Rodeo Dogs


When I was a younger boy somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10, I vividly remember going to a large rodeo that seemed to have every event one could ever imagine.  Though I was not much of a cowboy kind of kid and the wild animals did not especially interest me, there was this moment when magic seemed to manifest itself in such a way that I became awe struck at the amazing event.
A clown had come out on the rodeo field and trailing behind him, about 20 dogs of various shapes and sizes.  Some of these dogs were dressed in fun and super character clothes while others had a simple hat or ribbon adorning their beautiful fur.  As they approached the middle of the field, the picture quickly changed from a train of dogs following a clown, to an amazing array of trained dogs following the cues of a clown.
The clown would talk to the dogs and ask them questions and they would respond with an equal action which would indicate an answer to the clown’s question.  They displayed amazing talents such as riding a bicycle, walking on a tight rope, doing triple flips, stacking upon each other to form a pyramid, jumping through hoops of fire, piling into a little car as one dog appeared to be the driver and raced all around the rodeo field.  These dogs were so amazing and talented and it seemed as though they “Just Got It”…  They got all of the cues that the clown was presenting to them and they reacted with precision and perfect obedience.  Climbing high upon a ladder and jumping into a mini swimming pool, crawling into a large wheel and making in roll all around the field and so on and so on.  The dogs just seemed to have one amazing trick after another…  “Super Dogs” was the best description I could use to express the amazing little guys.
As I watch in fixed enchantment, I had thoughts of my own dog back at home and for a moment I imagined my dog sitting by my side there in a rodeo seat next to me.  I imagined giving my own dog some of the cues that the clown had been giving his special trained dogs.  I awaited his obedient responses and in my imagination, I formulated his response according to what I considered reality…
My dog would just sit there and look at me with confusion and yet he would enjoy listening to my voice and so he would react with a doggy grin and an offered paw while wagging his tail and yet, he would do no special action which I noted in the Rodeo Dogs.  My dog would be thrilled with a dog biscuit or a scratch on the back of his head or even better for him, he would highly appreciate interacting with me and a ball or a rag with which he could grasp tightly in his teeth and play tug of war with me but he would do no special tricks no matter how creative I made my commanding cues to do so.
I loved my dog and oh what a special dog he was to me.  My dog however, would merit no special reward from anyone else if measured against the Rodeo Dogs, for he just didn’t seem to have the ability to do that which I was now observing at the hand of the master clown and his crew of “Super Dogs”.
It was as though my dog no matter how wonderful he was, appeared to not have the ability or at least if he did, he had forgotten everything he used to know about being a Super Dog.  That didn’t change the way I felt about him but it left me wondering what exactly it would take to help him remember or to first hand learn how to be a Super Dog.  What kind of training would it take to bring him up to speed?
As I watched the master Rodeo Dog Trainer, though he was dressed as a clown, I could see through his disguise…  What I sensed was the same thing that the Super Rodeo Dogs sensed in him…  He was a kind and loving person toward his dogs.  You could tell that his highly skilled dogs learned how to be so wonderful because of the patience, long suffering, kindness and determination this amazing master possessed in order to make his dogs the very best they could be and by the way he treated his dogs, it was obvious it was all done in a large encircling power of love.
The entire Rodeo Dog experience has often caused me great reflection as to the energy involved in such an experience.  It wasn’t just an enchanting event to watch such smart dogs but it became a deeper thought provoking experience that seemed to mirror the lives of people here on planet earth as well.
When I visited Greece, I noticed many dogs that would roam the streets of Athens.  They were orphan dogs, no masters, no family, no home, no one who loved them.  They were dogs gone wild, like alley cats that were born in the wild and were simply homeless on the continual hunt for food scraps and a safe place to sleep.
If one were to raise the Rodeo Dog experience to match the lives of people, the story takes on a whole new meaning.  To mirror the similitude into the human experience, we could imagine ourselves as Rodeo Dogs.  How much love and patience and devotion did it take to bring average dogs to the level of Rodeo Super Dogs?
This life’s journey is very much like one big rodeo.  Some become Rodeo Dogs and others, the lonely dogs of Greece.  What makes the difference?  What are the tricks so to say that takes an average human to the level of the similitude of a human Rodeo Dog?  How does it happen?  Who is the Master Trainer?  Like my dog who was not able to comprehend the request for performing tricks, we too can find ourselves asking the simple question…  “What is it that this life is really all about and why are we here?…  What are we really supposed to be learning?  What are the Rodeo Tricks that we don’t comprehend as of yet?”
Truth is truth no matter how much man would desire to reshape it to conform to his liking.  One truth that finds it’s way into the world of debate is whether there is a supreme creator or not?…  and … If there is a supreme creator, what kind of entity and personality is present in the energy of the Master?  What kind of tricks does the Master want us to acquire in order to be considered his Rodeo Dogs?
