Ancient Records

Ancient Records…  Here for your consideration, we have submitted to us compiled and translated ancient records.  You decide…  but if you are considering whether or not they are real or not, we recommend learning to calm your mind and internal energy so as not to infuse your own prejudice energy.  Simply put, keep an open mind as you read each ancient record.  Let yourself journey through the writings with a neutral outlook.  Let your judgment be passed only after you read the records.  If they are fiction, you will know for yourself.  If they are authentic, you will also know…  Either way consider it great entertainment.

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Here is one share that was sent to us about discovered records near Manti Utah


Killing The Mouse

Killing The Mouse.
There was a day of interesting circumstances that I became involved in during the simple act of cleaning out a shelf which had some cans of fruit on it.  As I looked closely, I could see that some of the cans had mouse droppings on the top of the cans.  Hmm, I thought to myself, there must be a mouse or two lurking about.  I truly believe in being kind to all creatures but there is that occasion where the violation of my personal territory merits the actions of war no matter what the consequences.
As I proceeded to move the cans to clean them off, I was met with a surprise…  Behind the cans were two mice staring at me as if to say…  “Ah Oh!  um…  Hi!…  um… how are you?  Oh uh ya about this..  er um we were just um…  trying to be of assistance and we noticed some awful mouse droppings on your cans and …  well… we…  uh…  RUN! RUN! RUN!”  as one mouse looked at another and then they both froze in such a way that they seemed to think they had just magically become invisible.
Needles to say, I was in no mood to invite these two uninvited guests to a permanent food raiding party!  No! just the opposite!  It was WAR!
I quietly stepped away and in a rush found an old in the closet dusty BB gun.  Yes I know this sounds so cruel but in times of war, drastic measures must be taken.
With a loaded BB gun and quietly appeared again before the two lingering enemies who by now had the chance to escape but to my surprise they were still holding their ground and to top it off chewing on some of my food.  Yes I know what you are thinking…  “What happened to charity and giving to the poor?”  Yes yes I know but WAR does funny things to the mind.
I took aim at mouse number one and squeezed the trigger…  As the song goes “One down one to go!  Another town! One more show!”
With still yet another mouse left standing and that is exactly what he was doing…  Standing there on his hind legs and viciously staring me down as if to say…  “I dare you!’
This sparked in me another possibility of warfare.  No gun this time…  no…  I was going to let this one escape, run away, vamooses, RUN!
No chance…  This mouse was dead set on staring me down and not taking the opportunity to simply L E A V E.
That was it I exclaimed in my mind to myself!  No more physical warfare with mouse bullets…  No, instead, the new tactic…  Physiological warfare!
As the mouse on the grey coats side and me on the blue coats side stared at one another, I made my tactical move………….
I made a scary face, took a deep breath and roared loudly like a lion at the rebellious grey coat mouse!

What happened next took me completely by surprise.

The mouse gave me a diminished look of complete surprise and fear that I would resort to such tactics and he fell over dead right there before my eyes.

What had I done?  I didn’t even touch him?  He hadn’t been physically hurt from the first shot fired and stood resistively strong before me and yet he was now dead?
Was it his agreement within his own psych or did I send some form of invisible power which completely took him by surprise and overcame his ability to continue on living???

Just exactly what kind of energy does our voice contain?, Our Words?, Our body language?, Our Tone?
There must be something to the energy we exude and not just that which we hear and see or feel.  There must be more or is it entangled withing all of the above and exponentially driven by more than what we see.  Sometimes this specific reality that we all walk through, places various distractions on the stage of our reality.  These distractions serve to render a sort of soothing state of mind such as the device addict who continually stares with wonder and the various non essential forms of media fill up useful time converting that time into wasteful thinking processes.
If for a moment you can go beyond the obvious and ask the simple yet possibly complicated question…  What actually am I made of?  What kind of energy is at the very core and how is it that my consciousness can have such control over the immediate vicinity of my essence, body, breath, movement and more.  Yet…  what is actually occurring when I project my energy outwards.  A yell, a slap, a puff of air from my lungs, a nod at a stranger and so on…  What is really happening when I project my energy?
Is it possible to levitate myself or even a mountain?  Is the fact at least in my mind that it is impossible, the reason I cannot do such a thing?  What are the steps to cross the bridge to form a perfect connection between that which I am sure I can control and that which I only fantasize to control?
When I control another entity outside of my physical contact, is it because that entity is in agreement with my objective or can it be another factor beyond the agreement of that other entity?
Of course aside from the possible quantum physics of it all, there is another alternative…
What actually happened to the mouse?
Did he die of fear? or…  was some quantum consciousness energy involved here? Was there enough conscious energy sent to the mouse to disrupt his internal quantum energy so that in effect, the disruption killed him?  Induced Heart Attack caused by forced emotional energy and thus affecting his internal energy balance to the point of shutting down.


