Two Kingdoms (Reuben Deviation Story)

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Until the deviation story of Reuben is submitted, a recount of his oral story will be placed her:
As the King and Queen desperately fought off the Lions and as it began to appear that the Lions would soon have their stomaches filled, the King of Nature suddenly realized the gift he had brought for the King of Wealth and he realized that he magical stone was still in his possession…  Thinking fast he grasped the stone and yelling out to the Queen, he tossed with precision, the stone into the hands of the desperate Queen.  This she knew how to use and thinking fast she perceived the thoughts of the lion which was upon her and preparing to pounce…  She could see and feel through the power of the stone, the sudden move that the lion was about to make.  With amazing speed the Queen suddenly rolled to the side as the lion in mid air had already taken it’s flying leap to administer the killing blow to the Queen.  Instead of the satisfaction of a new dinner made from the dying bones of the Queen, the lion plunged head first into a very large and sharp jagged protruding rock which deeply pierce his shoulder.  Struggling to pull away from the impaled  stone, the lion managed to tear his shoulder away from the now blood soaked speak like stone and quickly limping with the only thought in his mind now of survival, he vanished, leaving only one lion in the fray.
With sudden awareness the Queen acted fast, pointing the stone toward the King she was able to discern the thoughts of the King and was able to find within those thoughts clear and precise directions as to how to open the extending staff.  With a swift action, the staff open in full size and gleaming with a brilliant green energy light, at the same time as she screamed for the King’s attention, she tossed the staff to the King, who being a master of the ways of defense wielded the staff with great power and in one fleeting blow extinguished the fire of life from the remaining lion as it slipped silently to the ground from an ominous ear shattering energy blast administered from the King through the energy of the emerald staff.
Silence was all that filled the air at that moment as the exhausted King and Queen stared at each other in disbelief at what had just happened.  Soon they found themselves in an intense embrace with tears streaming from each other’s face, simply savoring the moment and fact that they were both still alive.
Meanwhile watching from afar, hidden in the thicket, the King of the Kingdom of Wealth was silently mourning the loss of his trained lions and plotting the next step in the demise of The Kingdom of Nature and it’s two rulers so easily within reach just below him.
With a snap of the finger, the Kings General of The Kingdom of Wealth moved forward with his mighty army all clad in armor fro head to Horses hooves, swords now unsheathed and shields affixed in the position of attack.  The King of Wealth so smugly admiring the immediacy of his finger snap command and the army that stood ready had over confidently applied his attention to his motions and the energy that his movements had cause in such a large army standing at his ready call that he failed to notice the King and Queen of The Kingdom had also heard his finger snap and swiftly and silently slipped ever so rapidly to the hidden trail below and stealth in their wings took flight on foot so quickly toward the original bridge that it seemed as though magic had cloaked their moves.
Realizing his folly, the King of Wealth gave a forceful forward motion with his arm and commanded his army to fall upon but first to find the escaping enemies and finish the job the lions had failed to do.
Though it was near a day’s travel on the bridge toward The Kingdom of Nature, it was also the only way home and the only way to warn the people of his kingdom.  The King and Queen ran faster and more breathlessly than ever they had run before knowing the danger that would soon be at their backs.  They had no sooner began the escape across the bridge when the angry sound of hooves could be heard ever closer  They could feel the vibrations of the army and it’s horses rumbling through the highly crafted workmanship of the bridge and fear became their closest friend at the terrifying thought of what would happen next when the army had descended upon them.
“Reverse!” shouted the queen!  looking confused, the King with eyes seemingly glazed over, starred questioning at the Queen.  Again she blurted out the word but this time with more conviction and that look in her eyes toward the King of “You know what I mean!” as she yelled in a more demanding tone “REVERSE! REVERSE!” motioning to the stone which was still in his hand.
Suddenly as if the Sun had become twice as bright, the King realized what she was trying to get him to do.  The stone not only had the ability to discern the thoughts of those around the one who possessed the stone but it also had the ability to “Reverse” that same ancient energy and place thoughts into those who were within the proximity of it’s influence.  Within seconds the army was upon them and within seconds Th King of The Kingdom of Nature had the army turned around and heading back to the King of Wealth.  This cleaver action on the part of the King of Nature was a simple thing to do for him as he planted into the minds of the army that they were going the wrong way and to turn around rapidly they would succeed in capturing The King of Nature which was now actually going to be the King of Wealth.  In their minds however they would only see The King of Wealth as though he were The King of Nature.

Copyright © 2016 this version is Reuben’s version as best as I could remember his telling it orally.  His version will also be copyrighted by him.  His version and portion of the story either written by him or myself from his oral recanting will only be used if the copyright is attributed to Reuben and only by his permission.

We are now awaiting the submission of the deviation portion of Reuben’s story in full so we must say at this point say…

“To Be Continued”

Copyright © 2016

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