is no nothing…  All things have always been and yet creation is mine…  Alone is to learn…  Together is power…  There are only two laws… Destruction or Unification…  Only love can unify…  Only love can create…  Nature cannot allow otherwise…  You are one with all and yet unknowing…  Patience brings perfection…
Wow … It just kept coming and coming and it went beyond my original understanding and beyond the words I am trying to use to express the experience.  I was in tears for the overwhelming emotional information.  I have never felt such an overload of all of my senses and feelings.  Every bit of information such as my feeble attempt to write words down for your benefit, all came at once.  I was given this and so much more, all at once…  not in a stream of words but everything each word stands for, came as though wrapped in super warm energy and transferred into my being instantaneously.  Beyond description.
I had my answer and not the one I knew I would get.  Though I stepped into the event with complete faith I knew it could go either way.  I had a hunch silence would be my answer but in achieving pure faith or mental stable thought, I had wiped out all opinions and rested only in a neutral state of mind when this event pierced into my space.
I could no longer remain an atheist, for I now knew there was indeed a massive power attached to an extremely calm, peaceful and amazingly loving entity who knew me personally and from all I gathered, knew me a very long time.
After the loving storm of information seemed to find pause, the direction of the communication turned into an invitation for me to ask any question or questions I may have had.  My excitement was unstoppable…  Here I was in direct communication with the master of all life and I was given the chance to ask any question and receive an answer.  Oh! if anyone knows me personally, you know how I would have been at that moment…  and so it was…  5 major question I have always had and always wanted an answer to.  I humbly presented my questions and my immediate answer was…  “You shall receive when you are ready and the time is right and you will fully know you have been answered.”
Impatient me at this moment was completely capable of patience as this was something so un-describable, that the atmosphere was completely different and so calm and peaceful and reassuring.  I knew that waiting was the right energy to embrace.
In time, every question I had asked, had been answered and each answer is covered in other writings but the answer of Love that pertains to this writing is that which I will describe as to how the answer came.
Funny how all of the answers came…  Completely, when I least expected them and with such powerful force in the message, again with that overwhelming “All Senses Together” connection, I could not deny the answers.
The question I had asked concerning “Love” was this:  “How can you love everyone and I mean E V E R Y O N E !”  A pretty simple question…  Right?
It was more than a month before that answer came in it’s full force style.  My my… God is an interesting individual who really knows how to do things up right.
The answer came:  I was in a large hall filled with over 100 people.  They were all involved in one thing or another…  One little group over here and another over there but all for the same general event.  As I stood off at a bit of a distance from any one group, a calm neutral moment swept across my mind and within an instant, like an intense beam of light from a focused mirror reflecting the Sun, I was instantly encircled with this familiar communication method.  This method leaves no room for questions whatsoever…  it is complete and powerful.
I burst into tears unexpectedly and was glad I was at a distance and no one was watching me.  At that very moment, I felt a love so powerful and so concentrated on every last individual in that hall.  It was a love I have never felt before, as though I had been privileged to see each person’s life story from beginning to end, to know their joys and heartaches, to be personally invited into their very thoughts.  I knew for that brief moment every last persons emotions they had experienced throughout their life and the energy of knowing this, was more than I could withstand and that is what brought on such powerful tears.
I had a deep and lasting love for every person their, though I did not in this surface life even know their names.
I had to turn and face the wall out of embarrassment for the emotional expressions I could not contain.
I felt it, I knew it…  I had been privileged to taste for one brief moment, the love God has for each and everyone of us.
I could have never on my own, ever have felt such energy from love as I did at that moment…  A gift given to me…  An answer from the one who is love, who is the meaning of love itself.
I personally know I am not yet capable of that kind of love but I am so grateful that there is someone who is.   I am so grateful that someone gave the momentary gift to me…  The gift to feel what God feels about each and every one of us.  I have felt pure love…  It is the greatest power of all powers.

A note to add here:  After having live what I could consider a longer than average life, there sometimes come moments when what we have experienced in the past, no matter how significant or powerful it may have been, we fall into clouds of doubt.  We may ask ourselves…  “Did this really happen the way I remember it?  Was it possibly something I just powerfully imagined?”

