Power Of The Shofar

Power Of The Shofar: Brand Thornton & CE MacPherson © 2020
This Shofar is a special one and the man behind it is a man of great faith. He has been to many places where the children of God were in deep despair. There are many stories tied to this man and the Shofar where angels were known to come to the rescue of those in need against circumstances that meant life or death. This moment in time was captured for you to understand and feel what occurs when he comes to the rescue of one who stands in need of God’s support where the odds are very unbalanced against the innocent. This was one such occasion.
The shofar was blown in the times of Joshua to help him capture Jericho. As they surrounded the walls, the shofar was blown and the Jews were able to capture the city. The shofar was commonly taken out to war so the troops would know when a battle would begin. The person who would blow the shofar would call out to the troops from atop a hill. All of the troops were able to hear the call of the shofar from their position because of its distinct sound.

Ancient Records

Ancient Records…  Here for your consideration, we have submitted to us compiled and translated ancient records.  You decide…  but if you are considering whether or not they are real or not, we recommend learning to calm your mind and internal energy so as not to infuse your own prejudice energy.  Simply put, keep an open mind as you read each ancient record.  Let yourself journey through the writings with a neutral outlook.  Let your judgment be passed only after you read the records.  If they are fiction, you will know for yourself.  If they are authentic, you will also know…  Either way consider it great entertainment.

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Here is one share that was sent to us about discovered records near Manti Utah


Ang Aklatan History and future of Maharlika

Ang Aklatan History and future of Maharlika.  This is a book discovered in a cave on the pacific islands and translated.  Very interesting ancient record.  Your understanding and belief is for your own determination.  The book is made available here for your own consideration.



The Nephite Ancient Records

For your consideration: The Nephite Records written on metal plates by ancient people who fled the old world and traveled to the new world.  This is a record of their history as written by the stewards of the records.  The records were preserved, and abridged and translated into English.
The Nephite Ancient Record
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The Nemenhah Ancient Records

For your consideration:  These records are described as follows:
An ancient person named Hagoth departed from his native people and as a ship builder traveled away with a number of people following him.  As the story of these records unfold, it is revealed that these people of old ancient American lands, thrived temporally and spiritually and these are the preserved writings of those who kept stewardship over the records for many many years.  These records, being preserved on tablets, have been translated with the help of Mayan chiefs and others, are in English form and carry a message of enlightenment and hope.
The Nemenhah All Books in One


Who Are You? Really?

