Two Kingdoms Jenny Deviation

“Reverse,” she shouted!  Through the power of the stone, the king could instantly envision what she saw. They were the rulers of a kingdom of peace, joy, and love.  All who dwelt there lived in harmony with themselves and nature.  The king laughed.  It was so simple!  All the king had to do was use the stone to show the attacking army what joy awaited them.  The animals would be easiest. They had lived lives of deprivation and sickness.  Now they would be free to graze under the apple trees and grow fat in lush green pastures.
The men would be harder but without their horses he could entice them to come over to the cold, clear waters of the streams.  With a smile, the king sent his thoughts of light through the stone to the army.  One by one the charging horses, slowed and walked over the toward the beckoning streams.  Soon, thirsty, hot men dismounted from their horses and lapped the water hungrily out of their hands.  As the cool water touched their parched tongues the men seemed to forget why they had come to the kingdom of nature.
All they could think of was how cool and refreshing the water was.  The trained warriors looked down at their grimy armor and began to remove it thinking they would be much more comfortable without all that heavy, hot plating.  The water looked so inviting, and it wasn’t long until they were wading in the stream, laughing and splashing with each other.  Wave after wave of soldiers crossed the bridge into the Kingdom of Nature, but no one was ever attacked.  The soldiers became interested in other things like farming, and animal husbandry, or blacksmithing.
The king of the kingdom of wealth waited anxiously for his victory, but heard nothing.  He arrogantly sent more and more of his subjects to the kingdom of nature to attack.  After three weeks,  he had exhausted all of his resources.  He had sent his whole army and still there were no reports of victory.  In fact, there were no reports at all.  Every person he sent over the bridge never returned.  Frustrated and angry he saddled up his horse and galloped out of the castle toward the bridge.  As he approached the bridge, he had a sick feeling in his stomach.  Something was wrong, very wrong.  Where was the bridge?  It was destroyed.  Not one stone was left.  Only the salty water of the sea lapped gently against the old pilings of the dock.  He dashed to the secret southern bridge.  What if that bridge was gone too!
What if all the subjects of his kingdom had disappeared into the sea?!  The sharp, rocky path gave way under the pounding of his horses hooves.  In no time at all he was at the second secret bridge.  Or was he?  Where was his bridge?  It was gone!  His kingdom was done for!  His entire army swallowed up in the sea and no bridges!  He growled with rage.  They would pay for this!  The kingdom of nature would pay!