You Are Rich ! ! ! NOW WHAT ? ? ?

moneyImagine just for a moment or if you are what we might call one of the lucky ones, you have just become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams…
The first thing that will happen no matter what your morals and standards are, is that your mind will go on a mental massive shopping spree.  You are a temporal being while sojourning on this planet and one of the reasons you are on this planet in the 3rd dimension is to become familiar with the workings of a temporal life.  From the moment you were born, this new kind of life grasped your attention and has not let go of you right up until this point.  You natural response to this new massive wealth is to improve upon your temporal experience…  Possibly fall into a buy… buy… buy…  mentality…
Sometimes this will occur with speed and recklessness.  It also will occur with self gratification.
When the spending becomes empty and unfulfilling, you may very well find yourself in desperation to buy more in order to fill the growing black hole that has now become unquenchable.
“I am special…  I am different and I understand spiritual things and am immune to this form of behavior”
Will you declare yourself a “Snow Flake” (Very Unique and unusual to the human element and that which affects others will not affect me because I am different and special.)
If you desire to classify yourself as a “Snow Flake” the only way to succeed is to understand life itself and what you are doing in it…  How you fit into the puzzle of the elements of life…  What is your true purpose?  What is the true purpose of all others who seem to have similarities to you?  What is the true purpose of other life forms that are different from you?  Why is there life in the first place and what is the final destination to existence?
In order to withstand the storms of wealth, one must sincerely seek the foundation which gives life to all and why this foundation exists and what the real purpose is.
If you choose to classify yourself as a believer in self and science only and make either internal or external declarations that there is no supreme creator, you are invited to burden yourself no further with this writing.
If however you feel somewhere within your unspoken and possibly momentary hidden memories, that there must be some great Intelligence at the center of all that man can perceive, then read on.
Now that you are reading on…  Take a moment and pause…  listen to the world around you…  breath in the air and take note if there is a scent that can be detected…  Swallow and feel the fact that you are tangible.  Stretch you arms out as far as you can…  Now raise them high above you and breath deep and exhale with words which make a declaration that you are a part of this immense universe.
You truly are a part of this entire creation and you are an amazing part…  In fact, you are, out of everything that has ever been created, the very highest treasure of worth that there is.  How many other forms of life on this planet can read or at least understand what is being read to you?
You are indeed precious above all other existing things in this universe.  You may want to challenge that if your own personal self esteem has fallen short of assisting you to believe in yourself but that still will not change the truth that you are indeed extremely special…  EXTREMELY.
Wealth…  What does it really mean to you?  and…  does it really matter what it means to you?  Does the orbit of the Earth really matter in the mind of a child…  probably not…  Why?  because that, though there is truth in such a subject, is not a subject required at hand to navigate through the first few years of growing up.
The orbit of the Earth does matter and it matters very very much.
What of wealth?  You are now wealthy if you are reading this after a miraculous event in which you find that your bank accounts are swelling beyond containment or at least have grown considerably beyond your previous ideals.
What to do with your new found wealth?
This is really not the question that has a high level of importance.
The real question is…  What to do with yourself?
The Answer?  First discover who?  what?  why you are?  and where you are really going.
Not until recent years, have scientists discovered that there is something filling the immensity of space.  In there quest to continually label things, they apply a name so that it may be discussed with some level of recognition…  They have a few names for it but one of them is “Dark Matter”.
It is said that every square inch of space is filled with this super fine matter near undetectable yet there.  Consider the raw building blocks of this Universe as you contemplate Dark Matter.
How many of you understand Einstein’s theory and equation… E = mc 
Let’s make it as simple as possible. Energy = Mass Times the Speed Of  Light squared or in other words…
Matter when accelerated or vibrated at speeds which equal or exceed the speed of light, transform into energy and energy is light.
Light or energy when slowing down below speeds of the speed of light, transform back into matter.
It is all a very simple concept…  Light or energy is Mass or matter…  They are one in the same but are existing at different speeds or frequencies.
Yes I am going to get to the wealth portion of this article so please hang in there…
The Sun is both Mass or matter and Light or energy at the same time as there are portions of it which exist at frequencies or speeds slower than the speed of light and at the same time there are portions which have become accelerated fast enough to become light or energy.
You are like the Sun…  There are portions of you which are in operation at speeds slower than the speed of light and yet there are portions of you which are existing at speeds of or greater to the speed of light.
You are energy and mass at the same time.
Unlike the Sun, your light is within while your temporal mass is without or presented on the outer portions of your essence.  The Sun on the other hand is shrouded with light and energy on it’s outer portions while it’s center represents mass or matter.  This observation goes oh so much deeper but remember we are trying to make it simple right now.