What of the dogs in Greece?  Why is it that some dogs are bound to a life of scarcity and others, a life of seemingly abundance?  Where is the turning point and what factors become a part of the division, the fork in the road?
I recently heard a story of a man who had a dog whom he loved so dearly and was so very proud of her.  It seemed that his dog was capable of performing on the level of an assistance dog, you know, the other side of the Super Dogs, the ones that get specialized training to assist the handicapped people with daily life activities.  Those are the other amazing dogs not unlike the official Rodeo Dogs that are capable of doing so many many wonderful things.  The similarity between the two kinds of dogs is not much different.  They both do incredible things and they both have amazing patient, kind, devoted and loving trainers.
Well this man and his beloved dog were so very close and he was so so very proud of her and her capabilities.  Not only could she act upon his voice commands and understand and do almost everything he asked of her but she was also an accomplished hunting dog.  He bragged to his friends on how wonderful a hunting dog she was.  He made her out to be so wonderful that his friends desperately wanted to see this amazing dog in action.  The day came and he and his wonderful she dog who was so capable of so many great feats went for a ride to meet his friends out on the hunting field.  The moment was charged with excitement as his friends gathered around to watch the incredible dog in action.  As he took her out of the kennel in the back of the pickup truck and placed her on the ground to begin her amazing skill of hunting, she did nothing toward any form of skill but instead just sat there by his leg hardly moving.
He commanded her to go to the field and flush out birds and yet to no avail would she go.  She simple stayed close to his side and refused to perform.  After many attempts to bring her into her own talented energy, he gave up and informed his friends that she was acting so very strange and he did not understand this misbehavior.  He told his friends to go ahead and drive on and he would work with the dog alone in the field.
He took her out into the field and down by the stream where he spied a dead bird.  He commanded her to retrieve the bird and she ever so hesitantly did so but with absolutely with no excitement or energy.  Disappointed, he roughly grabbed his dog and rudely tossed her into the kennel in the back of the truck and drove home.  At home, he went through the ritual of running his fingers through her fur searching for ticks and burs.  As he ran his hand down her breast and tummy he felt wet liquid.  Upon pulling his hand away he saw a considerable amount of blood and discovered that his precious dogs had somehow been wounded in multiple spot with deep gashes.
Upon arrival at the veterinarian and requesting the veterinarian to stitch her up, the veterinarian informed him that the kind of wound she had required that no stitching be done but instead she would need to be well cared for for a significant amount of time as this type of wound required healing from the inside out and would take a long period of time before she would be able to really do anything normal.
his remarks on the entire experience were very profound.  It is amazing to see what animals and humans are so capable of and yet how halted in progression they can become from exposure to pain.  Such a deep thought of compassion when one really focuses on that statement.  how many who walk this earth pathway are exposed to emotional, mental and physical pain.  How many are void of having a loving, kind and patient trainer?  How many have no idea of what they are truly capable of?  Like my own dog, is it possible to have forgotten what it means or takes to become an amazing Rodeo dog?
There is a kind, patient, devoted and loving trainer and that trainer is within reach of every living being on this planet.  like the lost dogs of Greece, we may not even be aware that there is such an amazing, kind, loving trainer.  Some of us on this planet may merely be concerned with just surviving day to day while others miraculously may be involved in becoming Super Rodeo Dogs.
What are the tricks of the great Master of all that he wishes for us to learn?
I do not know all of the capabilities the Master knows we can achieve but I do know that the beginning of those talents we can achieve on our way to becoming Super Rodeo Dogs are there for our learning.
Trust in the Master.  If you are not even aware that there is a master patiently waiting to bring you to a higher level of living, it is time to begin the search and find that the Master really does exist and truly is endowed with the qualities of Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Love and Wisdom.
The tricks and qualities the Master wants us to finally perfect are many but the training time is so much longer that one might think.  This Master is so capable of patience and long suffering and knows each of us.  This Master knows of the debilitating pain we have and are enduring.  This Master believes in us for we are the greatest treasure in the Master’s life.  We can begin the Super rodeo Dog Training by seeking out the secrets of becoming a rodeo Dog.  We can start by finding out what compassion for others really means.  We can find the meaning of kindness, charity, patience, tolerance, long suffering, gentleness and we can begin the journey to discover what the pure love of the Master is and how we can use it to lift not only ourselves but the entire world around us.
The Rodeo Tricks of humanity are not as obvious as the Rodeo Tricks of the actual Rodeo Dogs but then again to an average dog, the Rodeo tricks elude his understanding without training and so it is with humanity…  we often are not in tune with what the Master really wants from us until we seek out that which can be made so plain to us.  The truth is out there and the secrets are within the grasp of anyone who wishes to become more than what they presently are.  If an average dog can become a Super Rodeo Dog at the hand of the Master, we too can become amazing at the hand of the greatest Master of all.
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