Stop for just a moment and lay all of your prejudice aside.  Scientific, Religious, Technical, Emotional and everything else that can place you in a state of ego energy.
I am not asking you to agree with anything written here on this page, but I am asking you to take it in neutrally without any opinions that you may have formulated throughout your mortal life.  Just consider this an exercise in a different way of thinking and let it sink in as an alternative to how you perceive life.
You entered this mortal life like every person you know.  An embryo growing inside of another human being. It was not really that long and you emerged and took your first breath in this originally strange world.  Everything had substance.  Tangible.  Your entire experience of life was about to change and it would be something entirely different from what you might have expected it to be.
The journey has been a line upon line climb with each new exposure becoming an entire world of it’s own.  Fire, Water, Pain, Elation, Cold, Hunger, Warmth, Love, Disloyalty, Trust, Fear, Falling, Climbing, Exhaustion, Sleep…  I could go on and on as could you when it comes to attempting to describe all the many exposures that have the potential to transform into what seems like a life of it’s own, a journey of it’s own, A unique experience that becomes so very personal in your cataloging of what life is.
As time ticks on and those seemingly large events become almost insignificant in comparison to this even larger journal, a sort of numbness sets in as the daily routine of life filled with many of the events that used to be so unique and new but now are almost thoughtlessly common place.
The excitement of life has a way of turning to drudgery if your view of life continues to travel down the numbing path.
The inner you, cries out for some form of elating excitement or at least some form of intriguing stimulation.  As this long journey rolls by day after day after day.
This is the temporal world and it is filled with amazing tangible distractions.  Not all of which are a positive experience.  There is this incredible balance of negative and positive temporal distractions mixed with the more subtle emotional and spiritual experiences.  This information is not particularly focused on being politically correct for those who embrace atheism.  That subject can be addressed at another time.
As you look in the mirror and watch yourself age over the years, there comes time in your life when you re-evaluate how this journey is progressing.  There can be an issue at this critical moment.  That issue can assist you in determining how you perceive your self, your future and your past.  Hopefully it will be a good experience for you.  Not always is it a good experience for everyone however.
You see time has a way of imprinting upon our minds all of the images, words, external thoughts of others, internal thoughts, literature, music, scents, physical sensations and more in such a way as to assist us in describing and determining who we think we are.
According to the experiences we have been exposed to over our lifetime, we are simply left to extrapolate our own definition of self realization in a futile attempt to fill in the rest of the pieces to our own personal puzzle in order to make sense of our life.
Each life has by the mere fact of randomness, had either opportunities or trials.  Each life has also had the chance to crossover to the other side.  The one weighed down with what would seem to be the perfect life will indeed receive a fair share of trials.  The other life which seems doomed to wander without much hope will also receive some good albeit considerably less then the seemingly perfect life.
No matter how you look at each life with their struggles and opportunities, true happiness can never completely be realized while in this life of mortal distractions.  There is a pendulum that swings within our hearts and mind ever so active and capable of causing a polarity of elation or depression.
As Einstein so carefully pointed out, all things are relative.  A child might cry and become distressed to have had 12 great licks of an ice cream cone only to watch it accidentally slip off of the cone and land on the ground while another child may become overjoyed just to receive a small cup of rice as the daily ration of food for basic survival.
Our point of view has everything to do with our ability to cope with and learn from this amazing school we call planet Earth.
This school is a carefully laid out plan.  It is not for the faint of heart but it is for everyone.  Each individual has everything they need to learn from this school and pass the final exam with flying colors.  The success of their final grade in living this filled journey doesn’t come from what they have, who they think they are, who everyone else thinks they are, what they have achieved or how beautiful they are.  True success in passing this school with flying colors comes from finally understanding how this school works and who they “Really” are.
