The Destination

StoriesThe-DestinationTake a thousand marbles made of clear glass and scatter them in a dimly lit room.  With a flashlight you may eventually be able to find every one of them.
Take a billion people and scatter them on a planet.  In time you might be able to discover where each one of them are…  It may take a very long time even if they remain perfectly still.
Find just one of those people and spend a thousand years with them and you might eventually think you know them very very well.
Try now to consider finding each of those billion people and spending one thousand years per individual with each one until you feel you know them very very well.  It would probably take on thousand time one billion years to accomplish this.  To your surprise you would eventually find that even though you spent a thousand years with each person individually, you still didn’t know everything about them.  There would always be something new with each one that you would eventually learn about.
Your understanding of them in it’s complete form would always be incomplete.
What makes us so unique is our individuality.  The variety that lies beneath the surface.  We ourselves don’t even comprehend our own capabilities or even our own thoughts sometimes.  How could we fully understand another?
Earth is a journey to feel what it means to be an individual.  To have our own thoughts.  To be lonely.  Alone.  Private.  One.  To learn to somehow share a part of ourselves with others.
In that sharing we can choose to interact with love and kindness or anger and impatience.  We are free to choose how we are to interact, how we perceive and are perceived.
We are often influenced by outside forces, people, other’s opinions, other’s actions towards us, events, places, memories and so many more energies surrounding us and emanating from within us.
No matter how hard we try, we can never truly know what it is like to be someone else.  We can only judge from our own experiences and thoughts.
It has been said that we are to love our neighbor as our self.  To be kind to others.  To serve others.
We have a choice to be kind of to be cruel.
All experiences we endure in this life serve to give us a reference of life from our own point of view.  To feel what it is like to endure hatred and anger, kindness and love.  We are hear to experience everything that happens to us and to others as a sole individual separate from all other people.  No matter how close we attempt to join with another person, we cannot on a continuous basis share the exact same thoughts and emotions.
In a sense, you could say we are all alone in a crowd.
My last question I presented to the creator of all things was this:
What is our final destination if we are given eternal life instead of becoming nothing after death?  After we have lived a million years and done everything, seen everything, experienced everything as in living forever, wouldn’t we eventually get board?
This answer came to me in a very interesting way.  Different from all of the other answers.
I sat down one day to write a letter to a friend.  I had no sooner gotten the first few paragraphs written when my mind become filled with the words to write and so I simply gave in and wrote everything that flowed through me.  25 pages later and I was looking at the answer to my last question.
I can make those pages available but for mow I will simplify what was in them.
We are here to Love one another the way we know we want to be loved.  We are here to learn kindness, forgiveness, patience, long suffering, charity, restraint, gentleness, wisdom and to be able to maintain in all circumstances a stable image of grace and compassion.
This Earth is a training ground for the gift that will one day be offered to us if we so desire it.
The gift on oneness.  For now we are individuals without the ability to truly know another.
Imagine walking into a room where a zookeeper was who loved his animals and where a hunter was who love to shoot animals.  Now imaging you can hear and feel everything going through their minds as a beautiful tiger walked into the room.
Your own mind would become the center of chaos as you tried to make sense of what a tiger really meant.
You could see a tiger rug, a playful cat, a stuffed head, a clam protector, a prize trophy, a kitten you raised and hand fed.
The confusion would become distressing.
Now with the same abilities, you find yourself in a homeless shelter where 100 people are serving others with kindness and 100 angry criminals walk into the room.  Your ability to read minds and hearts could become overwhelmed as you try to sort out all of the confusion.
Earth is a fine tuning ground where we will experience many things from joy to pain, kindness to cruelty.  The plan is for us to learn how to fine tune our inner energy until we can become still within embracing the best of who we are.
The gift will be offered to us one day to become one in thought and purpose so that when you enter a room of one thousand people, you will no longer feel a disturbance and confusion but an everlasting love and peace just as one candle in a room can offer a bit of light, a thousand candles with the purpose of illumination will fill that same room with a lasting effect of energy that can light the way for others who are found in darkness.
The gift will be the same as God’s ability to know everything everywhere at once.  As Jesus said…  The Father and I are one.  They are separate individuals and yet their hearts and minds and purpose are together and are in tune with the Universe.  A singular goal to eternally lift all to a higher level of existence and we in turn will partake in the same goal and it will be co creation as we invite other Intelligences to experience what we have experienced.
There is no end to this plan and there is no boredom to it either as we move through dimension after another.  Learning and wisdom are similar to eternal space and time.  There will always be teachers and there will always be students and the Universe has so much more to offer than this small little training playground we are journeying through today.
Take a thousand marbles made of clear glass and scatter them in a dimly lit room.  If each of those clear glass marbles emanates an extremely brilliant white light, they can all be gathered with ease.  Together they can become a light that could never be darkened.
Love and light are our core nature and God knows it as he gently reveals who we really are and what we really are capable of.
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