The Nephite Ancient Records

For your consideration: The Nephite Records written on metal plates by ancient people who fled the old world and traveled to the new world.  This is a record of their history as written by the stewards of the records.  The records were preserved, and abridged and translated into English.
The Nephite Ancient Record
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The Nemenhah Ancient Records

For your consideration:  These records are described as follows:
An ancient person named Hagoth departed from his native people and as a ship builder traveled away with a number of people following him.  As the story of these records unfold, it is revealed that these people of old ancient American lands, thrived temporally and spiritually and these are the preserved writings of those who kept stewardship over the records for many many years.  These records, being preserved on tablets, have been translated with the help of Mayan chiefs and others, are in English form and carry a message of enlightenment and hope.
The Nemenhah All Books in One


The Human Journey

Cool Stuff coming soon here

The Tiger and The Wolves

The-Tiger-and-the-WolvesOnce upon a time…  There was a jungle…  in that jungle lived many different kinds of animals.  There were Eagles that could fly the highest…  There were young monkeys that, though timid loved to frolic and play.  There were Wolves.  There were Panthers.  There were snakes, Hippos, Giraffes, Elephants and a Tiger.
The Tiger though he had been known in the past to be rather vicious,  had gotten a little older than his vicious youth and had gained more wisdom and tolerance.  Though some of the animals used to fear the Tiger, they now loved it when the Tiger came around…  You see the Tiger was fun…  especially for the monkeys…  for when the Tiger came around, the monkeys scampered to play games and listen to Tiger war stories. Monkeys The monkeys would even make up their own stories and have lots of fun pretending.Sometimes the Tiger would play with the other animals and have fun pawing at them as they barked, hissed, growled, bayed and laughed.  Even the wolves sometimes enjoyed wrestling a little with the Tiger.
The Tiger however in the past had eaten a few animals of the jungle in his younger days but most of the animals of the jungle had never known that fact or had forgotten it all together.  You see to the animals of the jungle, the Tiger seemed harmless and quite fun at times.
One day as the Tiger was playing and jumping around with the monkeys, the wolves took note of the activity.
Quietly behind the scenes, the wolves took council among themselves and they agreed that the law of the jungle was being broken, for Tigers were not meant to mingle with monkeys at least not the way the law of the pack had been written.
The wolves as they bantered around with what to do sought out the Elephant for he was large and smart and knew the law better than most of the other animals, in fact he could enforce the law if needed and would make a great ally to the wolves.
The wolves stated their case before the great Elephant and in disbelief they heard the Elephant exclaim!  “Is it better to keep the law of the jungle?, the law of the pack?  or is it better to keep peace in the jungle and…”  He stated  “There is no law that a Tiger cannot mingle with other animals and especially the monkeys.”
“Objection!”  cried one of the Wolves.  The law states that no animal may dominate another animal unless there is an order to the interaction such as the need for food and the warning cry given just before the hunt!”
“I do not see your point?” replied the Elephant…  “The Tiger announced himself before entering the monkey and animal hill.”  “The Tiger also was asked by the monkeys to visit and the Tiger respected the monkeys by allowing them to contribute to the fun.”  The Elephant continued…  “Where in has the Tiger broken the law?”
“We do not agree with you!” gestured one of the Wolves.  “If you say he has broken no law and yet we know he has, we will take matters into our own hands and see that the law is fulfilled!”
As time ticked on, the wolves watched and growled among themselves…  They sought to entrap the Tiger by nipping at his heals and growling behind his back.  Many of the wolves we not so comfortable approaching the Tiger face to face and so they continued to seek his forced balance.  One thing the Wolves did not like was a Tiger among them that appeared to be a trusted creature and a fun one at that.  They knew he was not to be trusted and they were going to prove it to the pack and the jungle animals.
They silently planned to trap the Tiger by proving he was not to be trusted.  If they could upset him and get him to strike they might succeed in their proof.
The Tiger had been through many many battles and understood the way the Wolves thought.  The Tiger was tired of the hunt and the attack and sincerely enjoyed peace, fun and interacting with the other creatures.
There was one thing the Tiger knew that the Wolves did not really think about…  Still-A-TigerHe was still a Tiger and he was still, though peaceful now, a mighty hunter capable of killing a Wolf with one mighty blow…  In fact he could bring down and entire pack and do it according to the law of the jungle, for he knew the law of the jungle very well and thinking to himself began to remember what Wolf actually tasted like.
Oh he was hard to provoke and he enjoyed the animals and their interaction but still…  He was a Tiger and the memory of Wolf meat would become so much more clear the more the Wolves danced around and let off their familiar smell almost the same smell as a Coyote…  The same smell that put many Wolves and Coyotes into the jaws of the Tiger.
The jungle was safe for now and the animals so gladly welcomed the humor, fun and adventure that the Tiger now brought but only time would tell how peaceful the jungle would remain…  and it all depended on how the Wolves remained in their natural dignified state as Wolves or if they would drop their guard and begin dancing and howling and smelling like coyotes…  for the Tiger had never once stopped eating coyotes, for they filled his belly continually for that is why the jungle had become so peaceful.
Story © Copyright 2016 A Book Of dreams LLC.
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Two Kingdoms Jenny Deviation