Choices are made by each student of planet Earth.  Among those choices made are resulting consequences manifest from the very core of their deepest thoughts.  Some find that thinking too deeply can become rather tedious while others may thirst with an unquenchable desire to continually seek for more and more understanding of life itself.
Suicide comes from a lack of understanding of how this amazing school functions and who they really are in the biggest picture of all.  Charity comes from the ability to sense beyond the desire of self discovery and see outside of ones self in such a way that places the thoughts and emotions of one into another shoes with a consideration of wonderment pertaining to a curiosity of how another’s trials can effecting not just one but others.
Now if you are atheist, you can be excused from further reading.  If however you have spent enough time considering science at it’s deeper possibilities that existence wasn’t just some random accident which resulted in life achieving the heights of perfection that it has, then read on.
Lets do a thought experiment.  I have a very very large ball of string.  I will hold one end while you take the other end all the way to the Moon.  That’s a lot of string but it is strong and never breaks.  Now let us have another person measure the length of this string and then proceed to the exact middle of this long and stretched out string.  Let’s ask then to take a pair of scissors and cut a piece of the string only one inch in length.  This very very small length of string in comparison to the entire length of the string represents your time spent here on “School Earth”.  The rest of the string represents before the cut, the time you have been a conscious thinking individual and the rest of the string represents after the cut represents the continuation of you as an individual.
This school is actually so much longer then you can possibly imagine.  If however you are a student which has only been to first grade and were never told about any other grades which could be experienced, then you would simply think of how long this first grade is taking but hoping someday something else might come along.
This small little one inch piece of string life may last upwards of 90 to 100 plus years or it may be a rather short experience last maybe only a few breaths.  What counts is that you actually made it to first grade and even if for a brief moment had the opportunity to become a living creature existing in the mortal tangible world.
Those who stay longer then the brief time of a few short breaths are the lucky ones for they are endowed with trials no matter how soft their life may appear which will over time teach them things they would never be able to learn in a million years hearing someone try and explain life to them verbally without the tangible dimensions involved in living “School Earth”
Your perception has everything to do with how you will experience this life and that perception can be changed at any time.
if you see life as a long experience which has nothing to offer after your last breath is taken, you have held in your hand that one inch piece of string while being completely oblivious to the fact that your experience on “School Earth” is comparatively a brief lightning bolt event in the lifespan of an ancient sea turtle.
You are simple not just a compilation of atoms, molecules, cells, organs and flesh eagerly ready to decay into the sands of time.  You are energy.  The very core of you was never created nor can it ever be destroyed.  You are that you are.  Your thought processes have existed forever and will continue to do so forever.  Your flame cannot be extinguished though some who take suicide as a relief pill from the trials of “School Earth” will quickly find that the journey has only be disrupted and the path has changed yet still the path exists.
Imagine this life if you were reaching for the best you could be and yet decided to drop out of school in the middle of first grade.  Your opportunities for growing and learning would take on a whole new direction.
Next we will talk about:
~ Light Entities
~ The First Stage with Him
~ The Limitations of Then
~ The Unity and Love
~ Taking A Chance
~ What is the Actual Secret
~ The Touch
~ Graduation
~ The Expansion and Inclusion
~ The Real Purpose of Life
~ Don’t Cut it Short There is So Much More
This is currently being written.  Please come back to read more as it is completed.
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Rodeo Dogs


