Blood Moon 01-2019

Blood Moon 01-2019 Photographer: © Copyright 2019
Camera: Sony A6300
Lens: Minolta AF Reflex 500
Exposure 1/4 sec- ISO 3200 F8
Stitched images X 5
Color correct +10 Saturation

How Spiritual Communication Works


Spiritual communication is tangible… for it functions on the principle of frequencies.  Lockheed has created the TR3 which is a new craft that travels faster than the speed of light.  How is this possible?
Because it uses a completely new and different method which generates it’s own subspace field which is considered a warp which allows it to slide through subspace while warping space around itself.  Actually it is probably an old method but new to the common knowledge bank.  The cause at the core of its engine is a magnetic spinning velocity created by super high voltage and magnetic type mercury concept encased in a toroidal coil shaped like a doughnut where the coil is wrapped around the outside of a metallic shell similar to a hollow doughnut, another high voltage coil going through the center thus causing an extreme temporal swirl of magnetism which creates a field capable of sliding through space at extreme speeds.  This principle exhibits signs of Tesla’s work.
The galaxy is a large model of this same effect.  The Sun and our solar system is also a similar model and each of our planets rest in the harmonic well of the Sun’s generated field. The asteroid belt is an unfortunate accident of a planetary body sliding out of one of the harmonic fields and thus it’s destruction.
Sand and water exhibit harmonic alignment as frequency energy is applied to it.
When the frequencies are untrue of off harmonics they manifest chaos.  When they are in harmonic correction they exhibit amazing shapes and profound designs.
Music functions on the same principle as does light, taste, smell and touch.  They are all a function of harmonically aligned energy .
Our spirits are an assembly of frequencies… fast and slowed down energy which manifests itself as mass or matter…  a simple equation of E = mc 2.   All physical elements are simply energy in a controlled slow harmonic (Vibration or Velocity).
A simple example that might better be understood would be to view the effects of music upon different elements modulated by the energy of sound…  There is so much more beyond the limited arena of music but you will get the idea.
To actually receive communication from the spiritual creators, one must seek self frequency purification to receive pure forms of communication. We need purification in order to be easily modulated or to become a receptor of a communicative energy that goes beyond the common senses most are familiar with.  Sand when distracted by another element such as moisture, causes a blockage or chaos during exposure to perfect frequency generation.  Audible frequencies introduced to a distracted element, are unable to infuse harmonic balance and true representations of the correct frequency being sent or communicated.  Pure signals are distorted beyond recognition of the original signal when the receiving medium is not pure enough to faithfully represent that which is transmitted.
Distractions are what cause our spirits to embrace chaos, thus purification as a receptor is not optimally possible.  When we are drenched in purification as in spiritual study and meditation and silence, we can become one with God’s energy as we attempt to find the center frequency and amplify that within ourselves.  Centered frequencies exist in all things…  music… color…  smell…  touch…  taste…  and so much more that our senses do not obviously reveal.  The rainbow’s center frequency is green and music’s frequency is A432…  and so on.  In the spectrographic analysis display of all things, you will find the dominant centered frequency.  The human body as well as the Earth share commonalities in their frequency centers.
Spiritual communication in general with humans, carries a dominant centered frequency and when one learns to recognize it, unfolded to the mind and heart, all the secrets of the Universe will be available for the sensing.  As in simple radio frequency transmissions, a carrier wave if modulated by more than one source can cause the signal being sent to become distorted and unrecognized.  Our own essence can be compared to such principles in that if we cannot learn to embrace silence and peace and center our own energy, we will be unable to reflect inwardly, let alone outwardly, any spiritual information meant for us to receive.  Look around at today’s modern society and you will find a storm of information continually spread upon the feasting table.  This information storm serves to silence true wisdom which can be received from much greater intelligences operating on a much higher and quieter frequency.
spiritual communication 2
The above chalkboard is only a quick representation of the original presentation given and is by no means complete in the deeper explanation of the subject,  This is where you will have to realize we are just scratching the surface and trying to inspire you to fill in the gaps and expand on this principle.  Oh… and the image is not quite hi res enough to see clearly due to the only camera available at the time.  Sorry, but a picture is only the surface…  Think about it, you will find the explanation before the chalkboard photo is clear enough to start the thought journey into physics and spiritual communication.  Have fun!
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Consciousness Causes Frequency and Affects Reality

After watching this, ask yourself a deep question and don’t answer it right away.

“The existence we know right now, could it have been seeded into this bubble we call the Universe by a super intelligence capable of injecting the massive energy that we call the big bang?”  “Could this all be by design and not chance?”

Water Memory

According to all the laws in physics concerning frequencies, Water seems to hold the greater mysteries as to how it interacts in this Universe of physics.  httpv://
httpv:// Water has a way of doing things that normally aren’t supposed to happen according to natural laws of physics.

Quantum Consciousness

Notes and concepts to consider in the arena of Quantum Physics:

Distinction between past present and future… There is none
Fundamental level our view has shifted Quantum mechanics
change your perspective
smallest of scales
in more than one place at a time
more than an equation
behavior prediction
quantum leap sharp not smeared
instantaneous jumps indivisible energy chunks
closer to the creative elements you will find less tolerance for divination
waves split and combine add and cancel peaks and valleys interference pattern
singularities do not smear into waves
probability wave singularities riding on a wave pattern
no actual location but instead a likely predictable location
quantum is accurate and precise but still probable predictions
God does not throw dice Einstein
absence of quantum equals dark ages
is it there always, or only when observing it
inextricably connected
opposite actions even at a distance between two partnered entanglements
opposite reactions either determined at separation or mysteriously reactive upon measurements
set or spooky actions
Measuring of every particle destroys the original and reassembles the new
Quantum bits Qbit can exist in two states at once
Multitasking power
All possibilities at once
does the instability of quantum leap cease as we observe the macro world or
does this instability of leaping exist elsewhere out of our view?
can reality exist in alternative universes?
how many realities can exist from the one you know?
This instability or unpredictable nature may not be based on measuring
Consciousness, mental energy may be the foundation
Cosmic consciousness
Is existence self created or is consciousness the creator
immersion in our reality
does it control us or do we control it?
Universal ocean of pure potentiality unified field
The universe is mostly empty or is it?
Plank scale… Is the vacuum empty or is there 10 to the 94 grams of energy
Vacuum in single hydrogen atom… there is a trillion times the energy of all matter
if consciousness controls that then the big bang is easy.
pure abstract self aware consciousness.
thoughts show that random generators are affected by thought
Thought effects reality only when you believe you can
different levels of truth
Different universes the smaller you go
fundamental level is unity
Consciousness is your foundation for existence
Consciousness shifts, determines your experiences
We as the observer create the reality of time propagation
Every change in time is a reflection of your own frequency
Time becomes your personal experience. You are not a victim of time.
Time actually does not exist as each moment of time is a reality within itself
To you time is actually the jump from one reality to another linearly
To view all reality pictures of your life at once you at one point may realize you can control your past present or future.
all things already exist only the act of creating that thing is a new relationship with your future that already is
existence is a closed system.
knowing all things already exist can cause you to see you and your energy differently
you can change your vibration attitude choose a different reality
Your consciousness changes your experience
Shift into an alternate reality one that is more enlightened, higher in energy light
you become only the victim of your own creation but you are generating it and therefore you are not the victim
You can become anything you desire to become