“Reverse,” she shouted!  Through the power of the stone, the king could instantly envision what she saw. They were the rulers of a kingdom of peace, joy, and love.  All who dwelt there lived in harmony with themselves and nature.  The king laughed.  It was so simple!  All the king had to do was use the stone to show the attacking army what joy awaited them.  The animals would be easiest. They had lived lives of deprivation and sickness.  Now they would be free to graze under the apple trees and grow fat in lush green pastures.
The men would be harder but without their horses he could entice them to come over to the cold, clear waters of the streams.  With a smile, the king sent his thoughts of light through the stone to the army.  One by one the charging horses, slowed and walked over the toward the beckoning streams.  Soon, thirsty, hot men dismounted from their horses and lapped the water hungrily out of their hands.  As the cool water touched their parched tongues the men seemed to forget why they had come to the kingdom of nature.
All they could think of was how cool and refreshing the water was.  The trained warriors looked down at their grimy armor and began to remove it thinking they would be much more comfortable without all that heavy, hot plating.  The water looked so inviting, and it wasn’t long until they were wading in the stream, laughing and splashing with each other.  Wave after wave of soldiers crossed the bridge into the Kingdom of Nature, but no one was ever attacked.  The soldiers became interested in other things like farming, and animal husbandry, or blacksmithing.
The king of the kingdom of wealth waited anxiously for his victory, but heard nothing.  He arrogantly sent more and more of his subjects to the kingdom of nature to attack.  After three weeks,  he had exhausted all of his resources.  He had sent his whole army and still there were no reports of victory.  In fact, there were no reports at all.  Every person he sent over the bridge never returned.  Frustrated and angry he saddled up his horse and galloped out of the castle toward the bridge.  As he approached the bridge, he had a sick feeling in his stomach.  Something was wrong, very wrong.  Where was the bridge?  It was destroyed.  Not one stone was left.  Only the salty water of the sea lapped gently against the old pilings of the dock.  He dashed to the secret southern bridge.  What if that bridge was gone too!
What if all the subjects of his kingdom had disappeared into the sea?!  The sharp, rocky path gave way under the pounding of his horses hooves.  In no time at all he was at the second secret bridge.  Or was he?  Where was his bridge?  It was gone!  His kingdom was done for!  His entire army swallowed up in the sea and no bridges!  He growled with rage.  They would pay for this!  The kingdom of nature would pay!