If we seek for clarification and even sometimes passively find ourselves in a situation where active seeking is not occurring, we may find that a greater power who understands all of our thoughts and feelings, once again bestows a gift upon us.  The gift of re-assurance.  Recently this gift came my way as I had been living with my own personal thought voice inside my head.  That voice was embracing what I would consider a non truth.  In simple words, this is what it was.  “Sure God loves everybody.  Why not, he is the creator.  However in this mortal proving ground life, and among the billion if not trillions of souls God has created, some go off the deep end and become evil embracers.  It is those that God must form enough of a hardened heart to allow them to be lost without it tearing his heart apart.”  This is like saying…  “Look out at that beautiful beach made up of countless grains of sand.  To lose millions of grains will still not impact the beach for it will continue without almost even a notice of the loss.”  This is the energy that has crept into my heart over the years.  The God of all creation being so aware of me, sent a gift of re-assurance of his love through not only another person’s experience but a verification from the spirit so strong that all I could do was to let it fill my entire soul as the tears freely streamed down my cheeks.  It was a simple phrase uttered but it came at a time when the creator knew I needed to receive the gift not only from the words but from the spirit that followed and filled my heart.

The simple phrase was: “Not only does God love you but he is madly in love with you.”  I knew it was true with every fiber of my being.  Not only did I hear the words but I felt the full love of God at that very moment fill every part of me.

Here is the message that I had watched when this gift was given to me:

[whohit]Love All[/whohit]

Ancient Records

Ancient Records…  Here for your consideration, we have submitted to us compiled and translated ancient records.  You decide…  but if you are considering whether or not they are real or not, we recommend learning to calm your mind and internal energy so as not to infuse your own prejudice energy.  Simply put, keep an open mind as you read each ancient record.  Let yourself journey through the writings with a neutral outlook.  Let your judgment be passed only after you read the records.  If they are fiction, you will know for yourself.  If they are authentic, you will also know…  Either way consider it great entertainment.

By clicking a button above, you will open the page for those records.  After a short moment, the pdf record will be displayed.  you can then mouse over and find the controls to turn the pages at the bottom left.  There should also be a download button if you choose to download and read later.
If you know of any interesting ancient records, please share with us by going to our contact page.
Here is one share that was sent to us about discovered records near Manti Utah


The Human Journey

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Who Are You? Really?