When I was a younger boy somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10, I vividly remember going to a large rodeo that seemed to have every event one could ever imagine.  Though I was not much of a cowboy kind of kid and the wild animals did not especially interest me, there was this moment when magic seemed to manifest itself in such a way that I became awe struck at the amazing event.
A clown had come out on the rodeo field and trailing behind him, about 20 dogs of various shapes and sizes.  Some of these dogs were dressed in fun and super character clothes while others had a simple hat or ribbon adorning their beautiful fur.  As they approached the middle of the field, the picture quickly changed from a train of dogs following a clown, to an amazing array of trained dogs following the cues of a clown.
The clown would talk to the dogs and ask them questions and they would respond with an equal action which would indicate an answer to the clown’s question.  They displayed amazing talents such as riding a bicycle, walking on a tight rope, doing triple flips, stacking upon each other to form a pyramid, jumping through hoops of fire, piling into a little car as one dog appeared to be the driver and raced all around the rodeo field.  These dogs were so amazing and talented and it seemed as though they “Just Got It”…  They got all of the cues that the clown was presenting to them and they reacted with precision and perfect obedience.  Climbing high upon a ladder and jumping into a mini swimming pool, crawling into a large wheel and making in roll all around the field and so on and so on.  The dogs just seemed to have one amazing trick after another…  “Super Dogs” was the best description I could use to express the amazing little guys.
As I watch in fixed enchantment, I had thoughts of my own dog back at home and for a moment I imagined my dog sitting by my side there in a rodeo seat next to me.  I imagined giving my own dog some of the cues that the clown had been giving his special trained dogs.  I awaited his obedient responses and in my imagination, I formulated his response according to what I considered reality…
My dog would just sit there and look at me with confusion and yet he would enjoy listening to my voice and so he would react with a doggy grin and an offered paw while wagging his tail and yet, he would do no special action which I noted in the Rodeo Dogs.  My dog would be thrilled with a dog biscuit or a scratch on the back of his head or even better for him, he would highly appreciate interacting with me and a ball or a rag with which he could grasp tightly in his teeth and play tug of war with me but he would do no special tricks no matter how creative I made my commanding cues to do so.
I loved my dog and oh what a special dog he was to me.  My dog however, would merit no special reward from anyone else if measured against the Rodeo Dogs, for he just didn’t seem to have the ability to do that which I was now observing at the hand of the master clown and his crew of “Super Dogs”.
It was as though my dog no matter how wonderful he was, appeared to not have the ability or at least if he did, he had forgotten everything he used to know about being a Super Dog.  That didn’t change the way I felt about him but it left me wondering what exactly it would take to help him remember or to first hand learn how to be a Super Dog.  What kind of training would it take to bring him up to speed?
As I watched the master Rodeo Dog Trainer, though he was dressed as a clown, I could see through his disguise…  What I sensed was the same thing that the Super Rodeo Dogs sensed in him…  He was a kind and loving person toward his dogs.  You could tell that his highly skilled dogs learned how to be so wonderful because of the patience, long suffering, kindness and determination this amazing master possessed in order to make his dogs the very best they could be and by the way he treated his dogs, it was obvious it was all done in a large encircling power of love.
The entire Rodeo Dog experience has often caused me great reflection as to the energy involved in such an experience.  It wasn’t just an enchanting event to watch such smart dogs but it became a deeper thought provoking experience that seemed to mirror the lives of people here on planet earth as well.
When I visited Greece, I noticed many dogs that would roam the streets of Athens.  They were orphan dogs, no masters, no family, no home, no one who loved them.  They were dogs gone wild, like alley cats that were born in the wild and were simply homeless on the continual hunt for food scraps and a safe place to sleep.
If one were to raise the Rodeo Dog experience to match the lives of people, the story takes on a whole new meaning.  To mirror the similitude into the human experience, we could imagine ourselves as Rodeo Dogs.  How much love and patience and devotion did it take to bring average dogs to the level of Rodeo Super Dogs?
This life’s journey is very much like one big rodeo.  Some become Rodeo Dogs and others, the lonely dogs of Greece.  What makes the difference?  What are the tricks so to say that takes an average human to the level of the similitude of a human Rodeo Dog?  How does it happen?  Who is the Master Trainer?  Like my dog who was not able to comprehend the request for performing tricks, we too can find ourselves asking the simple question…  “What is it that this life is really all about and why are we here?…  What are we really supposed to be learning?  What are the Rodeo Tricks that we don’t comprehend as of yet?”
Truth is truth no matter how much man would desire to reshape it to conform to his liking.  One truth that finds it’s way into the world of debate is whether there is a supreme creator or not?…  and … If there is a supreme creator, what kind of entity and personality is present in the energy of the Master?  What kind of tricks does the Master want us to acquire in order to be considered his Rodeo Dogs?
What of the dogs in Greece?  Why is it that some dogs are bound to a life of scarcity and others, a life of seemingly abundance?  Where is the turning point and what factors become a part of the division, the fork in the road?
