StoriesOf the five questions I ask the one who originated existence as we know it, I had always wondered how it was possible to be completely aware of everything that was and is and is to come in the Universe.  E V E R Y T H I N G ! !
What if there were a planet 5 light years from Earth that could support life and it had birds on it and one day a bird died…  How would you know that the event had occurred?
I had imagined in my own mind during this thought experiment a laser beam pointed at the Moon where a mirror was positioned to reflect that beam back to me and strike a white piece of paper next to me.  If I vibrated the laser that was firing a beam of light at the Moon, the reflection from the mirror on the Moon would send the light back to me and on the white piece of paper next to me I would see the result of the vibrated light as it would no longer be a simple dot of light but instead a dancing display of lines in sync with the way I vibrated the laser light being sent to the Moon’s mirror.
On the other hand, what if I had my laser perfectly stable with zero vibrations?  The resulting reflected light would remain stable and I would only see a simple dot of light on my white piece of paper.
If however I kept the laser perfectly stable with no vibration and the resulting white paper next to me displayed dancing lines of light, then the new variable would be that something on the Moon was vibrating the reflecting mirror and I would be aware of such disturbances.
The day came when this amazing, kind and loving originator of this Universe existence gave me his answer in his own and yet super clear way.
I was not expecting the answer I had so eagerly pressed the question on such a subject to come as it did…  But oh what an answer I received.
I was relaxed, standing in a shower with warm water pouring over me and my mind had pretty much gone into neutral.  I was mindlessly staring at a frosted window that was in the shower wall as the sunlight streamed through it.
The vision came as clear and as detailed as anything I had ever seen.
I saw a field with the most beautiful weeping willow like trees, perfect blades of delicate grass, amazing colorful flowers and a sky color that seemed to glisten with a new kind of light I had never seen before but on a blueish lavender color cast.  At once I was aware of every molecule, atom, light flowing sap in the trees and grass…  The stream of water running through the field, the spinning electrons inside the rocks by the water’s edge.  I was aware of the deer and the rabbit and the worms under the ground.  Every heart beat, every motion and every thought of any intelligent animated creature and it all hit me at once.  I was seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, smelling and even more…  The emotional energy and love…  light and life…  It all came to me in an instance.  It was overwhelming to the point of tears.
God, I said…  This is just a field and it is overwhelming.  You do this with a city…  a state… a country… a planet… a solar system… a galaxy…  a Universe.
I am so humbled and I know that at my present state, I am nothing in comparison.
I can only try and simplify this event as in musical terms.  I could play a flute with the ability of only one note at a time while God can play a piano with multiple notes at once and at the same time conduct an entire orchestra with perfection.
God’s light from the very center of his being, extends in all directions, penetrating all existence and instantaneously is reflected back to him.  Not the simple light we are aware of that we use to measure the speed of light in relation to time and space but something far more capable and intense.
All information is passed through this energy…  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and all other aspects we are unaware of.
Perfect feedback.  Perfect understanding.

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