Balance-and-EnergyA Book Of Dreams is bringing some very very cool things here in the VERY near future.

We have a team of producers which are creating some Amazing Media which will help anyone with sleep trouble, stress, anxiety, worries and all that kind of energy that goes along with those issues, to finally get some relief.

This relief will come through the senses that can be focused on an individual and create within them peace, calmness, relaxation, meditation energy, a sense of wellness and a feeling that everything is fine.
We would love to hear your opinion on what you wish you had in the way of video and music and written wisdom…  any details of your best wish list.  Please leave comments which will help us better tailor for you the exact experience you wish you had to bring the best state of mind and well being.
Share the kind of music you like, the kind of imagery in visuals you enjoy and that brings peace.  Submit any words of encouragement and wisdom you feel would make good suggestions for other hoping to find the perfect balance for mental, spiritual and physical.
This is going to be a big and on going project and we invite you to become a part of it as this world needs more higher healing restful peaceful energy available to raise us all to a higher level.
Please leave your feelings about such possibilities.  Share your ideas

Morning Pond

Sunset Pond

The First project that will be released very soon is an 8 hour video of “Wilderness Ponds”…  A gentle and calming series of video shots which will feature the peaceful atmospheres of sitting by a wilderness pond quietly listening to the native birds and other calming critters.  By the time you have experienced 8 hours of this incredible peaceful nature, there is no doubt that your inner soul will be elevated to a more balanced state of mind.


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