Wisdom Of The Tree

Wisdon-TreeOnce on a cold day, I was walking and stopped under a tree.  She gently spoke to me.
In a silent whisper she said…
“Simple and quiet is the forest today…  Let it teach you.”
Somehow this day, I was not shocked to have a tree speak to me… I paused…
“Enlightened today” she again spoke softly “Most are not atuned to hearing me.”
“So…Then… I guess I am?” I replied aloud.
“Quite simple it is, to become aware, one must first slow down”  She gestured.
“Do all trees talk?” I replied.
“All Nature has a voice but few there are who hear it.”  Her words streamed like rays of wisdom.
She continued…  ” Man and Nature, different speeds they exist in, think in, live in.”
“Open you heart, your mind, Do you want to hear and feel more?”
I could feel something so much more than words…  “Yes I do”  I answered.
“Slow down you must… Cease fear…  Think not of the future.”
I listened intently as I felt she would say more.
She continued…  “The past has been, relive that only which uplifts and enlightens”
“Seek only the now, for that is where you will find peace and your center”
I pondered her words and wondered…  Then asked…
“It’s not everyday one gets to speak with a tree.”  “Could you teach me?”  I asked.
“Our ways are ancient, Seek depth do you?  First, slow down you must.”
“Slow down?…  What do you mean?  I questioned.
“Move about you do…  My nature is still…  You must receive in our way.”
She continued and I just listened.
“Speed creates noise, Noise will silence wisdom, Wisdom lost is peace unreached.”
“Without peace, outward influence has power.  Center you must if truth you desire.”
“When true silence you reach, Earth can reveal to you that which is.”
“Not only is Earth home…  Earth speaks and all that lives on Earth can speak.”
“Wisdom of the ages you can find but only if you know how, only if yourself you slow.”
“Walk slowly, very slowly.  Think quietly.  Think less.  Seek the forest.”
“Journey through man’s world until only nature’s world is present.”
“Touch the world.  Let it touch you.  Connect and listen for all life speaks through Earth”.
“I am firm and deep which gives me more than life, I hear and feel all life through Earth.”
“All trees, Plants, Creatures from everywhere, I feel them, I hear them.  We are calm.”
“We are peace.  We are joy.  We are connected.  We are one.  We have all past.  We have now.”
“We have future only as it arrives for there is no fear in future, no remorse in past.  Only now.”
“Now is life.  All life is with us and we are all one.  We are all many.  We have the past all here.”
“Every thought that has ever been and that is now, we have and we understand”
“There is joy in life and time does not exist for it is all at this very moment.”
“If truth you seek and wisdom you desire, you must become still.  You must become quiet.”
“As you walk in speeds seemingly still for you, enlightenment will come with silence.”
“As you learn to listen to Earth, you will hear me.  I can teach you even as you walk.”
“It may be new for you but ancient is this way and pure is this truth, this light.”
“Be slow, be still, be silent, be calm.  In your peace, in the forest you will hear and feel much.”
“Focus and be clear and you will be able to hear and feel me.  I will guide you if you seek.”
I was communicating with a tree yet she was offering a connection with Earth itself.
I could connect with all life on Earth?  This I did not understand at least not yet.
“I am ready and will seek to find clean nature and forest silent of man’s noise.”
“I will go slow and I will listen and clear my heart and mind of past and future.”
“Only now is all that has life in it and I will seek to feel and listen and learn.”
I could feel a different calm and confidence as I spoke to her.
“You have already begun.  So connected have you already become.  See not you are moving?”
So subtle, I did not notice.  I was in communication with her and yet moving away gently.
She began and I knew at this point listening and feeling was my first focus.
She spoke quietly and gently and her words went beyond sound, I could feel them.
“Free yourself of thought…  Allow only now to enter…  No Past…  No Future.”
“Now is the only energy which hold life.  Empty all essence from your vessel except now.”
“Yourself, you must cleanse all which lingers.  Make no judgments.  Recall no memories.”