Stop for just a moment and lay all of your prejudice aside.  Scientific, Religious, Technical, Emotional and everything else that can place you in a state of ego energy.
I am not asking you to agree with anything written here on this page, but I am asking you to take it in neutrally without any opinions that you may have formulated throughout your mortal life.  Just consider this an exercise in a different way of thinking and let it sink in as an alternative to how you perceive life.
You entered this mortal life like every person you know.  An embryo growing inside of another human being. It was not really that long and you emerged and took your first breath in this originally strange world.  Everything had substance.  Tangible.  Your entire experience of life was about to change and it would be something entirely different from what you might have expected it to be.
The journey has been a line upon line climb with each new exposure becoming an entire world of it’s own.  Fire, Water, Pain, Elation, Cold, Hunger, Warmth, Love, Disloyalty, Trust, Fear, Falling, Climbing, Exhaustion, Sleep…  I could go on and on as could you when it comes to attempting to describe all the many exposures that have the potential to transform into what seems like a life of it’s own, a journey of it’s own, A unique experience that becomes so very personal in your cataloging of what life is.
As time ticks on and those seemingly large events become almost insignificant in comparison to this even larger journal, a sort of numbness sets in as the daily routine of life filled with many of the events that used to be so unique and new but now are almost thoughtlessly common place.
The excitement of life has a way of turning to drudgery if your view of life continues to travel down the numbing path.
The inner you, cries out for some form of elating excitement or at least some form of intriguing stimulation.  As this long journey rolls by day after day after day.
This is the temporal world and it is filled with amazing tangible distractions.  Not all of which are a positive experience.  There is this incredible balance of negative and positive temporal distractions mixed with the more subtle emotional and spiritual experiences.  This information is not particularly focused on being politically correct for those who embrace atheism.  That subject can be addressed at another time.
As you look in the mirror and watch yourself age over the years, there comes time in your life when you re-evaluate how this journey is progressing.  There can be an issue at this critical moment.  That issue can assist you in determining how you perceive your self, your future and your past.  Hopefully it will be a good experience for you.  Not always is it a good experience for everyone however.
You see time has a way of imprinting upon our minds all of the images, words, external thoughts of others, internal thoughts, literature, music, scents, physical sensations and more in such a way as to assist us in describing and determining who we think we are.
According to the experiences we have been exposed to over our lifetime, we are simply left to extrapolate our own definition of self realization in a futile attempt to fill in the rest of the pieces to our own personal puzzle in order to make sense of our life.
Each life has by the mere fact of randomness, had either opportunities or trials.  Each life has also had the chance to crossover to the other side.  The one weighed down with what would seem to be the perfect life will indeed receive a fair share of trials.  The other life which seems doomed to wander without much hope will also receive some good albeit considerably less then the seemingly perfect life.
No matter how you look at each life with their struggles and opportunities, true happiness can never completely be realized while in this life of mortal distractions.  There is a pendulum that swings within our hearts and mind ever so active and capable of causing a polarity of elation or depression.
As Einstein so carefully pointed out, all things are relative.  A child might cry and become distressed to have had 12 great licks of an ice cream cone only to watch it accidentally slip off of the cone and land on the ground while another child may become overjoyed just to receive a small cup of rice as the daily ration of food for basic survival.
Our point of view has everything to do with our ability to cope with and learn from this amazing school we call planet Earth.
This school is a carefully laid out plan.  It is not for the faint of heart but it is for everyone.  Each individual has everything they need to learn from this school and pass the final exam with flying colors.  The success of their final grade in living this filled journey doesn’t come from what they have, who they think they are, who everyone else thinks they are, what they have achieved or how beautiful they are.  True success in passing this school with flying colors comes from finally understanding how this school works and who they “Really” are.
Choices are made by each student of planet Earth.  Among those choices made are resulting consequences manifest from the very core of their deepest thoughts.  Some find that thinking too deeply can become rather tedious while others may thirst with an unquenchable desire to continually seek for more and more understanding of life itself.
Suicide comes from a lack of understanding of how this amazing school functions and who they really are in the biggest picture of all.  Charity comes from the ability to sense beyond the desire of self discovery and see outside of ones self in such a way that places the thoughts and emotions of one into another shoes with a consideration of wonderment pertaining to a curiosity of how another’s trials can effecting not just one but others.
Now if you are atheist, you can be excused from further reading.  If however you have spent enough time considering science at it’s deeper possibilities that existence wasn’t just some random accident which resulted in life achieving the heights of perfection that it has, then read on.
Lets do a thought experiment.  I have a very very large ball of string.  I will hold one end while you take the other end all the way to the Moon.  That’s a lot of string but it is strong and never breaks.  Now let us have another person measure the length of this string and then proceed to the exact middle of this long and stretched out string.  Let’s ask then to take a pair of scissors and cut a piece of the string only one inch in length.  This very very small length of string in comparison to the entire length of the string represents your time spent here on “School Earth”.  The rest of the string represents before the cut, the time you have been a conscious thinking individual and the rest of the string represents after the cut represents the continuation of you as an individual.
This school is actually so much longer then you can possibly imagine.  If however you are a student which has only been to first grade and were never told about any other grades which could be experienced, then you would simply think of how long this first grade is taking but hoping someday something else might come along.
This small little one inch piece of string life may last upwards of 90 to 100 plus years or it may be a rather short experience last maybe only a few breaths.  What counts is that you actually made it to first grade and even if for a brief moment had the opportunity to become a living creature existing in the mortal tangible world.
Those who stay longer then the brief time of a few short breaths are the lucky ones for they are endowed with trials no matter how soft their life may appear which will over time teach them things they would never be able to learn in a million years hearing someone try and explain life to them verbally without the tangible dimensions involved in living “School Earth”
Your perception has everything to do with how you will experience this life and that perception can be changed at any time.
if you see life as a long experience which has nothing to offer after your last breath is taken, you have held in your hand that one inch piece of string while being completely oblivious to the fact that your experience on “School Earth” is comparatively a brief lightning bolt event in the lifespan of an ancient sea turtle.
You are simple not just a compilation of atoms, molecules, cells, organs and flesh eagerly ready to decay into the sands of time.  You are energy.  The very core of you was never created nor can it ever be destroyed.  You are that you are.  Your thought processes have existed forever and will continue to do so forever.  Your flame cannot be extinguished though some who take suicide as a relief pill from the trials of “School Earth” will quickly find that the journey has only be disrupted and the path has changed yet still the path exists.
Imagine this life if you were reaching for the best you could be and yet decided to drop out of school in the middle of first grade.  Your opportunities for growing and learning would take on a whole new direction.
Next we will talk about:
~ Light Entities
~ The First Stage with Him
~ The Limitations of Then
~ The Unity and Love
~ Taking A Chance
~ What is the Actual Secret
~ The Touch
~ Graduation
~ The Expansion and Inclusion
~ The Real Purpose of Life
~ Don’t Cut it Short There is So Much More
This is currently being written.  Please come back to read more as it is completed.
[whohit]Who Are You[/whohit]

