Power Of The Shofar

Power Of The Shofar: Brand Thornton & CE MacPherson © 2020
This Shofar is a special one and the man behind it is a man of great faith. He has been to many places where the children of God were in deep despair. There are many stories tied to this man and the Shofar where angels were known to come to the rescue of those in need against circumstances that meant life or death. This moment in time was captured for you to understand and feel what occurs when he comes to the rescue of one who stands in need of God’s support where the odds are very unbalanced against the innocent. This was one such occasion.
The shofar was blown in the times of Joshua to help him capture Jericho. As they surrounded the walls, the shofar was blown and the Jews were able to capture the city. The shofar was commonly taken out to war so the troops would know when a battle would begin. The person who would blow the shofar would call out to the troops from atop a hill. All of the troops were able to hear the call of the shofar from their position because of its distinct sound.

Killing The Mouse

Killing The Mouse.
There was a day of interesting circumstances that I became involved in during the simple act of cleaning out a shelf which had some cans of fruit on it.  As I looked closely, I could see that some of the cans had mouse droppings on the top of the cans.  Hmm, I thought to myself, there must be a mouse or two lurking about.  I truly believe in being kind to all creatures but there is that occasion where the violation of my personal territory merits the actions of war no matter what the consequences.
As I proceeded to move the cans to clean them off, I was met with a surprise…  Behind the cans were two mice staring at me as if to say…  “Ah Oh!  um…  Hi!…  um… how are you?  Oh uh ya about this..  er um we were just um…  trying to be of assistance and we noticed some awful mouse droppings on your cans and …  well… we…  uh…  RUN! RUN! RUN!”  as one mouse looked at another and then they both froze in such a way that they seemed to think they had just magically become invisible.
Needles to say, I was in no mood to invite these two uninvited guests to a permanent food raiding party!  No! just the opposite!  It was WAR!
I quietly stepped away and in a rush found an old in the closet dusty BB gun.  Yes I know this sounds so cruel but in times of war, drastic measures must be taken.
With a loaded BB gun and quietly appeared again before the two lingering enemies who by now had the chance to escape but to my surprise they were still holding their ground and to top it off chewing on some of my food.  Yes I know what you are thinking…  “What happened to charity and giving to the poor?”  Yes yes I know but WAR does funny things to the mind.
I took aim at mouse number one and squeezed the trigger…  As the song goes “One down one to go!  Another town! One more show!”
With still yet another mouse left standing and that is exactly what he was doing…  Standing there on his hind legs and viciously staring me down as if to say…  “I dare you!’
This sparked in me another possibility of warfare.  No gun this time…  no…  I was going to let this one escape, run away, vamooses, RUN!
No chance…  This mouse was dead set on staring me down and not taking the opportunity to simply L E A V E.
That was it I exclaimed in my mind to myself!  No more physical warfare with mouse bullets…  No, instead, the new tactic…  Physiological warfare!
As the mouse on the grey coats side and me on the blue coats side stared at one another, I made my tactical move………….
I made a scary face, took a deep breath and roared loudly like a lion at the rebellious grey coat mouse!

What happened next took me completely by surprise.

The mouse gave me a diminished look of complete surprise and fear that I would resort to such tactics and he fell over dead right there before my eyes.

What had I done?  I didn’t even touch him?  He hadn’t been physically hurt from the first shot fired and stood resistively strong before me and yet he was now dead?
Was it his agreement within his own psych or did I send some form of invisible power which completely took him by surprise and overcame his ability to continue on living???

Just exactly what kind of energy does our voice contain?, Our Words?, Our body language?, Our Tone?
There must be something to the energy we exude and not just that which we hear and see or feel.  There must be more or is it entangled withing all of the above and exponentially driven by more than what we see.  Sometimes this specific reality that we all walk through, places various distractions on the stage of our reality.  These distractions serve to render a sort of soothing state of mind such as the device addict who continually stares with wonder and the various non essential forms of media fill up useful time converting that time into wasteful thinking processes.
If for a moment you can go beyond the obvious and ask the simple yet possibly complicated question…  What actually am I made of?  What kind of energy is at the very core and how is it that my consciousness can have such control over the immediate vicinity of my essence, body, breath, movement and more.  Yet…  what is actually occurring when I project my energy outwards.  A yell, a slap, a puff of air from my lungs, a nod at a stranger and so on…  What is really happening when I project my energy?
Is it possible to levitate myself or even a mountain?  Is the fact at least in my mind that it is impossible, the reason I cannot do such a thing?  What are the steps to cross the bridge to form a perfect connection between that which I am sure I can control and that which I only fantasize to control?
When I control another entity outside of my physical contact, is it because that entity is in agreement with my objective or can it be another factor beyond the agreement of that other entity?
Of course aside from the possible quantum physics of it all, there is another alternative…
What actually happened to the mouse?
Did he die of fear? or…  was some quantum consciousness energy involved here? Was there enough conscious energy sent to the mouse to disrupt his internal quantum energy so that in effect, the disruption killed him?  Induced Heart Attack caused by forced emotional energy and thus affecting his internal energy balance to the point of shutting down.