“Imagination of the Future, you must Silence.”
 “Allow the energy of Now to be your only companion.”
“Seek only pure nature,  Traces of chaos and speed, leave behind you must.”
“As you release then and what is to come you will only have now.”
“Your focus must remain only in the now.  It is here you will find unity, oneness and balance.”
“In the Now, as you remain, All life and Earth’s connection can begin to flow through you.”
“Earth and all life hold centuries of peace, balance and wisdom.  A gift this can be for you.”
“Why Nature remains, continues in purity, ever lifting in energy, the secret this is.”
“Become one with nature.  Allow natures energy to flow through you.”
“Empty you vessel and allow Earth’s energy to fill it complete.”
“Become one with all that is.”
“All pain, sadness, fear, discontent, anger, betrayal, disappointment will be drawn out from you.”
“Your vessel filled with all of Earth’s energy will be free to accept peace, harmony, love and truth.”
“To see life with new light, new hope, new truth will become the new tapestry of your soul.”
“Deny disbelief, silence fear, embrace trust for that is how you only will receive.”
“Calm and peace and trust, your closest friend they are.  Recieve now that which is light and truth.”
“Light is the source of all existence and above light is Intelligence, eternal and unchangeable.”
“All life first is intelligence which has been and always will be.”
“Intelligence.  Always one greater and always one lesser with no ego in perfect balance and unity.”
“Each intertwined with the other.  Existence with all, interwoven, spread through time and space.”
“The lesser as charished as the greater.  Serving and loving as though each was one in the same.”
“To think as oneself, alone, separate, disconnected only becomes discolored fron pure light.”
“Pure light and truth is all that exist.  True color is, by adding upon.  To subtract is to lose truth.”
“Within you is pure truth and light.  To belive you are less is to embrace the loss of truth.”
“In Truth there is no way to take away from pure truth for to do so is a deception, untrue.”
“You are as the stars, each one larger and more powerful than they appear to your perception.”
“You are eternal.  Only your form transcends yet you remain always and forever intact in life.”
“Life is more vast and expansive than the state in which you now dwell.  You shall ascend.”
“From a glimmer of light you began ever existent, to a brilliance greater than the Sun you will be.”
“Allow the Earth, The Universe, Light, Energy, Nature to teach you who you really are.”
“You are a part of greater energy, one in the same.  A thread of a bright tapestry surrounding all.”
“You are one with light and all energy and inso you can create change and amplify goodness.”
“Life has a balance, you may call it Yn and Yang.  In nature, it is called the circle.”
“Always there is a balance.  Darkness and light.  Joy and pain.  Choice is the only separation.”
“Man has the highest level of choice.  You can be all that you choose for the Universe agrees.”
“You are of the greatest of light.  Your journey the choice it is given you.  Light or Dark.”
“Your destiny is your own.  Your energy is your own.  Only you create the destiny.”
“Life and all that exist, support you, they will.  Your nature is light, destiny beyond the Sun.”
“You are the creator.  Sleep from your eyes hides this truth only.  All things are possible with you.”
“Seek now to receive quietly the light and truth nature has to gift you with.  Go forth gently.”
“Open your vessel now as all life, light, truth, balance and ascention flow through you.”
“Feel it pulse through you as the wind caresses your body so will light pass inside of you.”
“Be calm, be silent, be slow and soon you will know that which the Earth and all life know.”
She continued in essence to remain with me. I had now been taught and was now receiving.
I continued on my journey silently receiving more and more truth and light from the forest.
© 2016
This story was written for a soon to be released video for those seeking the energy of ZEN, Relaxation, Meditation, Silence, Peace and Jedi type Balance in their life.  This will be an almost 8 hour nature video with custom music.  All you are all now waiting for is for the music to be finished.
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She Came