The Destination

StoriesThe-DestinationTake a thousand marbles made of clear glass and scatter them in a dimly lit room.  With a flashlight you may eventually be able to find every one of them.
Take a billion people and scatter them on a planet.  In time you might be able to discover where each one of them are…  It may take a very long time even if they remain perfectly still.
Find just one of those people and spend a thousand years with them and you might eventually think you know them very very well.
Try now to consider finding each of those billion people and spending one thousand years per individual with each one until you feel you know them very very well.  It would probably take on thousand time one billion years to accomplish this.  To your surprise you would eventually find that even though you spent a thousand years with each person individually, you still didn’t know everything about them.  There would always be something new with each one that you would eventually learn about.
Your understanding of them in it’s complete form would always be incomplete.
What makes us so unique is our individuality.  The variety that lies beneath the surface.  We ourselves don’t even comprehend our own capabilities or even our own thoughts sometimes.  How could we fully understand another?
Earth is a journey to feel what it means to be an individual.  To have our own thoughts.  To be lonely.  Alone.  Private.  One.  To learn to somehow share a part of ourselves with others.
In that sharing we can choose to interact with love and kindness or anger and impatience.  We are free to choose how we are to interact, how we perceive and are perceived.
We are often influenced by outside forces, people, other’s opinions, other’s actions towards us, events, places, memories and so many more energies surrounding us and emanating from within us.
No matter how hard we try, we can never truly know what it is like to be someone else.  We can only judge from our own experiences and thoughts.
It has been said that we are to love our neighbor as our self.  To be kind to others.  To serve others.
We have a choice to be kind of to be cruel.
All experiences we endure in this life serve to give us a reference of life from our own point of view.  To feel what it is like to endure hatred and anger, kindness and love.  We are hear to experience everything that happens to us and to others as a sole individual separate from all other people.  No matter how close we attempt to join with another person, we cannot on a continuous basis share the exact same thoughts and emotions.
In a sense, you could say we are all alone in a crowd.
My last question I presented to the creator of all things was this:
What is our final destination if we are given eternal life instead of becoming nothing after death?  After we have lived a million years and done everything, seen everything, experienced everything as in living forever, wouldn’t we eventually get board?
This answer came to me in a very interesting way.  Different from all of the other answers.
I sat down one day to write a letter to a friend.  I had no sooner gotten the first few paragraphs written when my mind become filled with the words to write and so I simply gave in and wrote everything that flowed through me.  25 pages later and I was looking at the answer to my last question.
I can make those pages available but for mow I will simplify what was in them.
We are here to Love one another the way we know we want to be loved.  We are here to learn kindness, forgiveness, patience, long suffering, charity, restraint, gentleness, wisdom and to be able to maintain in all circumstances a stable image of grace and compassion.
This Earth is a training ground for the gift that will one day be offered to us if we so desire it.
The gift on oneness.  For now we are individuals without the ability to truly know another.
Imagine walking into a room where a zookeeper was who loved his animals and where a hunter was who love to shoot animals.  Now imaging you can hear and feel everything going through their minds as a beautiful tiger walked into the room.
Your own mind would become the center of chaos as you tried to make sense of what a tiger really meant.
You could see a tiger rug, a playful cat, a stuffed head, a clam protector, a prize trophy, a kitten you raised and hand fed.
The confusion would become distressing.
Now with the same abilities, you find yourself in a homeless shelter where 100 people are serving others with kindness and 100 angry criminals walk into the room.  Your ability to read minds and hearts could become overwhelmed as you try to sort out all of the confusion.
Earth is a fine tuning ground where we will experience many things from joy to pain, kindness to cruelty.  The plan is for us to learn how to fine tune our inner energy until we can become still within embracing the best of who we are.
The gift will be offered to us one day to become one in thought and purpose so that when you enter a room of one thousand people, you will no longer feel a disturbance and confusion but an everlasting love and peace just as one candle in a room can offer a bit of light, a thousand candles with the purpose of illumination will fill that same room with a lasting effect of energy that can light the way for others who are found in darkness.
The gift will be the same as God’s ability to know everything everywhere at once.  As Jesus said…  The Father and I are one.  They are separate individuals and yet their hearts and minds and purpose are together and are in tune with the Universe.  A singular goal to eternally lift all to a higher level of existence and we in turn will partake in the same goal and it will be co creation as we invite other Intelligences to experience what we have experienced.
There is no end to this plan and there is no boredom to it either as we move through dimension after another.  Learning and wisdom are similar to eternal space and time.  There will always be teachers and there will always be students and the Universe has so much more to offer than this small little training playground we are journeying through today.
Take a thousand marbles made of clear glass and scatter them in a dimly lit room.  If each of those clear glass marbles emanates an extremely brilliant white light, they can all be gathered with ease.  Together they can become a light that could never be darkened.
Love and light are our core nature and God knows it as he gently reveals who we really are and what we really are capable of.
[whohit]The Destination[/whohit]