I recently heard a story of a man who had a dog whom he loved so dearly and was so very proud of her.  It seemed that his dog was capable of performing on the level of an assistance dog, you know, the other side of the Super Dogs, the ones that get specialized training to assist the handicapped people with daily life activities.  Those are the other amazing dogs not unlike the official Rodeo Dogs that are capable of doing so many many wonderful things.  The similarity between the two kinds of dogs is not much different.  They both do incredible things and they both have amazing patient, kind, devoted and loving trainers.
Well this man and his beloved dog were so very close and he was so so very proud of her and her capabilities.  Not only could she act upon his voice commands and understand and do almost everything he asked of her but she was also an accomplished hunting dog.  He bragged to his friends on how wonderful a hunting dog she was.  He made her out to be so wonderful that his friends desperately wanted to see this amazing dog in action.  The day came and he and his wonderful she dog who was so capable of so many great feats went for a ride to meet his friends out on the hunting field.  The moment was charged with excitement as his friends gathered around to watch the incredible dog in action.  As he took her out of the kennel in the back of the pickup truck and placed her on the ground to begin her amazing skill of hunting, she did nothing toward any form of skill but instead just sat there by his leg hardly moving.
He commanded her to go to the field and flush out birds and yet to no avail would she go.  She simple stayed close to his side and refused to perform.  After many attempts to bring her into her own talented energy, he gave up and informed his friends that she was acting so very strange and he did not understand this misbehavior.  He told his friends to go ahead and drive on and he would work with the dog alone in the field.
He took her out into the field and down by the stream where he spied a dead bird.  He commanded her to retrieve the bird and she ever so hesitantly did so but with absolutely with no excitement or energy.  Disappointed, he roughly grabbed his dog and rudely tossed her into the kennel in the back of the truck and drove home.  At home, he went through the ritual of running his fingers through her fur searching for ticks and burs.  As he ran his hand down her breast and tummy he felt wet liquid.  Upon pulling his hand away he saw a considerable amount of blood and discovered that his precious dogs had somehow been wounded in multiple spot with deep gashes.
Upon arrival at the veterinarian and requesting the veterinarian to stitch her up, the veterinarian informed him that the kind of wound she had required that no stitching be done but instead she would need to be well cared for for a significant amount of time as this type of wound required healing from the inside out and would take a long period of time before she would be able to really do anything normal.
his remarks on the entire experience were very profound.  It is amazing to see what animals and humans are so capable of and yet how halted in progression they can become from exposure to pain.  Such a deep thought of compassion when one really focuses on that statement.  how many who walk this earth pathway are exposed to emotional, mental and physical pain.  How many are void of having a loving, kind and patient trainer?  How many have no idea of what they are truly capable of?  Like my own dog, is it possible to have forgotten what it means or takes to become an amazing Rodeo dog?
There is a kind, patient, devoted and loving trainer and that trainer is within reach of every living being on this planet.  like the lost dogs of Greece, we may not even be aware that there is such an amazing, kind, loving trainer.  Some of us on this planet may merely be concerned with just surviving day to day while others miraculously may be involved in becoming Super Rodeo Dogs.
What are the tricks of the great Master of all that he wishes for us to learn?
I do not know all of the capabilities the Master knows we can achieve but I do know that the beginning of those talents we can achieve on our way to becoming Super Rodeo Dogs are there for our learning.
Trust in the Master.  If you are not even aware that there is a master patiently waiting to bring you to a higher level of living, it is time to begin the search and find that the Master really does exist and truly is endowed with the qualities of Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Love and Wisdom.
The tricks and qualities the Master wants us to finally perfect are many but the training time is so much longer that one might think.  This Master is so capable of patience and long suffering and knows each of us.  This Master knows of the debilitating pain we have and are enduring.  This Master believes in us for we are the greatest treasure in the Master’s life.  We can begin the Super rodeo Dog Training by seeking out the secrets of becoming a rodeo Dog.  We can start by finding out what compassion for others really means.  We can find the meaning of kindness, charity, patience, tolerance, long suffering, gentleness and we can begin the journey to discover what the pure love of the Master is and how we can use it to lift not only ourselves but the entire world around us.
The Rodeo Tricks of humanity are not as obvious as the Rodeo Tricks of the actual Rodeo Dogs but then again to an average dog, the Rodeo tricks elude his understanding without training and so it is with humanity…  we often are not in tune with what the Master really wants from us until we seek out that which can be made so plain to us.  The truth is out there and the secrets are within the grasp of anyone who wishes to become more than what they presently are.  If an average dog can become a Super Rodeo Dog at the hand of the Master, we too can become amazing at the hand of the greatest Master of all.
© A Book Of Dreams LLC.
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Clinging to the Temporal World