This is a true experience which happened to one of our authors.  What is so amazing is this dream turned to reality almost 20 years later.

The night was quiet.  The room was dark and only the delicate quiet sound of the wind blowing a willow branch against the window pane was present.  The night was late, well into the early morning hours.  Silence was the the blanket in which the moment slept.  As the wind slowed to a complete still and the minutes ticked away ever so quietly, the silence of the night was broken, broken with an ever so gentle whisper. 
“Daddy?” the word pierced the silence like a shimmering star in the lonely night sky.  “Daddy?… Daddy?” the little voice continued on.  The tender sound of a little girls voice filled the air.  Elusive yet clear and intense, she continued on until his heart felt her cries.  Stirring from a deep sleep as the young man of only 24 glimpsed to the side of his bed, he in a surprised yet reassured way felt the presence of an unborn child and in his heart knew she would someday be his daughter.  Now the two of them heart to heart and connected to the moment, embraced the child’s last message as she calmly and quietly whispered in his ear.  “I promise I will find you.” she gently reassured him.  Confused for a moment as her words sank deeper into his soul, the reality of what had just happened encircled him with a stronger love than he had ever felt before. 
“This is my child”… the words grew into a comforting truth and he knew that one day this little girl would step into his reality forever.  As fleeting as her unexpected visit, so was the last word she spoke before silently fading away.  Passing over her innocent little lips, the word  “Kaza”…  “Wait!” he exclaimed out loud.  “What was that?”…  “Your name?”… “Don’t go!” he gestured as he reached toward the fading figure that had now left the room once again, dark and silent.  “Was it her name?”  He wondered to himself… “and … and if she is to be my daughter?… “why would I name her?”… The experience had so overwhelmed him that all he could do was fall back down to his pillow and stare into the darkness, wondering and emotionally charged.  Only time would reveal what rays of light would grace the shadows of his life.  So he would wait… and wait……..
The year was 1991 and the cries of a new born baby girl graced the air as her mother shed a tear of happiness at the arrival of life’s newest princess.  “Oh my dear little one”  Whispered her mother. “How I hope and fear for your future”… “such a precious little soul in such an uncertain world”  “You will dream of pixies and angel’s wings, Ballerina’s shoes and pink fluffy things.”  “Oh how I hope as you reach for the stars, good fortune will be your guide.  Years past and the tiny little village most always covered in snow offered little hope to children who’s dreams seemed too often to fade in the grey of the forgotten.  The little princess had grown into a golden haired girl but the stars for her small hands seemed too far to reach and to her heart it was as if dreams didn’t really come true.  The bitter cold was often the only friend to bring her comfort and hunger seemed to be only that which invited little girls to sleep on.  Soon a baby boy would join his sister in the struggle of life that awaited their future.
They say, time heals all wounds, yet to little girls and boys on the other side of the world, it often brings sorrow and tears.  Little Ksenia and Ruslan would be no different this time than any other child without hope.  As fate would pass his cold hand over their eyes an emptiness would soon be their treasure.  In a cold little broken down house not far from the stillness of the Volge River waited two hungry children.  The old worn clock lifelessly ticket away the hours, day after day, week after week, until two discouraging months of fear, wonder and hunger consumed the very essence of their frail little bodies.  You see the one they called mother from the day they touched Earth never returned home, nor would she ever return again.  So young was Ksenia , a child of nine years, to become both mother and father to herself and baby brother.  The struggle for life is still a story untold, locked away in a little girls broken heart.  “Did my mother not want me?”…  “Did evil befall her?” … “Did she abandon me or did she fight to return?”… Only Heaven can reply to the questions of this child as Mother Earth keeps the secret oh so well.
Let it be rumored throughout the grey little village…
Two lost children, no food yet a home.
Darkness for hope but still holding on.
Have been taken today by the people of health.
Village officials who themselves have no wealth.
Six months doctors worked doing all that they could.
Giving all that they might to help the children feel good.
And in time it appeared their recovery astounding.
Yet from this day the village calls them the foundling.
Sometimes the universe smiles upon special people.  Sometimes only the universe knows they are special.  The eyes of man behold that which is flowering and say it is good, yet how many times do the lilies of the field go unnoticed before they blossom.  Each one a story untold, each one valued beyond gold.
little girl dreams and little boy dreams were written in journals, on papers and things.
She dreams of dancing, of music and love.
Someone who won’t leave her and a Father above.
Their hearts whispered daily of a place to call home.
Of a family, of parents and friends all their own.
He wonders if ever someone would hold him tight.
To cradle him close and silence his fright
A Papa and Mama who will never go away
and a childhood lost that might return someday.
Oh the dreams of these children, a very simple hue.
But a miracle it takes just to make one come true.
So many forgotten and so many are lost.
To loose just one child is a terrible cost.
And so opened a window, a most precious gift.
A child was found for a parent to lift.
A family begins and hearts start to mend.
Reality colors what only dreams can pretend.
And so the sweetest moment came for a little girl and boy as their parents arrived on that cold winter day.  The trials were many, the chances were few but the heavens had it planned many years before they knew.  As her father penned the story of this little miracle here on Earth, the profound moment arrived as he finished the sentence… “a little girl from Kazakhstan”  unexpectedly the connection came and he was taken back 17 years to a quiet dark room and the whispering last words of the voice from a little unborn child before she silently faded away.  He remembered now the precious word passing over her innocent lips, the word  “Kaza”  and he knew that someday was now and she was his daughter forever.

© A Book Of Dreams LLC.


WritingsThere is so much to say and we are preparing an amazing amount of cool things to read, we also are very interested in sharing what you have written if you want to share in the light of improving this world and not in the light of withholding for gain.
We will start with the “Original Parables”

Here is a rough concept of the next writing  “How Spiritual Communication Works”

This one may not be as easily understood as it has a chalk board accompanying it but the teacher who gave this concept did not offer everything in the writings as he did in the live presentation.
It Isn’t Fair!  How many times has that phrase graced the air that finds it’s way to our ears?

Here is a little poem written by a student that we really liked -Worst Day Ever- What a fun little story.