StoriesOf the five questions I ask the one who originated existence as we know it, I had always wondered how it was possible to be completely aware of everything that was and is and is to come in the Universe.  E V E R Y T H I N G ! !
What if there were a planet 5 light years from Earth that could support life and it had birds on it and one day a bird died…  How would you know that the event had occurred?
I had imagined in my own mind during this thought experiment a laser beam pointed at the Moon where a mirror was positioned to reflect that beam back to me and strike a white piece of paper next to me.  If I vibrated the laser that was firing a beam of light at the Moon, the reflection from the mirror on the Moon would send the light back to me and on the white piece of paper next to me I would see the result of the vibrated light as it would no longer be a simple dot of light but instead a dancing display of lines in sync with the way I vibrated the laser light being sent to the Moon’s mirror.
On the other hand, what if I had my laser perfectly stable with zero vibrations?  The resulting reflected light would remain stable and I would only see a simple dot of light on my white piece of paper.
If however I kept the laser perfectly stable with no vibration and the resulting white paper next to me displayed dancing lines of light, then the new variable would be that something on the Moon was vibrating the reflecting mirror and I would be aware of such disturbances.
The day came when this amazing, kind and loving originator of this Universe existence gave me his answer in his own and yet super clear way.
I was not expecting the answer I had so eagerly pressed the question on such a subject to come as it did…  But oh what an answer I received.
I was relaxed, standing in a shower with warm water pouring over me and my mind had pretty much gone into neutral.  I was mindlessly staring at a frosted window that was in the shower wall as the sunlight streamed through it.
The vision came as clear and as detailed as anything I had ever seen.
I saw a field with the most beautiful weeping willow like trees, perfect blades of delicate grass, amazing colorful flowers and a sky color that seemed to glisten with a new kind of light I had never seen before but on a blueish lavender color cast.  At once I was aware of every molecule, atom, light flowing sap in the trees and grass…  The stream of water running through the field, the spinning electrons inside the rocks by the water’s edge.  I was aware of the deer and the rabbit and the worms under the ground.  Every heart beat, every motion and every thought of any intelligent animated creature and it all hit me at once.  I was seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, smelling and even more…  The emotional energy and love…  light and life…  It all came to me in an instance.  It was overwhelming to the point of tears.
God, I said…  This is just a field and it is overwhelming.  You do this with a city…  a state… a country… a planet… a solar system… a galaxy…  a Universe.
I am so humbled and I know that at my present state, I am nothing in comparison.
I can only try and simplify this event as in musical terms.  I could play a flute with the ability of only one note at a time while God can play a piano with multiple notes at once and at the same time conduct an entire orchestra with perfection.
God’s light from the very center of his being, extends in all directions, penetrating all existence and instantaneously is reflected back to him.  Not the simple light we are aware of that we use to measure the speed of light in relation to time and space but something far more capable and intense.
All information is passed through this energy…  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and all other aspects we are unaware of.
Perfect feedback.  Perfect understanding.