Two mindsets exist as a paradigm shift within the same mental walls of each other, yet one seems to become more silenced as the other exerts dominion over the immediate awareness of the atmospheric surroundings.
To watch a friend die, sparks the most interesting thoughts of the perception of one’s own life…  What am I really?  Who is at the core of who I am?  How distorted is my broad outlook on what the universe really is and just exactly what part do I play in it?  How self centered and unnecessarily controlled by this 3rd dimension am I and what undesirable impulses take over what could be a perfectly centered entity?
Selfishness, hypocrisy,  dominance, ego, and the list goes on.  What am I if the temporal world becomes powerless to sway my destination?
There have been times in my life where my journey to become that perfect well centered guru that seems to have the wisdom of Yoda, finds that the path to the top of the mountain becomes saturated with enough moisture to cause the sure footing to give way as the mudslide of challenge awakens and unfolds a new reality.
There is a pendulum that swings throughout life as we journey through time.  Imagine yourself clinging to that pendulum as it swings and at the same time it is traveling through time ever moving forward…  and still, it also continues to swing to the left and to the right.  As it swings to the left the extreme stretch of that pendulum buries itself deep into darkness and for a moment pauses in the depths of the lack of light before it reverses it’s path to return to the center and beyond.  One could say that the journey would be less sickening if only the pendulum would come to rest calmly in the center but you find that to hold the center becomes an impossibility as the pendulum continues it’s sweep toward the extreme right and plunges deep into the brilliant light.
The extreme motions of going from left to right, dark to light have a way of presenting a disturbing reality, one that fosters inside of your thoughts, the desire to gain complete control over the predictable motions.  Those motions have quite the effect on the psyche.  The questions begin to run deep for those who ponder this chaotic journey.
As time burns on, we find ourselves on one side of the pendulum or the other.  Emotionally we could describe it as existing on two separate extremes.  The right or the light side of the pendulum swing, evoking joy, elation, happiness, a sense of well being, peace, abundance, satisfaction, fulfillment and so the list could continue for much longer than this page would desire to be filled.  Then we have the opposite swing into the left or the darkness where emotional torment can exist…  pain, despair, loneliness, scarcity, depression, a sense of emptiness, hunger, hatred and as well this list could become bigger than is needed for the point.
The swing continues into the other avenues of our lives…  Spirituality, where one side can create amazingly well defined clarity and the opposite side, complete confusion and worthlessness.  The energy continues to spill over into our physical existence in the form of prosperity in temporal THINGS, WEALTH, or POVERTY and even homelessness.
There was a time when I had been served by an old fashioned doctor…  He was filled with kindness and compassion and was always there when my physical needs required him.  He reminded me of the kind of old doctor you might see in the happy western movies where an invitation to dinner was payment enough for services rendered.  He had no children of his own and over time I came to view him as sort of a grandfather figure and I guess possibly from his point of view I could have filled the shoes of a surrogate grandchild.  I grew to love this man and all that he stood for.
The inevitable time came when he had reached the end of his days and was soon to pass away.  I remembered how beautiful his home was, his grand piano, his sound system, his cars…  So many things did he have that were exquisite and oh so desirable.  I found my pendulum swinging drastically to the left and into the darkness of coveting.  The thought went through my mind…  “You were like a grandson to him, he has no other family and you seem so qualified to inherit his possessions.”  To this day I look back on those thoughts with an almost horror to think they were a part of my thinking.  For all this man did for me and for that great service I received from him and I wanted more?  This indeed was a thought that I classified as dark and to the left…  unlike what I truly wanted to be like.  I never received anything of his worldly possessions at his passing and to this day I am so thankful I did not.  The emotional burden of having a dark thought such as that would have been confirmed by that actual possessions that would from that point on follow me.
Many years passed and I found myself on the older side of life, no longer a child and with the memories of such a good man and the memories of my own selfish desires not collecting dust in the papers of my mind, I felt that lesson was one of a learning nature which may have taught me a principle of giving versus taking.  I found myself over time in many situations where I gave of my time and energies to help others in need.  I had learned to be kind and to be concerned for others and felt that I had somehow arrived on the right side of the swinging pendulum where light and clarity was in abundance.
I had heard of a person at the time who was in need of several things that I knew I was qualified to assist with, and so I found myself becoming a volunteer in the service of this needy person.  There were many times when this person would call out to me and I would come to his side and offer help and consoling.  I had learned to look out for the neglected one that seemed to be neglected by others.  I had found that through my own experiences of being left out of social circles, that I would work even harder to include those that seemed on the outside.
My pendulum did not rest however in one position and as all pendulums in their active state are in a flux of motion, the pendulum I was riding through life was no different.  I found myself complaining as the calls for my assistance grew more frequent.  Though I showed up with a smile, my heart was increasingly resenting the drain on my personal time and yet I knew if I did not help, that there was no one else who would, and so I would do what had to be done.  This man considered me to be his friend and I too had feelings of friendship.  I did however, wish that there were others willing to be of service to him other than myself.