Become The Jedi

How powerful is “Thought “


I just spent over an hour with a person on the phone who has an amazing idea that could change the way people do things.  I could see the advantages of bringing this concept to fruition.  As we engaged in this conversation, my mind became flooded with my inner memories and teachings that I have acquired over the years.  Though I could see the vision of a future success in the subject at hand, there was a pause within my heart…  An energy of imbalance was in the air.  It wasn’t long before I found myself drifting in the sea of self centering.  Success as the forecasting dream of the conversation, attempted to paint and expand of a future of amazement, caution, became the choice of words with which to describe this moment. (more…)

It isn't "Fair"

unfairIt isn’t “Fair”…  How many times have we heard that phrase?  Maybe a child has slipped the comment in when things didn’t seem to go their way.  Maybe it was someone expanding on the subject with a varied twist like”how could a loving God allow such things to happen.  She didn’t deserve to have that happen to her…  or  It isn’t “Fair” that the rich and corrupt get away with so much while others suffer…
On and on the comments can thrive in their own little pond of understanding…  but…
Just how big is that pond of understanding?
Our universe is in perfect balance…  There is nothing added to it or taken away…  It is perfection in it’s inventory.koi-pond-bg

How Spiritual Communication Works


Spiritual communication is tangible… for it functions on the principle of frequencies.  Lockheed has created the TR3 which is a new craft that travels faster than the speed of light.  How is this possible?
Because it uses a completely new and different method which generates it’s own subspace field which is considered a warp which allows it to slide through subspace while warping space around itself.  Actually it is probably an old method but new to the common knowledge bank.  The cause at the core of its engine is a magnetic spinning velocity created by super high voltage and magnetic type mercury concept encased in a toroidal coil shaped like a doughnut where the coil is wrapped around the outside of a metallic shell similar to a hollow doughnut, another high voltage coil going through the center thus causing an extreme temporal swirl of magnetism which creates a field capable of sliding through space at extreme speeds.  This principle exhibits signs of Tesla’s work.
The galaxy is a large model of this same effect.  The Sun and our solar system is also a similar model and each of our planets rest in the harmonic well of the Sun’s generated field. The asteroid belt is an unfortunate accident of a planetary body sliding out of one of the harmonic fields and thus it’s destruction.
Sand and water exhibit harmonic alignment as frequency energy is applied to it.
When the frequencies are untrue of off harmonics they manifest chaos.  When they are in harmonic correction they exhibit amazing shapes and profound designs.
Music functions on the same principle as does light, taste, smell and touch.  They are all a function of harmonically aligned energy .
Our spirits are an assembly of frequencies… fast and slowed down energy which manifests itself as mass or matter…  a simple equation of E = mc 2.   All physical elements are simply energy in a controlled slow harmonic (Vibration or Velocity).
A simple example that might better be understood would be to view the effects of music upon different elements modulated by the energy of sound…  There is so much more beyond the limited arena of music but you will get the idea.
To actually receive communication from the spiritual creators, one must seek self frequency purification to receive pure forms of communication. We need purification in order to be easily modulated or to become a receptor of a communicative energy that goes beyond the common senses most are familiar with.  Sand when distracted by another element such as moisture, causes a blockage or chaos during exposure to perfect frequency generation.  Audible frequencies introduced to a distracted element, are unable to infuse harmonic balance and true representations of the correct frequency being sent or communicated.  Pure signals are distorted beyond recognition of the original signal when the receiving medium is not pure enough to faithfully represent that which is transmitted.
Distractions are what cause our spirits to embrace chaos, thus purification as a receptor is not optimally possible.  When we are drenched in purification as in spiritual study and meditation and silence, we can become one with God’s energy as we attempt to find the center frequency and amplify that within ourselves.  Centered frequencies exist in all things…  music… color…  smell…  touch…  taste…  and so much more that our senses do not obviously reveal.  The rainbow’s center frequency is green and music’s frequency is A432…  and so on.  In the spectrographic analysis display of all things, you will find the dominant centered frequency.  The human body as well as the Earth share commonalities in their frequency centers.
Spiritual communication in general with humans, carries a dominant centered frequency and when one learns to recognize it, unfolded to the mind and heart, all the secrets of the Universe will be available for the sensing.  As in simple radio frequency transmissions, a carrier wave if modulated by more than one source can cause the signal being sent to become distorted and unrecognized.  Our own essence can be compared to such principles in that if we cannot learn to embrace silence and peace and center our own energy, we will be unable to reflect inwardly, let alone outwardly, any spiritual information meant for us to receive.  Look around at today’s modern society and you will find a storm of information continually spread upon the feasting table.  This information storm serves to silence true wisdom which can be received from much greater intelligences operating on a much higher and quieter frequency.
spiritual communication 2
The above chalkboard is only a quick representation of the original presentation given and is by no means complete in the deeper explanation of the subject,  This is where you will have to realize we are just scratching the surface and trying to inspire you to fill in the gaps and expand on this principle.  Oh… and the image is not quite hi res enough to see clearly due to the only camera available at the time.  Sorry, but a picture is only the surface…  Think about it, you will find the explanation before the chalkboard photo is clear enough to start the thought journey into physics and spiritual communication.  Have fun!
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Consciousness Causes Frequency and Affects Reality