nothingnessAs a child, I often entertained thoughts that may have not been a normal part of fun and exploration that a little boy might gravitate toward.  Oh yes I had those basic thoughts but at times I would go into almost a loop of thinking which quite often I could not find a solution to.
One of those thoughts had to do with my very existence.
What if the outcome of existence had been different and I had never been born, never even had the chance to live spiritually, never even had any form or entity to call “me” or for that matter never had a thought ever.  How would I perceive the world around me?  What a silly question which could only send a little boy spinning in circles trying to find the root of existence, the beginning of who he was or the possibility of never having been or the possibility of once being but then becoming nothing.
My limited mind was so calculable in the concept of “If things were made, they can be destroyed as well…  If they are they can also become nothing”
There were many other mind twisting thoughts that often visited me but this one seemed a serious nature that could have great consequences on my future.  So I visited and revisited such a thought year after year hoping that my wisdom would osmotically grow until one year I would have a simple answer but alas it never did happen.  I never could resolve on my own the nagging question which had become an old friend.
One day I had an experience so overwhelming and not of a normal mortal interaction but instead a very sacred and spiritual event that since has changed my entire life.  In the midst of placing the gauntlet down and asking If God actually existed I did in fact receive one of the most powerful answers I believe anyone could ever receive.  Once the first experience occurred and my heart and mind were given assurances of the existence of a supreme entity which possessed the ultimate love and power, I ever so innocently and yet with extreme excitement present before my spiritual and mortal creator this old friend of a question and I knew the answer would not be withheld from me.
I simply asked:  “Was there ever a time when I was not?  Ever a time when I did not exist? and will there ever be a time or at least a possibility I could cease to exist?
I had already received the amazing answer that there is a creator and that he was full of love and cared deeply about me so to this question I thought it a rather simple request.  little did I know that when you are connecting to the creator of this entire Universe and beyond, he is merciful and understands the time frame of teaching and learning and does not always have the same agenda as we do.  You see this was not the only question I was presenting to him for I had 5 serious questions I so truly knew I could receive an answer to yet I was unaware how the answers would come…  I had felt that at that very moment they would all be poured out upon me but I was not God and I did not understand his ways and how gentle he teaches.  I have since learned that when real answers come, each one is significantly important enough to allow the atmosphere and timing to be just right before the replies come.
My answer to this question however was given in a timely manner.  This answer immediately began to unfold and yet had not reached it’s maturity to a full answer for a few days.  The room was still filled with the most amazing energy and thus the answer began in such a way as to be explicitly clear in nature but seemingly full of so many details that I felt it not all coming at once.  I did feel it would be given in it’s fullest but that I would receive enough at that moment to calm my soul even more than it already was.  There was so much kindness and love as this energy from beyond me continued to envelope me and enlighten me.
The beginning of this answer was sweet and so assuring and given with so much love that any denial of the message was not even a thought.
“You are light…  You are thought and reason…  You are that you are.  You are independent in your own and you have always been…  You have always been…  You have always been…  For you are eternal, never made nor can you be destroyed.  If there were a beginning, you were there.  You were taken as it were, invited into my light.  You were loved always and always will be.  You are from beginning to end and there is no beginning nor end.  You are mine and I am yours.  You are the most precious treasure this existence holds for you are existence and without you or any like unto you there would be no existence for existence is more than just material.  Without you and your light, your thinking, your reasoning and all others like you, the things of this Universe would not be or be known and existence would cease to be and existence cannot cease to be.”
“You are and always have been my precious son and you step forward one moment at a time until you receive all things, all light and all that I have to give.  There is no “Nothing” nor will there ever be as it is not the foundation of existence.  It’s very thought is not of light but it is a thought of darkness for it lacks truth and therefore it is not.”
So sweet was this assuring connection that I will never be able to fully describe or explain it.  It was and it is so familiar and so full of love.
I had received an answer to a life long question and unexpectedly was the answer and yet so familiar as though I had always know it and had only forgotten it.
In time I received in such amazing ways of communication, the answer to the rest of my questions and those answers are all here in these pages.
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