Dreams2So many on this planet seem to feel that there is more energy and purpose to dreams than just the simple fact that the mind has entered R.E.M. mode to restore a relaxed state to the brain in preparation for making it through a new upcoming day.
We know for a surety that dreams can indeed be more than what the scientific explanations allows.  On this page, we have coming, accounts of dreams that have deeper meaning than what the surface reveals…  in short, dreams can be many things but also come in the form of future revelation, communications from beyond, enlightenment for new ideas and so much more.
Dreams are truly a connection to something more than just ourselves.
Stay tuned as we begin to bring Dreams to you.  Here is the first account of  a true dream: 

We want to share your Dreams with the world if you would like to share.  If you have it written, on audio, video or pictures and you would like to contribute your dreams to share with the world, we will create a page just for your dreams.  Send us your links or written text through our contact page.  You may also include your email if you want to be able to share other media.  We will never give out your personal information to anyone ever.  If someone wishes to contact you and you have given us your contact information, we will share with you if anyone ever does wish to contact you but the choice is yours and yours alone.  We look forward to hearing your unique experiences through dreams.

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Two Kingdoms (The Bridge That Destroyed)

Wisdom Of The Tree