After watching this, ask yourself a deep question and don’t answer it right away.

“The existence we know right now, could it have been seeded into this bubble we call the Universe by a super intelligence capable of injecting the massive energy that we call the big bang?”  “Could this all be by design and not chance?”

Sand and Sound

This little video is a representation in two dimensions of what sound frequencies do when interacting with the temporal world.  Though it would be even more interesting to actually view the 3 dimensional images of what is taking place, this 2 dimensional visual lends enough information to understand that frequency has a major effect on static matter.  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIgmiDnmVdU When considering this same effect on the quantum level, you might begin to comprehend how life itself takes the forms it does due to the influence energy frequencies have on it.

Water Memory

According to all the laws in physics concerning frequencies, Water seems to hold the greater mysteries as to how it interacts in this Universe of physics.  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILSyt_Hhbjg
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59iuelCL0MQ Water has a way of doing things that normally aren’t supposed to happen according to natural laws of physics.

Cascade Springs Nature Music Meditation

“Ponds Of Kansas” is one of about 20 new projects we are working on.  I think you’ll love the new ones, they are going to take a while as they are big projects.


Until we post the new videos, we hope you enjoy this little tiny meditation sample below.

Restore Balance in your life with this 1 hour meditation, relaxation, de-stress video.  Take a power nap or simply regain peace in your life and enjoy this nice simple piece of yoga style energy.

PTSD and Depression

PTSD and Depression…  Neither have to become your long term friend.
The Universe is a life giving force…  It is full of more love than you could ever imagine receiving while here on Earth.  The entire energy of life is designed by one who understands the high worth of souls and the life blood of existence which is pure unconditional love.
Our inner thoughts often mingle with whispers from another outside force.  That force can come from various sources but in the end the only two radio stations transmitting are light or darkness.
The PTSD project is designed to help you find how to tune to the light station, how to immerse yourself in it, how to extract and receive the light that is so abundantly available which in turn can change your very inner soul.
When you start to change, your continuing mission is to bring forth that light as a passage of hope and fill the hearts of others who are struggling to tell the difference between the two stations.
Soon we will be releasing some of the most wonderful healing forms of energy designed to bring peace, hope and healing which all lead to a bridge of possibilities connecting every entity of life together on this planet.
Though you may feel isolated, forgotten and all alone, the pure truth is…  you are a part of something so much bigger than you can even imagine and our mission is to open a door to allow this enlightening truth to pass through you and lighten your soul from the inside out.
Stay with us as we work tirelessly to bring to you what we consider an amazing inspired series of creations designed to change your life.
In the mean time, while you are waiting…  do a little searching on quantum entanglement as there is probably a lot of information out there on the subject.  Don’t get to involved in the technical aspect of the subject but instead let the concept flow through you as you filter out the most basic principle of this subject…  we are not alone, we are part of something so much bigger than what we see in ourselves…  our very thoughts and actions have an impact on all life itself and life in turn has an influence on our very inner self.
We can become whole, healed and in tune with the light that life is so generously giving.
The Author
P.S. recently I saw a documentary create in 2011… this film entitled “I AM” could have a profound effect on the subject of not being alone, of being a part of something much bigger, of how quantum entanglement seems to be at the core of life itself, designed by someone so wise that it leaves little room to wonder what the real plan of life is.  I saw the documentary on Netflix but I am sure if you have not already seen it, that it could be easy to find.