Light and energy is the foundation of creation.  At the very core of your light exists an eternal thinking and reasoning entity called an Intelligence…  In simple terms, a very small star with the ability to think and reason independently.
Now it is time for you to use your imagination and visualize trillions and trillions of these amazing little Intelligence stars always having existed, never being created or never being able to be destroyed.
Among these many many brilliant thinking stars as history will one day reveal, there was one so brilliant and so capable of using the vibrational energy of thought which modulates light energy and in turn has complete effect on the frequencies which slow light and energy down to achieve mass or matter.
When the most brilliant star has never had any voice telling it… “That cannot be done” Miracles can happen and did.
We are seeing today the miracle of life where thought affected light or energy which in turn created organized matter or mass as we see it today and now the most important part of all…
The meaning of life…  The reason we all exist…  The purpose for being alive…
Freedom of choice is the only way the Universe expands…  The only way any entity will become more that the sum of it’s parts.
Unification of the Universe can only be achieved through perfect harmony of frequency vibrations or in other words remaining true to the vibrations applied.  This can be more simply referred to as TRUTH.
And yes we are getting to the subject of wealth…
Light which cannot maintain a particular frequency will oscillate and change until is is extinguished… but… light which maintains an applied frequency, will glow brilliantly until it becomes offensive to the dark.
The principle of existence in this Universe can be observed in the concept of Yin and Yang…  Light or Dark.
You are now probably wondering what this all has to do with becoming extremely wealthy?  Stick with me for a bit…
This amazing first star of great Brilliance and Intelligence which discovered the Miracle of modulating light, naturally took the next step, and that was to invite all other brilliant thinking and reasoning stars into what is now called life or the spiritual and temporal existence.
I am getting close to the part where wealth comes into play.
An invitation to all Intelligences to join in the dance of life is the one most important event in all of history and existence.
This state of being in which we all find ourselves in right now ,with the ability to comprehend these very words, is the momentum of something that was started a very long time ago.
That something was sweet and simple, true and filled with more love than anyone on Earth can imagine.
The invitation to partake of life…  To make choices of our own free will…  to choose light or dark or in other words high frequencies or low frequencies, is where the power comes from and grows from within all who take this journey of discovery.
There are only two real governing principles in the Universe…
One holds true to TRUTH or the controlled ability to maintain a constant frequency or energy.  Some who write movies may call it the Force… but in truth it is the ability for the Intelligences of this existence to become familiar with the manipulation of light and in turn, gain the ability to transfer light or energy into mass or matter and the reverse.
Only two self evident plans can be achieved from these two principles…
Tear down and destroy or build up and glorify until all are within the existing frequencies of light.
and now………. the part you have been waiting for… MONEY…
Money or wealth is the physical representation of energy.  It is an invented tool of man but it operates on a much higher law.  It operates on the laws of energy.
This energy can be wielded in the hands of either good or bad people.  It can be used to destroy or to unify.  It can be a deterrent to an individual and those the individual comes in contact with, or it can be a miraculous blessing to many within the reach of its influence.
If one is to safely survive the effects of extreme wealth poured upon them, they first must understand the principles of Unification that are so evident in this Universe.
The entire goal of the supreme creator of this life you are presently experiencing, is to bring every thinking Intelligence star that exists in the known Universe into a state of brilliant power until all that embrace the dark become so offended by such amassing power that the division cannot be breeched.
Total separation of Light and Dark.
This unification is completely possible on this planet at this very time if all who were endowed with the energy of wealth, understood what happens when numerous entities all unify together to create such a wave of energy that a major division is created which will allow neither side to cross.
Light and dark as it is seen daily through this 24 hour period on Earth can become a physical division between good and evil.
Your wealth like a powerful drug can be used to save lives or destroy them.
Wisdom at the highest level is required to chart a path through the trouble seas of wealth which will bring you to a harbor which will forever change your life for the better and radiate a light so powerful that thousands can be touched and raised to such a level that all of mankind will feel the wave wash over this tiny little planet and extend beyond the stars.
Choose wisely as you navigate the ocean of wealth’s energy.  For if you seek to gratify and glorify yourself, you will become as the drug addict continually searching to fill the endless void and blackhole that serving only ones self can birth.
If you slow down and seek first to understand the plan of God which is to raise as many free choosing stars to a higher level, you will find that the partnership you energize in your life to change this world will shine so brightly that you will never want for anything and your vessel becomes so filled that it spills into the lives of others seeking to bring light to all who come in contact with them.
Wealth is energy, nothing more.  When you fully understand how energy functions, you will become the master of wealth.