A critical time came in my friends life where he found himself hospitalized for a heart attack and on top of that he had complications from other diseases that had rendered him almost helpless.  I did what he needed doing while he had his stay in the hospital.  He was preparing to move to another place when this unexpected health issue came upon him.  He requested that I move all of his possessions to a different location as the timing of his departure and the rent due were coming to a conclusion.  My kind wife took upon herself the entire task of moving his things to my place as I did not have the time at that critical juncture.  Soon I had a room filled with everything this man possessed, awaiting his release and we were going to have it all shipped to his new location.
In 3 days I received word that his recovery which was looking so well, had taken a turn and that he was not expected to live.  His wife would be coming to my place to take care of his possessions and any other affair.
After so many years, I found my pendulum swinging again.  It was swinging back to that same place it did when my dear doctor friend passed away.
I was looking now at my friends possessions and wondering to myself…  “With all that I have done to assist this friend of my and all of the fun little things that he possessed, maybe I was entitled to have some of the things after he was gone.”  This thought immediately haunted me and I found myself, judging myself.  Not again…  Why am I feeling these feelings? I wondered to myself…  How selfish and concerned I was with “THINGS” versus my friend who was soon to leave this world.  I struggled with so many thoughts that went through my mind as it was confusing to feel coveting and sadness and service and concern and greed all at the same time.
The swinging of the pendulum has a way of creating as you might say, a loop, a re-invitation, a mirror to the past events and challenges.  I have found over the years that when I feel I have reached a plateau and become comfortable with who I think I am, the rains come again and the water washes away the stable path leaving in it’s wake a slippery footing which can lead to the sliding down of a muddy trail.  What is left in such an event is the overwhelming feeling that what you think you have achieved or conquered in the past, was nothing more than a mere illusion.
My friend did indeed pass away and his wife came to see me.  I had placed everything into categories so as to better help her understand each and every possession he had.  I had put considerable time into making it as easy for her to understand and decide what to do with his THINGS, that I had quite a sense of accomplishment in what I had done to be of assistance.  There was however, that nagging darkness of the pendulum that had taken me to the left side and I found myself hoping for her decisions to take only the most important things to her and leave the rest for me.
I had seriously pondered these thoughts I was having and worked deeply to try and resolve the two extreme sides I was experiencing…  Service and giving to her and yet greed to me.  My friend was not very wealthy, in fact, quite poor and that which he had possessed was in truth not very much.  Guilt became my friend for even thinking in any degree of greed for that which was left behind.
The challenge in life however at this very moment was something which was a blessing to me in disguise.  I had revisited greed, envy and coveting once again but now I was older and filled with many more questions and a deeper desire to understand why I was not yet immune to such feelings.
Time has a way of helping us look at the very same thing differently, given the passing chronographically etched energy that we are gifted with throughout our life.  The same lesson can be presented to us time and time again and each experience can serve to teach a completely new lesson or enhance the lessons already ingested.
This time around for me, a lesson has emerged and is still coming forth out of inspiration and contemplation.
We are human.  We serve and in turn find true joy.  When we take only… and in so doing, find emptiness.  Though one might say that this temporal world is a distraction to a higher plane of existence, a hindrance to ascending spirituality, a smoke screen to what really matters, it is not that ease of a call to make.
I watched my friend who has now since passed away become trapped into the cycle of acquiring THINGS.  There came a point in his life, that all that mattered most, was acquiring THINGS and finding joy in having energy come his way.  As I step back and observe what his path was doing to him, I learned from watching, just how empty clinging to the temporal world can be.  Though I have had my share of lessons and personal experiences with which to confirm this simple statement… “Clinging to the Temporal World” and how destructive it can become in the long run, the re-visitation of lessons, time offers as a gift, is divine.
There is balance in the pendulum and it is an essential part of become more than what we are.  We may wish to complain over the event of swinging to the dark side no matter how deep that darkness may go.  We may wish to continually exist in the light however bright we can withstand.  We will however, never become strong and developed in TRUE WISDOM if we only harbor on one side of the ocean.  This journey is a constant swing from evil to goodness, light to dark and the war is not only raging around us but within us.  The immense experience of extreme spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy is an amazing gift spread out on the table of life serving to bring out the best and the worst in all of us.
We could stand on the sidelines of the game yelling clues, tips, pointers and advice of how to make it through life and it all may sound and be the best information possible to create the perfect result and enhancement to life…
Until we are drenched in the storm of life and ride the pendulum to it’s extremes, we will never truly understand what real wisdom is, until we are able to fully understand the darkest and lightest experiences of this life.  It is through this process that we will come to understand how to get the pendulum to finally rest, balanced in the center.
We can easily say from the sidelines that this temporal world is the problem…  or…  we can say that too much spirituality is either the best or the worst thing to balance…
Until we have a complete immersing into the energy of all that is before us, true wisdom is only an idea, a concept, a principle to be desired.
Clinging to the Temporal World is only one side of the equation. Clinging to the Spiritual World is only another side of the equation.  The equation is multifaceted and multi sided.  Until we come to a complete pause and find that we need neither spirituality nor temporal essence and at the same time we need both, will the true center of what and who we are elude us.
It is this brilliant gift of time and extreme opposites that is shaping the very image of perfection we will one day become.  Until then enjoy every moment this journey places into your hands, be it good or evil.  Know that serving others will become the final position where joy resides.  THINGS are only there to shine the light on what really lasts forever.

