What others say life is

Here are a couple of videos that though they try to shed scientific light on life, have omitted offering anything beyond what the tangible can offer.

Though fun to tingle your imagination with what these videos have offered, there is so much more to the answer than these questioning portrayals attempting to give meaning to the simple four letter word… “Life”
What is presented in these videos is the concept of life being linked to the animated energy that keeps the body of a living organism seemingly charged with life.  Though hair grows and cells come into being to replace the dying cells and even the heart pulses with animated energy, there is only one life force inhabiting the body, only one self aware thinking and reasoning entity.  The body can be considered as a colony which receives light energy from a greater source.  A cancer cell can be made to continue animation after it’s Intelligence entity which was at the core of the body leaves…  So the real question is…  Where is the sustaining energy coming from to keep the member of the colony animated.  Certainly the member of the colony is not making decisions as to how to proceed in an independent fashion and yet it thrives.
A wave of central energy is pulsing throughout the universe, turn the lights out and all life “Forms” will die, but that only means a transformation of their animation counterpart.  The intelligence entity will still continue on as it is indeed not capable of being destroyed.  Existence has some very simple building requirements in which life is a part of.  Space to house everything in, energy in it raw form either mass or energy depending on it’s vibratory speed and last but far from the least, the eternal intelligences themselves, ever shifting frequency, thinking, reasoning entities of energy.