Peace In Africa

We are working on our newest project Music Video piece entitled “Peace In Africa”  This is going to be an 8 hour piece of relaxation, meditation, peace, higher spiritual energy, slow and calm to bring the soul…  body and mind into a peaceful balance and will also do magic for those who have problems with anxiety and difficulty sleeping.
Africa is legend to be the heart of the beginning of life here on Earth.  It was once the land of love and life and though the years of influx of different energies has clouded this planet with greed, contention, strife and an undesirable level of stress, the true peace and love that can be achieved in this lifetime on on this planet, comes from within.
As we all seek to embrace the most powerful energy this planet holds, we will come to the realization that is comes from within.
This new music video will help inspire and direct your energies inward and bring to an awakening your true connection with life as a whole and help you realize that you are the heart of the treasure of this Universe and the pure energy that can cause a global shift which can bring peace intertwined to all life that walks upon the sands of Mother Earth.
We will begin to drop hints of the project here as it progresses…  Images and snippets of the music until it has reached it’s completion and then you will be gifted the entire piece of peace.
Though we are not going to try to create an absolute masterpiece as our friend Kurt Bestor did in the Sage of Lamberene, we realized that the music we started to write had some elements of familiarity and couldn’t figure out why until we remembered his incredible work done on the Song Sage of Lamberene.  This piece we are working on is more focused on bringing spiritual peace, meditative relaxation and much improved sleep ability but though it is an African based theme you will find some instrumentation and rhythms reflecting the African energy.
While you wait for the completion of our piece, we thought you might enjoy a piece of music from a man we consider as one of the most amazing writers and producers of our time.  Enjoy his production of The Sage of Lamberene:

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