Photonic Addiction

Photonic-Addiction-960x400Authenticity vs Counterfeit…  That is the question…  It is a very similar question as the old Shakespeare quote…  “To be or not to be”
This may be a subject you might not even want to continue reading because it may very well hit rigtht at the heart of why you are even here reading this very message?
For just a moment, think about holding a counterfeit 100 dollar bill in your hand and while doing so, hold a real authentic 100 dollar bill in the other hand.
To the untrained eye and without the proper detection methods, you may never know that one has amazing value compared to the other.  Though holding the counterfeit 100 dollar bill in your hand may create the same euphoria as holding the real 100 dollar bill at first, in time, when the final tally comes to the balance sheet, the difference is remarkably high in contrast.  One can bring significant beneficial content to your life and the other can incite significant trouble which may very well lead to the loss of your freedom or at least the loss of someone else’s freedom.
Both pieces of paper are so similar that even the thought of attempting to determine if there is even a problem may never occur to you.
At our human core is a light, a vibrating light, an eternal light that was never created for it has always been…  It is the center of who we are.  Each one of us individually has this self sustaining light…  This thinking and reasoning energy we consider to be a sentient being.  The layers upon that being are the gift given to ever soul walking on this planet…  Spirit and body layers, allowing this sentient being to interact with others and the physical world.
The combined energy of these layers are very powerful.  Though the average person may not consider themselves very powerful in comparison to other observed energies we define as powerful, the truth is, the sentient being is indeed the highest potential power of all.  When layered with the complimentary qualities of spirit and temporal body and fully tuned with complete understanding and control of what they truly are and what they are capable of, there is no comparison.
Very similar to the comparison of the real 100 dollar bill and the counterfeit, the contrasts are like night and day when the truth of what they are is revealed.
Photons are incredibly well versed in mimicry.  They have the ability to represent the perfect image of a human.  They can reproduce beauty in motion.  They can transmit information so perfectly upon a virtual piece of paper that to the untrained eye, the mind may not realize it is only photons and not real paper.  The words on the paper are the same but one can be unplugged from a power source and vanish instantly having no lasting substance.
A smile, an intimate embrace, a kind word or humorous comment, an intellectual and profound gem…  All can be given as a gift and received as the same…  Such a world of splendor awaits and sentient being thirsting for interaction between themselves and another sentient being.  This sparkling dance of intrigue that beacons like an enchanted forest calling out to the passing traveler in the night…  The images of glittering lights in the distance.  The whispers of gentle voices expressing true love that will never end.  The enticing dreams of treasures not yet found by any other living soul.  On and on does the lure of magic persist until the traveler wanders like a child chasing the brilliant iridescent butterfly to the edge of the cliff.
Photons, like magic…  Like the whispered sirens of quiet gentle voices in the distance, promising a life beyond the daily common events which normally fill a usual hour or two, attract like the most powerful magnet, the metal of our souls.
Photons appearing as brilliant light have gained the command of spiritual beings.  Through the physical eyes gifted to humans, photons dance the dance of promise, joy, peace, fun, happiness, laughter, friendship, love and even wealth of many kinds…  yet…  you cannot touch a photon.  You cannot feel the heart of a photon.  You cannot embrace a photon.  You cannot read the body language of a photon in fact you cannot feel the core energy of a photon as it is not a sentient being gifted with a spirit nor a physical body…  It does not posses the energy of a living entity.
Like the beauty of a counterfeit 100 dollar bill so carefully crafted to appear as the real original 100 dollar bill so is the world of photons.  They dance on computer screens, they induce emotional responses while occupying the television screens, they appealingly entice the attention of the one holding the security blanket mobile device.  Like Cocaine, they promise a “REAL” world of splendor and lasting joy, yet they are completely incapable of creating any energy whatsoever that can be detected as tangibly real let alone offering energies that are intrinsically present if “REAL” lifeforms.
They are the dark whisper of artificial intelligence without last substance.
You might say…  “They are only transferring information which has been provided by a real and tangible being though!”
Yes that is true, for they only bring that which has intentionally been previously created or is immediately created for the offering to another sentient being..  amazing technology allowing the interconnection of other lives near and distant…  A miracle you might say…  and yet…
If tonight a photons ability to become energized by electrical forces ceased……………………
What would become of the grand counterfeit energies so abundantly shared around this entire planet?
This is not a mind game to attack progress or technology.  This is a shift in true thought…  True feelings…  True touch…  True whispers…  True love…  True kindness…  True friendships.
Unlike the counterfeit 100 dollar bill, the real 100 dollar bill will stand the test of time and value.
The core light that centers every living creature cannot be counterfeited nor can it be entreated with artificial counterfeit energy and remain with a lasting effect.
Personal energy is real and lasting.  Interaction between two living entities is more than the exchange of words, visual cues, taste, smell, touch or hearing.  There is a deeper and more profound energy that exchanges between creatures of real life and it cannot be replicated by photons or any other inanimate object or technology.  The energy of life goes far beyond the surface detentions and is sensed by the trained heart.  True love, joy, compassion, understanding, kindness and all other attributes that blossom from the human soul and the creatures abounding upon planet Earth can only be germinated from life itself, from that core light that has by far more power than one can explain.
Though we might feel a sensation of euphoric bliss walking around with $10,000. in 100 dollar bills, in time the emptiness of the realization that they were all counterfeit soon turns to windswept sand leaving no trace of lasting value.
The addiction to photons can also become a windswept folly of extravagant glitter only to fade with the passing of time.
Though true personal relationships require more time, energy and effort to nourish in person and though the difficulty of navigating the trials of compatibility can tax the very soul and it’s strengths, the effort can be an extreme value lasting into eternity.
If the choice were given to you to receive 100 dollars in the right hand or 10 thousand dollars in the left hand, which would you choose?
Would you still choose the 10 thousand if it were fully disclosed to you that it was all counterfeit?
Have you ever found yourself on one side or the other of the distractive photon addiction, either neglecting the person in the same room over the choice of the screen’s tantalizing offerings or being neglected by the same?  The divide of the chasm grows wider and wider as the photons consume the attention and personal time pf interacting with a real soul.  The artificial light though enticing and often beautiful is only a candle visually without the heat, without true lasting value.
If one cannot become skilled in the detection process of the true heart, the heart can grow cold leaving only a shadowy image of what love and kindness could have been.
When you or this planet passes away and the only thing left is the eternal you, will you remember what it was like or what it can be like to interact with real life?  For that, “REAL” life and real living energy is the only thing that has lasting eternal implications of value.
Dont’ let the Photonic Addiction like a silent thief in the night, steal away everything that has true and lasting meaning to you.  Unplug, power down and find another life form and engage in real living energy.  The more Fireflies that gather into one place, the more light, energy and power will exist.